A few days in photos – and the loblography challenge

This week has been an exciting week so far, with some luckiness, some good news, and more of the loblography challenge.  You can see my first pictures at the bottom of this post – every post about the challenge gets monitored for comments and likes to pick the winner of the LC-A –  I’m going to save my main post about it until next week when I’ll blog my favourite photos – but please do let me know what you think of the ones I have so far!

So my big exciting news is… we have finally exchanged contracts on our new house! Our move in date is March 15th.  Now we have properly exchanged, and have a date set up I am starting to get really excited, as the house is finally ours and we can really start planning things and not worrying we’re going to lose it.  Here are some photos of the rest of my week…

I did a lot of packing this weekend.  You can see from my scrawlings that I like to know everything that’s in each box, and I mean everything!

I have been loving my graze boxes turning up at work for the last two weeks. It feels good to be munching on good things rather than naughty chocolate and biccies!

Tom and I had a lovely valentine’s meal on Monday that he bought from M&S from their £20 deal. We had steaks, chunky chips, prawn cocktail, raspberry souffles, chocolates and cava which was a good deal.  You can see from the above what my favourite part of the meal was!

This made me chuckle – I love it when people leave notes on people’s things in the fridge or tea room at work.  This person felt aggrieved by someone leaving their dirty bowl in the sink!
Tom bought me some lovely roses this weekend – as someone who’s never really been bought flowers before it was quite a treat!

I was feeling crafty on Tuesday night so I started making some bunting. What do you think?

Today I got the first of my two rolls of film back from my Diana for the loblography challenge being run by lomography I mentioned in my last post.  I’m saving my favourites for my round up next week, but here are three I also like…

This is so much fun! Can’t wait to take more and share them with you all next week!