Just another snow post

After lots of envy from myself aimed towards others on the Twitter and blogosphere posted their photos of icy weather, Southampton has finally had its own dusting of snow.  To paraphrase, armageddon has finally arrived here; photos of crashed vehicles grace the news, people have been sent home from work (those that managed to get in at all), bus and train services have been terminated and Southampton Airport has been closed.

Personally I love snow and was so excited to see the winter wonderland outside when I drew back the curtains this morning.  Tom and I dedicated some time before we left for work to play in the snow, take some photos and generally enjoy the change of scenery.

Poor old headless snowman
Street outside my flat

As of course is the way when you think you have a degree of photographic talent, Tom then took my camera off to his training course in Highcliffe and took better photos than I had that morning!

Sunset over the A35

Mudeford Quay

Training Centre

Despite Tom’s suggestions that we trek out to the German Market in town I am a great believer in the fact that in weather like this you have to hibernate and eat lots of comfort food.  With this in mind we are making a huge cheesy Cottage Pie for dinner with profiteroles and mince pies and cream for dessert.  I am currently hugging a mug of mulled wine and the Dexter DVD is all lined up and ready to go!

On another note I currently have 49 followers to my blog, which really is exciting for me.  I love that people are coming by and visiting and (hopefully) enjoying reading my blog as much as I love reading theirs.  I am hugely inspired by all of my favourite bloggers and love the fact that (sentence coming up as cheesy as my cottage pie) I have made not only a long list of blogs I love to read and people whose lives, writing and opinions I am generally interested in but also some friends! Hooray!

Okay, cheesy bit over – hope the weather isn’t too awful where you are and you are enjoying cosy nights in with hot drinks and comfort food like me.