New for the last time

On a night out a couple of weeks ago I saw a friend I’d been travelling with a year before and hadn’t seen for a while. In amongst the cursory catchups he said to me, “So, how come you don’t write any more? You should write more.” I thought about this at the time but also mused on it several times afterwards – I have been writing short stories, and of course, I write at work, and… Twitter, but I don’t blog anymore, I can’t remember the last time I scribbled in my notebook and I’m not as flush with new ideas for stories and projects anymore.

Actually, there is probably a link between my writing habits in cyberspace and my writing habits, um, ‘offline’. I have several blogs I have started over the years, jazzed up, written a few entries and then left lying dormant. I also have a box full of notebooks with only the first four or five pages filled in. I end up with a lot of motivation to start something new, and then its inevitable peter out as I lose the momentum, the impetus, the thrust.

But ever since I began musing on my ‘not writing anymore’ I began to have these thoughts that sort of go something along the lines of ‘X happens’ and then I think ‘I could write something about X’. I also started reading a lot of blogs and getting excited for the sorts of posts they do that I could also do – snaps and stories of adventures, new things, stories, maybe I could do some outfits, recipes and some angsty poetry too! (Not really on the latter).

So here it is, and I’m not going to quit this time, I’m going to keep it up. Oh, by the way, I also have a new notebook.