My humble abode

Well, what a busy two days! I have been on call this weekend, which means that I work as a duty press officer answering calls from journalists and writing press releases.  I wrote six press releases yesterday and was up until 1 in the morning taking calls and making enquiries.  Today I decided to have a cleaning blitz, and as everything is now looking so nice I thought I would take a few snaps so you can see what my little flat looks like….


Bathroom – looking very clean!

Our tomato plants on the balcony

The view from the balcony


Monkey, and the mugs that the other half finds amusing as they are ‘show mugs’ and not to be used!

Stickered fridge.  I like skateboard stickers!

Wardrobe… even after removing my summer clothes!

My bedroom

My bedroom – with cheeky Doug saying hello!

I love frames and candles!

I also love my cuddly shark (Frank) and my framed Buck 65 and Kurt Halsey prints.

My front room, or could be page 27 in the Ikea catalogue, I can’t tell anymore.  Haha.

I love books!

My Rebel 8 print and tree plushy – more on him later!

I have a bit of a DVD addiction….

There’s Pancake’s palace on the bottom right!

After all that tidying I am going to sit down with some scissors and glue and fill up my scrapbook and new recipe scrapbook…

In my final piece of news this weekend, yesterday I received an awesome package for winning a giveaway on Kaelah Bee’s blog.  The package was from Bethany, whose blog is here and Etsy shop is here.  I received a super cute tree plushy that I have named Rudy, and two pairs of lovely Autumn themed earrings.  Can’t wait to wear them!