Weekend round-up – and loblography part 3

On Saturday we went for a trip to Brighton to try and find some things for the new house.  We had seen a place on Grand Designs called Shabitat which was a community project where they sell cheap second hand furniture and other household items.  In my head I had pictured this utopia of gorgeous vintage and retro gems at bargain prices, but sadly I had let my imagination run away with me, and it was in fact a unit in the middle of a field that was full of old mattresses, board games and ratty old paperbacks.  Don’t get me wrong – they do great things for the community, and I’m sure there are some good things to be found in there, but it wasn’t for me!

We didn’t entirely waste our day however, as I took the opportunity to take a few snaps on my Diana in the park (actually – you can judge for yourself whether I wasted the day when you see the photos at the bottom!) Here are a couple of snaps of me looking for some photo opportunities.  I’m sorry if you didn’t come here looking for giant, gratuitous photos of me! (Hey, I don’t normally do it!)

We found one on the way home, however, in the shape of this beautiful sunset.

We spent the evening with my parents’, toasting our new house with a bottle of champagne and a delicious three course meal of antipasti, Thai prawns and noodles and chocolate cake with cherries.  We obviously hadn’t crammed enough in however as we all tucked into a cooked breakfast the next morning!

I got another film processed today from my Diana as part of the loblography challenge.  I will be doing my round up post on Wednesday (my chance to win a camera!) with my favourite snaps, but in the meantime here are two I took on Saturday.  I’m not sure whether my alignment of the film was wrong, or if the photolab developed or scanned the film wonkily but I had some ‘interesting’ photos – what do you think?