My Thursday three [02]

I would like to start my post today by thanking everyone for their supportive and lovely comments on my last post where I put up some pictures of the woods and then whinged on about my inability to lose weight.  It seems I’m not the only one feeling the pressure of the new year/new body resolution.  One thing I will say is that it is almighty inconvenient that a week after I am given a stocking full of chocolate oranges, after eights and boxes of chocolates that I am expected to vow to diet and only let salad past my lips.  As if I can tuck gleefully into my grilled chicken breast when I have a chocolate orange whispering at me from the cupboard….

Anyway, onto something completely different….


My new routine as of this year is to make myself a green tea in the morning before I go to work and spend some time reading either blogs or online news sites to give myself a bit of me time in the morning.  Whilst there is a special place in my ‘Blogs I’m following’ list for fashion and photography blogs, I have a few blogs that I especially pick for these moments because I know I can count on them for interesting thoughts, a writing style that I enjoy and something to motivate me to start the day.  My personal favourite at the moment is Being Little; Lyzi’s blog where she often posts lovely photos of where she lives, baking and other crafty makes and snaps of outfits. I think I enjoy it so much because it is exactly what I envisage for my blog (although she is clearly much better at cooking and crafting than me!)

Another blog I always eagerly click through to when I see a new post is From Gem With Love.  Gem not only posts up really beautiful photos (of her own) but she also regularly blogs about real issues in a candid, honest way I really enjoy.  She wrote a really brilliant piece about blogging recently that I found really inspiring.

Finally, a new find for me; found after a couple of bloggers mentioned her blog on Twitter – Ren Ate All The Pies.  I am deeply jealous of her ability to write pithy, witty, insightful and genuinely entertaining reads and have enjoyed reading back over the posts I have missed.  

There are some days when it is so convenient that my walk home brings me down Southampton High Street, and other days when it is nothing but bad news for my wallet.  Today was just the latter, as, to avoid the rain, I ducked into Primark for a nose around and ended up buying three things I probably didn’t need.  I’m not usually one to buy in to an item that’s being raved about, but since I saw this gorgeous rust pussy bow dress on Emma’s blog, Milkteef, I have been trying to avoid its calls as I walk by every evening.  This evening I gave in and bought it, along with the polka dot playsuit (I didn’t know it was a playsuit).  I tried on the playsuit when I got home and it makes me look about 3 metres wide so I’m not sure I’ll keep it.  Maybe I’ll post up a photo of me in it and let y’all decide!

Finally, yesterday I had one of those moments where I decided that, along with the basic necessities of life – air, food, water, etc – I also needed a pair of mustard tights, and popped into Topshop on the way home (I need to find a different route home) and picked some up.  The only thing is, I tried them with everything I envisaged them looking great with (black shift dress, black long sleeved body con dress, black t-shirt dress) for work and they just looked awful.  Does anyone have any suggestions for how to style them? Also what shoes to wear with them would help as tan brogues also look terrible!