Still learning about makeup

Every few months or so I like to take everything out of my makeup box, clean it, and put it back in.  I find it quite cathartic sorting it out; chucking out old stuff and making everything look shiny and new.  I have never really known much about makeup – does anyone? As a result I tend to buy things that are on offer and keep buying things until I find something I want to stick with.  I think that’s why I enjoy reading beauty blogs so much – because when there are recommendations of products I know it’s because people have found them genuinely good, rather than the company giving a magazine a wad of cash just to say it’s good.

I took a few photos as I added stuff back in so you can see what I’ve accumulated.  

The stuff in the last picture is what I use on a regular basis.  My favourite thing at the moment is the Mac penultimate eyeliner that my Mum bought me for Christmas.  I had never been able to master liquid eyeliner before but with a bit of practice I am getting better at it.  I also really like the L’oreal true match powder though I think I am yet to find the right shade (I tend to try and blend the two I have – I think what I really need is the one in between!) I am really envious when I see other bloggers buying lots of Mac goodies but having not really worked out what suits me and what I like yet I tend to buy Collection 2000 first so you will see a few bits of theirs lurking in my box!  I feel a bit embarrassed now, my collection isn’t very good is it? I’ve just noticed there is quite a few bits in there I got free from magazines!

Anyway, here is a quick snap of me last night before I went out with all my slap on.  I had a go at curling my extensions, I think I like them with a loose curl in them.

I had a bit of an outfit mare before I left the flat as I put my finger through my tights, then put my thumb through the gathered part of the front of my Topshop boob tube.  Then, with the taxi ringing to say it was outside I tried to throw on a Mango dress and it wouldn’t do up! (Tom says it was because I was hot and flustered, it is probably more likely the pub lunch I had earlier that day!)

Talking of the pub lunch, I had a go at the five mile walk that is on my 2011 list yesterday.  Sadly Tom and I misjudged the distance and only walked 4.1 miles! So that will have to be saved for another day.  I used
Endomondo to track our distance; it’s a really cool iPhone app that gives you all sorts of information on the distance you’ve walked (or run, cycled, etc) and your speed and fastest laps etc.  Surprise surprise our fastest mile was the first one – it was so cold I was practically speed walking to warm up!