Bad blogger and snowy scenes

I was a very bad blogger last week and managed a measly one post! To my new readers, let me assure you that I normally blog far more frequently than this!  Last week was a hell of a week – I worked the equivalent of two extra days worth of overtime and also managed to fit in Christmas shopping, a work do and hop on a train on Friday night down to Weymouth, where I spent the weekend.

My Christmas meal brownie

By the weekend I was totally exhausted, and the social plans I had arranged were shelved in favour of a stroll in the snow and a Saturday night in.  I was in Weymouth visiting my other half and we went on a lovely walk through a nature reserve and along Weymouth seafront on Saturday.

Lodmoor Nature Reserve
Little ducky wondering where his pond has gone
Weymouth seafront

On Saturday night, rather than going out as planned, we decided to stay in, watch Home Alone 1 and 2, drink wine and eat Dominos Pizza and Percy Pigs.  A perfect Saturday night in my eyes!

On Sunday, after a run through ice and snow (never trust a man when he tells you how long a journey will take you to walk) I hopped on the train home and fell into bed.  Phew!

I am feeling so Christmassy now in the flat – there are so many presents underneath the tree and they’re only the ones I have bought for other people! I get so much pleasure out of giving people presents that I have to stop myself from going overboard.  The other half and I will be going home to my parents’ for Christmas on Thursday and I cannot wait to be at home with the family.  This year my Dad and brother are cooking Christmas dinner so I am taking home a creamy candy cane pie (recipe from The Inky Kitchen) and some Christmassy cupcakes from my cupcake book.

On a final note, a big thank you to Rhianna at Cupcake Couture for writing nice things about me on her blog! And a big hello to anyone who has come here from there.  If you haven’t already dropped in on her blog you should do so now, as well as her cute little shop – I bought two of her lovely scarves for Christmas prezzies and as soon as I have a spare minute in my life to pick them up from the sorting office I will surely take a snap of them and show you all! (Especially being as one of them is a present for…. me!)