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As I was walking home from work today (the sad little soul that I am) I started thinking about my blog, and about other blogs I read, and the things I like about others and would like to do more on mine.  I started my blog on the 22nd August and since then have acquired 29 followers and try and blog fairly regularly about my life; the things I get up to, things I’ve seen (or, more frequently, eaten), and often, photos I’ve taken.

As sad as it sounds, my blogging schedule owes a lot to my schedule with my other half.  The boyfriend lives an hour and a half away in Weymouth and works four days on, four days off, so four days out of eight I have a curly haired, boy shaped, co-habitant who eats me out of house and home, watches a lot of Top Gear and tries to convince me to go out for walks in the rain.  I tend not to blog very much during this time because it feels a little antisocial, and because there is Dexter to watch (I can’t watch it on my own, I get too scared) and pizza to eat (we like pizza).

The rest of the time, I try and put thought into what I’d like to blog about.  In a way (in a very sad way), blogging has made me do more because I start thinking about what I can write about it afterwards.  And I snap things on the way to work, or out to dinner, or in town, or, wherever, because I like the idea of sharing them with the wider world.  The only thing blogging hasn’t helped is my bank balance – I love blog entries where people snap their clothes shopping hauls, or new nail varnishes or book buys; the only downside being that I then decide I too must own said amazing products!

But I do wonder what it is other people like to read, and wonder what I should be writing about to generate something which people want to come back to, and read again and again.  I read somewhere that a successful blog should have a focus, but the only common theme in mine is ‘things I’ve seen, or done’, and I’m not sure that’s enough.  Having said that, my favourite blogs are the ones where people write about their lives, put up photographs and share the things they’ve done that week.  I also really like tutorials and crafty blogs and am inspired by people who sew, knit, draw and paint things and post them on their blogs.  I hope to share more of my crafty endeavours as I find my way around my sewing machine.  I also find people’s outfit posts inspiring, but I am really awful at self portraits so I may not ever feel the urge to follow suit….

So what about you, what do you like to read? What blogs are your favourites? Do you plan your blogs, or just type and post? I’d love to hear!