I bought a house

My intention today was to blog about all of the lovely things I have found on Etsy lately; a sort of dream Etsy shopping list if you will, but I have some other exciting news that I wanted to share so I’ll have to put that on the backburner.

Today I bought a house!

By ‘bought a house’ I mean I (well, myself and the boyfriend) had an offer accepted on the house we have fallen in love with, ran through the final mortgage interview and notified my solicitors.  I really can’t describe how excited I am right now – the happiness of finding a house, having an offer accepted and the prospect of setting up home with a person I love very much is almost too much.

I know I have gushed on before about my lovely boyfriend so I won’t go over it again but I really feel so incredibly lucky to have met someone who not only looks after me and treats me like a princess but who wants to buy a house with me! I mean

Image from weheartit

I love the little flat I currently live in but I absolutely cannot wait to move into our house.  At the moment the decorating is awful and it needs cosmetic work, but I know that we can make it lovely, and I can’t wait to splurge on decorating books, buy too many copies of Ideal Home magazine and start making mood boards! Tom has agreed that I can have the downstairs study for a library and craft room if he can have the third bedroom (yes, third bedroom!) to hang his surfboards.  A fair trade?

Craft room – image from weheartit

I cannot wait to move in and go for walks along the river, pints of cider in the nearby country pub (the Fisherman’s Haunt) and have nights curled up in front of the fire with a good book (why do people say that? Why would I want to read a bad book?)  I know it must sound like I am old much before my time but to me it will be bliss!