The Thursday Three

I don’t know whether it’s cool to be blasé about blogging and pretend you don’t really enjoy it, but I have never been cool so I am just going to come out and say that, since I started this blog in August last year I have loved every second of doing it.  Today I hit 70 followers (yeah, I know… bring out the balloons!) and whilst I never started writing a blog so that I could get a huge readership I’m genuinely surprised touched that there are people out there who want to read what I write.

I have never really had a recurrent theme in my blog – I wish I was organised enough, or passionate enough about a single medium to brand this as a fashion blog, or a craft blog, or whatever, but to be honest I love having an outlet to sit down and write about things I’ve done and stick up a few snaps here and there.  In the absence of any real theme, however, I quite fancy the idea of doing a recurrent post; something I do once a week that will differ from my usual photographs of my dinner and various sewing projects gone wrong.

So, with this in mind, behold….

The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that it is indeed not Thursday, but I got excited about writing it and didn’t want to wait until tomorrow.  Normal service will resume next week – promise.  (You may be reading this tomorrow however in which case you are probably now doubly confused.)


The idea is I’ll just make a list of three blogs I’ve found this week and enjoyed reading and three things I’ve either bought or want  Hopefully it will be more interesting than I’ve made it sound!

I will normally update this with blogs I have found this week and am enjoying but I wanted to dedicate my first blog to the blogs that inspired me to start this in the first place.  The first blog I ever started reading; many months before I started my own, was Kaelah Bee’s blog, Little Chief Honeybee.  I was pretty wowed by her professional layout, the fact that she always posted things I wanted to read and just really the realisation that there were people out there having fun, taking snaps, going on adventures and writing genuinely interesting blogs about it.

I then started mooching around the blogosphere and found a whole load of awesome British bloggers doing the same thing; writing about their lives, things they’d bought, fashion etc. During this process I came across Ayden’s little clothes shop blog and fell in love with her Little Blog of Horrors.  Ayden has one of those blogs that I read and can totally imagine us being mates in real life.  That’s probably not very cool is it? Haha.

Last but not least I also used to frequently read (pre blogging) Michelle’s lovely blog Daisy Butter.  Her posts are always well thought out with cute photos (lots of photos of food, which appeals to me!) and to top it off, I can see her block of flats from my balcony.  Hello stalker! (Just kidding).

Despite the fact that I made myself a promise to not buy anything this month I did spend a bit of Christmas money and get myself some treats.  My first was that I was fed up with my current compact digital camera so I bought this little snapper second hand for £150 on EBay.  

Panasonic DMC FZ28

After this buy I told myself I wouldn’t buy anything else, but then I started looking at varsity jackets and decided I couldn’t continue my life without buying one, so I bought this little treat off EBay.

Finally, today, after a long, cold walk to work I spent the day convincing myself I needed a gilet and bought this Joules one.  Also bought from EBay.  There is a part of me that can’t really believe I bought a gilet, but they just look so darned warm!

I hope you enjoyed my ‘Thursday’ three.  In case you are missing photos of my hamster/dinner/cups of tea/flat – don’t worry, normal service will resume with my next post. Ha.