Well, after all my promises I still haven’t blogged – ha. I am the worst! I have been lurking around other’s blogs however (being a ‘blurker’) and feeling all creative and inspired. I really do have lots to write about – I don’t have a wildly exciting life but I make sure I take lots of pictures and I have a list of things pinned up on my cupboard that I want to do over the next few weeks, so I could at least blog about things I’ve seen or done. I am always twittering and taking snaps on my phone, so I certainly have the material and the motivation. I just don’t always find the time. But I really would like to make the time. I also want to start scrapbooking again and using my notebook.

To make a start, I had a great weekend this weekend at End of the Road festival. It really was just perfect – all fairy lights strung through woods, vintage typewriters lying around, peacocks wandering around and yummy fair trade food and cider. Oh, yes, there were bands too! I was very, very excited to get to see one of my absolute favourite bands, the Mountain Goats and they were just, brilliant! I took the below two pictures too, what do you think?