I have lived on my own for over three years now, and whilst I absolutely love having my own space to potter around in, and having my flat exactly how I want it, I got the idea early this year that it might be nice to have a little pet to say hello to when I got home from work, and to have running around and making the flat feel more like home.

Back in April, after exploring a lot of options and discounting a lot of ideas I decided to buy a hamster, and went to Pets at Home one Thursday night to see if there were any there that took my fancy. As soon as the shop assistant opened the syrian hamster cage one little honey coloured hamster bounded out and jumped into my hands, and it was this hamster that I took home and named Pancake.

When I bought Pancake (for £6!) she was about six weeks old, and this is her finding her way around her new cage when I first brought her home.

Over the months that I have had her I have come to love her deeply, and have found a maternal streak within me that I didn’t know I had. Whether it’s chasing wasps away from her cage, buying her new cage accessories and treats or just cuddling her on the sofa, it feels like an amazing feeling to be responsible for a little furry thing that relies entirely on me.

The nice thing about Pancake is that she really does have her own personality, and is quite quirky and silly at times, and really is a pleasure to own.  My Mum thinking she has a bit of a screw loose as she likes to fill her wheel with food and run around in it, she stuffs all the tubes in her cage with sawdust before she goes to sleep, and she likes to do commando crawling around on her belly on the coffee table.

I hope you don’t mind me sharing these pictures with you of Pancake – or mini bear, as we often call her due to the amount of time she spends sat up like a bear with her hands on her belly!  Do you have any pets? What are their little quirks and funny habits?