Our new home

So removal day has now been and gone and I am so excited to say that we are finally in our new home.  It is such a strange and exciting feeling to be walking around a three bedroom house and thinking ‘this is all mine!’ Of course, the reason we were able to afford a three bedroom house is because the decor was pretty appalling and a lot of the DIY work that had been previously done was mostly a bit of a botched job.  Luckily, Tom and I have a week off together to get a headstart on the things that needed to be done to make the house a bit more bearable – i.e, see you later green carpets, textured wallpaper and 70s light fittings.

We made a start on the living room immediately, stripping all the wallpaper…

 … sanding the walls and putting a first coat of paint on.

The builders came this morning to stabilise the floor in the living room this morning, and we were thrilled to find out when they stripped the carpet away, that underneath there was really lovely original wood flooring. So despite having bought an absolute ton of laminate, that is now lying dormant in the hall as we prepare to sand and varnish the floor to bring it back to its former glory.  

I can’t wait to show you all what it looks like when it’s all done.  I hope you don’t me sharing these ‘before’ photos – I’m sure to some it will be a bit boring so I’ll try and intersperse these type of posts with other ones.  Not outfit posts though, unless you want to see me in a very fetching set of all in one painting overalls! Haha.