Cupcakes and houses

This week has mostly consisted of cupcakes and house hunting.  Well, okay, a few other things, but they featured quite heavily!  The first cupcake arrived on Wednesday because our department had a 100% response rate on our staff survey. (We clearly respond well to bribery).

Strawberry cupcake from Asda

On Thursday we went out for my Mum’s birthday (my Mum, by the way, blogs here) to a lovely pub nearby.  As her birthday is not until next week I had not as yet had time to obtain her birthday present so I bought us a 12 box of cupcakes from Dream Cupcakes as a treat.  You can see how outrageously yummy they looked (and tasted) below…

Yesterday the other half and I spent a very exciting day house hunting in Bournemouth.  We saw about 12 properties of varying size, value and location and were lucky enough to find two that we really, really like.  My flat went on sale on Wednesday so we really have to wait until that sells to put an offer on another but I am getting very itchy feet as one of the properties was gorgeous – wet room, freestanding bath, huge, gorgeous, modern house, lovely garden, and I know it will get snapped up.  There is so much excitement, and yet also disappointment that goes hand in hand with house hunting that it’s almost too much to bear at times! 

Not really news, but I downloaded an app on my iPhone called Instagram a couple of days ago and took a few photos of our trip to Bournemouth on it.  I love the way they come out and the way you get a choice of filters and styles to scroll through to get the look you want.  Does anyone else use it? (It’s also free!)  Here are my four favourites…

Today will be filled with chores, maybe some cushion making and obviously, X Factor – who saw it last night? I loved Matt’s rendition of Hit Me Baby One More Time – I want him to win!