some exciting news…

I am really excited that today I can share with you some news I have been bursting to tell you about since I first received the email about a week ago.  A little while ago I read about the LoBlography Challenge – a competition where ten lucky bloggers are issued with a Diana F+ camera and three rolls of film, and are given two weeks to snap away and blog about their experiences with the camera.  And to my surprise and excitement, my little blog was chosen as one of the lucky ten!

So, for the next two weeks I will be snapping away on my little beaut of a camera, and posting photos for your viewing pleasure. I intend to do a round up post near the end of the two weeks with my favourite photos, and here’s another exciting bit – the person of the ten who gets the most comments or likes on their post wins a lomo lc-a.  I have been lusting after this camera and watching second hand ones on ebay since I bought my first lomo camera about eight years ago so to win one would be just a-mazing! So please, please save all your commenting and liking energy for my round-up post in just over a week as I would love to win! Even if I don’t win I am stoked to even be involved, and can’t wait to receive my first films back – hopefully in a few days I will be able to show you some from my first rolls.

On Saturday, Tom and I went in to the New Forest to take my first few snaps.  It was a lovely sunny day so I took a few snaps on my digital camera in case none of the film ones come out! I had a bit of a Photoshop play with them too as I was feeling like emulating the dreamy Diana feeling whilst I wait for my real Diana shots to come back…

And here are some un-photoshopped shots including a slushy one of me and the Tom.

Can’t wait to show you my first pictures!

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