Owl versus shark

After worrying that I would never develop any crafty talent in my last post, I had a few comments from people urging me to carry on trying and that practice would make perfect.  With this in mind I had a go at making two more owls.  Tom also made another shark for his baby nephew for Christmas so now we have a tree full of felt animals!

This is hooty bluety – what do you think?

Tom’s second Bitey shark

Hooty tooty (Hooty two)

Yesterday Tom and I went to see three more houses in Christchurch (the one in Dorset).  Before we saw the houses we had a brief mooch around the Priory and drove past the Quay to get more of a feel for what Christchurch is like.  Luckily, it just feels lovely; all cute little bistros and cottages and exactly the sort of place we can see ourselves living.  Of the three houses we saw (we have maybe seen about 30 so far in total) one really stuck out, a lovely house in an area called Burton.  Cosmetically the house is pretty grim – green carpets, green kitchen…. but there is SO much potential to make it a bit of a palace! We drove around Burton and it has woodlands and thatched cottages and rivers and streams and cute little pubs and we sort of fell in love with the place! Pending approval from my mortgage company I think we are going to make an offer on Monday – exciting!

Photo from http://www.wordsandpictures.me.uk/
Building near the quay

This afternoon my brother and his girlfriend are coming to visit – and also to cut Tom’s mane afro hair and colour mine (she is a hairdresser).  We have prepared lots of mini foods (I love Christmas for all the mini foods available) and Christmassy cakes and I am currently blitzing the flat and filling it with candles and Christmas lights – hooray!

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday!