Riding in cars with boys (on youth, and what I miss so much)

I am thinking now of something that happened last week, when I was leaving a pub after catching up with a friend. It was dusk, the first Spring day when it had felt optimistically warm.  I always feel like the air is slightly electric on days like that - a pang of heat still hanging in the air, the sky lazily moving through the colour spectrum.  Uniform blue, inkwell blue, thundercloud blue, and on and on until the trees are no longer silhouetted against the sky and the darkness pulls its cloak around your corner of the world.  I like being out driving at that time, particularly when the journey meanders through the Dorset countryside; winding roads and the smells of countryside air through the slightly cracked window, the headlights catching the eyes of foxes and farm animals as they stare back through fences and forests.  I had an Orson Welles radio show lined up in my Podcasts app, the heating turned up to match the mild temperatures outside, and I felt a sense of civilised contentment.

As I pulled out of the car park, another car drove in.  A sporty saloon in royal blue, with garish stickers on the side. The low hum of a high performance engine, increasing in pitch as the driver accelerated up the driveway; smooth tarmac giving way to the crunch of gravel.  As I stop to let them through, the driver throws a half-hearted wave in my direction, but doesn't make eye contact.  But she does - his passenger, with her head tipped back and arched in my direction as she dispenses a lingering sideways glance.

There is nothing, and yet also everything, contained within that glance.  Her lips are slightly pursed, as if she is drinking wine (I am reminded of the Peter Sarstedt line - "You sip your Napoleon brandy, but you never get your lips wet").  She is too young to know how to push her lips into that shape, to communicate possibility by pulling back her cupid's bow.  She is, maybe 17 or 18 - something that begins with a one, certainly.  An age that feels like a lifetime ago to me.  My sense of contentment fades into a pang of something different - envy, nostalgia, regret; a blend of emotions that draw you into the distant past.  Oh to be an age that begins with a one again - 16, 17, 18, 19...  In the rear view mirror I watch her slide out of the car; long, slim legs in skinny jeans and boots, a leather jacket draped across her shoulders.  At that age you have not learned yet to be ashamed of who you are.  As I drive away I watch her arch her back and shake her hair loose and I think, there is nothing more powerful than a woman with a sense of reckless abandonment; that blend of confidence and indifference that is undeniably potent.

img credit: khplox.tumblr.com

At that age I was riding in cars with boys too - I think back to that time often.  Here is a memory: sat in the back of a friend's car, windows down and night air billowing in.  The stereo on, loud, and everyone singing at the top of their lungs; shouting out the words because your favourite songs mean so much more at that age (they say everything that, at 18, you cannot articulate yet).  A friend passes you a bottle of something and smiles, and you throw your chin back and laugh, and there isn't a joke but it's just that you realise that nothing could ever be as perfect as this.  The boy in the passenger seat is smoking a cigarette and it hangs lazily from the corner of his mouth as he turns and takes the bottle from you, gently, brushing his hand against yours.  At that age, boys smell like smoke, and dirt, and grit and oil.  As you hand it back you lean against the window, the cold glass against your cheek, streetlights leaving light trails as the driver accelerates.
When I think back to this time, I think that the reason it is such a poignant memory is that, at that age you have those moments where you feel... wild.  You don't have a sense of responsibility, of self-consciousness, of limitation.  You don't care what happens tomorrow, next week, next year.  You don't have a to-do list, a life plan, a savings account, a career path.  I think the reason that so many of us have such fond memories of our teens is because it's perhaps the last time we were truly present and in tune with just being.  That's not to say that my teenage years weren't full of angst, but they were full of feeling the things you're meant to feel - love, heartbreak, jealousy, joy, sadness, love, love, love.  Not anxiety about having said the wrong thing in a meeting, or how many hours on the treadmill it will take to burn off that slice of pizza, or how to achieve the perfect instagram flat lay.  The emotions that are felt by wild things, not things that have been tamed.

And so, I think the reason why that glance is jarring to me is because it represents something I no longer am.  In our 20s and 30s we get the edges rubbed off, the sharp corners smoothed out.  There is a lot that can be said for civilised contentment, for Orson Welles radio shows and knowing that your slippers and blanket are waiting for you at home.  But maybe there is also something to be said for the wildness of youth, for reckless abandonment, and for nights spent riding in cars with boys.


Bodhi the dog + a FURminator review

"He won't stay white for long!" is a phrase often exclaimed by other dog walkers as Bodhi bounds along a muddy track in the forest, gleefully spraying dirt and leaves as he leaps along.
  Bodhi with a stick

Luckily Bodhi will take the longer route around a puddle or muddy bog, and doesn't generally enjoy getting his feet wet (much to Tom's chagrin, who hoped that Bodhi would turn out to be a cool surfer dog and like swimming in the sea with him!) We haven't had too many occasions where Bodhi has looked like this unlucky pup (although he does really look like Bodhi did as a puppy - maybe it's one of his more adventurous brothers or sisters...)

img credit: dogster.com

Bodhi has developed rather an attraction to sticks recently, and will happily dip his nose into a lake or stream to get a tasty looking stick, that he will then carry around with him for the rest of the walk.

Bodhi in the lake

His search for the best looking stick however can sometimes lead to some rather muddy paws.  I love the way it looks like he's wearing little black socks!

Bodhi in the forest

However, Bodhi's enthusiasm for a fun day out in the forest and a busy day of collecting sticks will soon wane when he hears the sound of the bath being run when we get home.  We don't regularly bath Bodhi as it's important for dogs to retain the natural oils present in their coats, but of course if he ever smells a bit or gets dirty he has to have a dip in the tub.

One aspect of grooming that Bodhi doesn't mind however, is being brushed.  I'd even go as far to say that he likes it - he always seems very relaxed and content when we're brushing him and is happy to roll onto his back so we can do his belly (you can see this in the video below!)  When we took Bodhi for his puppy check up when we first brought him home, the Vet told us that one of the 'must-buy' items was the FURminator de-shedding tool.  This appealed to Tom's obsession with Arnold Schwarzenegger, but far from just being a catchy title, it's a bloody amazing product and one we constantly recommend to other friends and family who are lucky enough to be bringing a doggy home.  The Vet was insistent that we bought a FURminator for Bodhi because, being a poodle cross, his hair can get quite long and curly, and if left un-brushed it can get matted and tangled.  This can be uncomfortable for Bodhi, and so we always make sure we brush him regularly. (I bought Bodhi's FURminator brush from Amazon, where the reviews speak for themselves!) The FURminator reduces shedding of fur on both dogs and cats (and ponies by the sound of some of the Amazon reviews!) by around 90% so it means you don't get fur all over your clothes, carpets and sofas.  It leaves Bodhi's coat feeling sleek and smooth and it's amazing how much fur comes off when we brush him.

FURminator kindly sent me their de-shedding shampoo and conditioner as well as their dual hair brush, which has a pin brush and a bristle brush, which makes Bodhi even shinier! Bodhi's cupboard of treats and products is definitely very well stocked now (though he'll be hiding away when the shampoo next comes out of the cupboard!)

Have you used any FURminator products before? Do your pets mind being groomed?

You can buy FURminator products online, at Amazon, at the Waitrose Pet store and in pet shops.  FURminator sent me products to feature for this post but Bodhi and I were already big fans of their products, so all opinions are our own!


On excess, and having more than you need

Whenever I'm away from home; be it at a friend's house for the weekend or on the other side of the world, I always feel like I get much greater mental clarity and feel inspired to make positive changes at home and in my life generally.  This morning I woke up in Wales, in the comfiest of beds and a beautiful light bedroom, with one word in my head - excess.  It's not a word I regularly use (or a concept I've ever thought about in any detail), but I pondered it for a little while, especially when I considered that one of my aims for last year was to attempt to find more balance in my life.  To me, excess is what happens once you have tipped the balance in the wrong direction, I wondered if this little seed might have been planted in my subconscious to reflect on how excess might be sneaking into my life in some way.

It would be fair to say that 'excess' - going over what is desirable, having a lack of moderation or being over-sufficient or un-needed... is something that is present in many areas of my life.  I thought about this as I lay in bed this morning; about how there's always a 'sweet spot' for everything, a point where you something is 'enough' and to have more would tip into excess.  I know that I can never just have a handful of crisps, one or two pairs of shoes, one glass of wine at the pub or one slice of pizza.  I eat chocolate until I feel sick, fill up my weeks and weekends with evening plans until I'm exhausted and stressed, say yes to so many blogging projects that I end up having to set early alarms to blog before work, and can't seem to take up a new hobby without buying every book that's ever been written on it.

It's fair to say that I might just have an inclination towards excess.  It's why my house is bursting at the seams.  Take books for example.  I sorted out my books the other day and gave two huge sacks of them to the charity shop.  But I still have an entire bookshelf with books I haven't read yet.  Books I've seen mentioned on Twitter and had to immediately buy.  Books with pretty covers I was tempted by in the bookshop.  Books by authors I heard on a podcast once.  Books I picked up in charity shops, books I bought with Christmas money or books I've borrowed from friends (sorry, friends).  I probably have at least 50 books on that bookshelf.  But most nights I climb into bed, check Twitter for ten minutes and then turn off the light.  I'm definitely not reading enough to justify a 50 book 'to-read pile'.

Perhaps the problem is that I am greedy.  Another crisp, another dress, another book - all in the pursuit of that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you're surrounded by things that you love.  But there is a tipping point.  I think that there is a point when the pleasure you get from those things that you love are devalued by over-production, over-indulgence.  There was a quote in the paper from Tom Hanks today - "Eating everything you want is not that much fun. When you live a life with no boundaries, there's less joy."  I think that's true with everything.  Having, and doing everything you want, unbridled, with no off button, no point at which you say no - is not a good way to live (for me at least).

Whilst wandering around Monmouth today we went into a little bookshop and I saw a book called L'art de Simplicite by Dominique Loreau.  When I opened it up, the first chapter was called 'Material Excess'.  Don't you just love it when you get a little message from the universe like that? (Okay, it's another book to go on the shelf, but still).  I've already done a lot of Marie Kondo-ing at home but I have a feeling that tackling this is going to need more than just a clothes and books clearout, and hopefully this book will have some answers.

I'm going to make a concerted effort from now on to find that sweet spot, to not go beyond that tipping point into excess.  I need to remind myself that I don't have to buy another dress or another pair of shoes to feel satisfied.  I need to stop myself from spending £20 on sweets, chocolate and popcorn when I nip into the shop to get a treat to watch a film with - or from ordering three courses and extra dough balls when I go to Pizza Express.  I need to manage my diary better and remind myself that I really don't need to arrange to do things every night for a month to feel like I'm making the most of my time.  But probably most of all, I need to remember that happiness comes from more than just things - and hopefully that finding that balance and simplicity will be just as fulfilling as adding another pair of shoes to my collection...


Three outfits in denim + Fat Face Summer range

I'd love to have a whole wardrobe full of pretty dresses, and feel ready to attend a tea party at any opportunity - but my life is more filled with dog walks, beach ambles, weekends away in the van and pottering around the house than it is occasions that would befit a floaty frock and pretty heels.  For this reason, my wardrobe is probably as much functional as it is feminine, (not that the two can't mix!) and I will be forever dedicated to my drawer full of denim; with jeans, t-shirts, checked shirts and crew neck jumpers forming most of my weekend outfits.

For all my love of functionality however, I still like to look nice.  I still like to look like I put thought into my outfit; to wear items that are well-made, suit me, and maybe most importantly, fit well.  For this reason, I tend to stay very loyal to specific brands - and one of my favourite brands for 'weekend-wear' is Fat Face.  Their new campaign is all about making clothes which are 'familiar, yet stylish' - which definitely sums up my approach to casual-wear to a T.  I've styled up four of my favourite items from their Summer range, and put them to the test with some classic Rosie weekend activities.

First up, I took one of their twill check shirts and a pair of 'dirty' skinny jeans for a dog walk...

at Face Spring Lookbook Fat Face Spring Lookbook Fat Face Spring Lookbook Fat Face Spring Lookbook
jeans: fat face, £45* | cardigan: mango, old | coat: jack wills , old
shirt: fat face, £35* | boots: barbour, old | scarf: primary | hat: asos, old

I absolutely love these jeans and they're perfect for Spring days when there's still a nip in the air, as they're t really thick - and sturdy enough for climbing over stiles and kicking piles of leaves! Checked shirts are definitely a weekend staple of mine and the lighter shades of this one will take me through Spring and into Summer.  Here's another item that's got me excited for warmer days, their extremely cute denim mini skirt...

FatFace Spring LookBook FatFace Spring LookBook FatFace Spring LookBook
skirt: fat face, £40* | t-shirt, asos, £12
necklace: tatty devine, £45 | shoes: converse, £45

I've wanted a denim mini skirt for ages but always been unsure that I could pull it off.  I dream of looking as cool as Steffy from Steffy's Pros and Cons in hers (I'm definitely wearing it with a slogan crew neck jumper next - I love her 'I Did My Best' sweater!) This skirt has just the right amount of stretch to indulge in an ice cream or two at the beach, and looks great with tights and sneakers - though I can't wait for days when I can wear it with bare legs and flip flops!

The final item is this dreamy denim shirt dress - perfect for a windy amble around a lake whilst catching up with friends...

FatFace Spring LookBook FatFace Spring LookBook FatFace Spring LookBook
dress: fat face, £45* | trench coat: esprit, old
bag: kate spade, old

I'm a bit obsessed with this dress - it's really lightweight and super comfortable.  We're going to France in June on a bit of a road trip, and it's going to be perfect to pull on over a bikini or to wear out in the evening with cute sandals.  It's another item that looks great with tights whilst it's still chilly (come on Spring, bring us some sunshine!) but will look equally great with bare legs when the time comes.

I absolutely adore all my new Fat Face pieces; their denim and chambray range is absolutely on point this season and there's lots of other items I have my eye on (I think these dungarees need to hop into my shopping basket immediately...)

Are you a fan of Fat Face? Which is your favourite look from this post? (I have a soft spot for the denim mini skirt!) Ooh and a big thanks to Katy for taking the skirt and dress photos in this post, and to Sarah for letting me pose in front of her cute little shed!


An honest review: Avon beauty products

I like to think of this blog as a positive space that's not whinge-y or moan-y and instead focusses on the positive (I know it's not all sunshines and rainbows but it's not me ranting about things that annoy me every day either - I have to restrain myself from writing that blog).  The majority of the reviews and collaborations I post on here are very positive and complimentary, and I'm lucky enough to have been able to write honest posts about some great brands that I can wholeheartedly recommend.

Every now and then however, I come across a brand or a product so poor that I feel I have responsibility to write about it, just so you can all save your well-earned pennies and avoid it.  I'm afraid that today that brand is Avon.

Now I am not generally a sucker for advertising, but I've seen that advert a few times where they send beauty bloggers a mystery package (that they all absolutely gush over), and it later turns out to be Avon products - cut to the bloggers all looking amazed and surprised.  Their make-up looked pretty nice in the advert, and as I'm always on the hunt for new reasonably priced beauty items, I was intrigued.  Of course I didn't just order on the basis of a TV advertising campaign however - I also Googled around and found a couple of my favourite YouTubers had done collaborations with Avon, and seemed to genuinely like their products.  I was sold, and I put in an order one Saturday afternoon a couple of weeks ago and eagerly waited for the package to arrive.  I spent £40 in total, which isn't exactly pennies to me, but I wanted to try out some of their most raved about products, and I was happy to part with my cash if it meant finding some new favourites.

I ordered the SuperShock Mascara, Ideal Flawless Foundation, two Perfectly Matte Lipsticks and the Anew Clinical Advanced Resurfacing Peel (and a cheap shampoo!)

Bad Avon review - avoid Avon

My first indication that things weren't going to go swimmingly was when I checked out my order and got a confirmation email.  It gave a list of what I'd ordered, and then said I would get another e-mail when my order was accepted. Hmm, I thought - what does that mean? The Avon elves are going to go and check whether the things I'd ordered were actually in stock? They were going to check me out and see if I could be in their gang? I waited patiently.  By Wednesday I had no further emails, and no despatch email.  I was starting to wonder if the Avon elves hadn't accepted me (the money taken from my account said otherwise).  I logged into my Avon account and there was no order in there.  The plot thickened.

Luckily my order arrived that same Wednesday (though I had still had no further contact from Avon to suggest it might) though my pleasure immediately subsided when I saw that it had arrived in a battered old jiffy bag.  I'm used to orders from Escentual or Cult Beauty arriving in boxes with all the products inside well protected, so I was nervous when I saw the minimal packaging that the insides would be damaged.  Unsurprisingly, the boxes of the products were all battered and bent, but luckily the products inside didn't seem damaged or broken.  Still - not an ideal start.

Avon order - bad Avon review

The first thing I opened was the Avon Flawless Invisible Coverage Foundation (£7.50).  It comes in a glass bottle, and as soon as I took it out of the box I could see that the bottle was only half-full.  There was a section of the bottle about half-way up that you could see right into, and very clearly the foundation only filled about half of the bottle (you can even see the line where it was filled up to if you held it up to the light).  My suspicion is that it was faulty, and so I tweeted Avon a photo and asked for their advice.

They asked me to email their Customer Services, which I did the next day.  Despite the damaged boxes, no despatch email and half-empty foundation I thought I would give them the benefit of the doubt, and I dutifully tested out the other products.  The next thing I tried was the SuperShock Mascara (£5.50).  This is without a doubt the worst mascara I have ever tried.  I don't know whether this is faulty too but it honestly feels like when your mascaras are about to run out and you can't get any of the liquid on the wand? There are some rave reviews on the internet for this product which is what makes me wonder whether this is faulty too - I quite like the brush but it doesn't feel like it's actually getting any mascara on my eyelashes - in fact I'm not entirely convinced there's even any mascara in the bottle.  I immediately swapped back to my usual mascara - surprise surprise I won't be re-buying this!

The Perfectly Matte lipsticks (£8) are really good to be fair.  I bought two different colours and I'm pleased with both - they last well and do have a nice matte effect I haven't seen in other lipsticks.  I would pick up more of these in future, though I'm not sure I will necessarily shop at Avon again.

The Resurfacing Peel comes in the form of treatment pads that exfoliate and resurface your skin.  They have 10% glycolic acid - which is stronger than the 5% found in Alpha H Liquid Gold (another favourite of mine).  These do give the same 'tingly' effect that makes it feel like it's doing some good to your skin; exfoliating away dead skin cells and 'retexturising' your skin.  I wouldn't say the product is as good as Liquid Gold - it comes with 30 pads which should last a few months (using the recommended frequency of 2-3 times a week) but Liquid Gold also lasts a long time using only a few drops at a time, and seems more effective - though it is much more expensive so this could be a good alternative.

After lots of chasing (and being ignored) on Twitter, two weeks later, Avon replied to my email with a standard response stating that I could return the foundation and get a full refund.  After a bit of negotiation and highlighting that in the photos it was clear that the product was faulty, I was allowed to receive a refund without having to return the product - so this was good at least.  All in all, the lipsticks are good, the resurfacing peel is pretty okay, the mascara is awful, and the foundation (what I did get of it) is not really to my taste - it's very oily which is not right for my complexion, and it doesn't seem to last very long.  I'm afraid I don't share the enthusiasm of the 'beauty bloggers' on the TV advert about being wowed by how amazing the Avon products are (ahem ahem), and their customer service leaves a lot to be desired.  I can't say I would shop at Avon again.

Have you tried any Avon products?


Getting back into running + Pink Soda Sport

Pink Soda Sport Spring range

I wrote a few weeks ago about having lost my weight loss mojo, and trying to find my way back to a healthier, happier lifestyle.  I've definitely been taking baby steps towards it - since then I've been on several runs and bike rides. I've logged about 14 miles on Strava, which is not much in a month, but it's something.  I've been using my Fitbit Charge HR and trying to burn a certain amount of calories every day or be active for as many minutes as possible.  At the weekends I've been going for runs along the beach, and I've also managed to fit in a couple of pre-work runs with Bodhi.  I'm not going to pretend it's not been hard to get myself back into an exercise routine, but I must admit that one of the things that's got me out pounding the streets has been my new gym gear from Pink Soda Sport.

Pink Soda Sport, JD Sports Pink Soda Sport, JD Sports Pink Soda Sport, JD Sports Pink Soda Sport, JD Sports Pink Soda Sport, JD Sports

I must admit that although I'm totally obsessed with my new gym gear (and of course I love any photographs that have my favourite coastline as a backdrop), I still feel a little self-conscious posting these here.  I feel like it's obvious that I've gained a few pounds, and I was way more confident in the photo in the post linked at the start.  Body confidence is such a complex issue and I'd love to say that I love what I see in the mirror just as much now as before I put on about 10lbs, but I'm afraid I would be lying.  However - I'm trying to turn that into motivation so that I can get back to feeling as happy and healthy as I did a year ago.

Going running is how I kick-started my fitness and health journey a few years ago, so I think it's a great way to ease myself back into exercising.  The hard thing about running is that I find it so easy to lose my running stamina, so I'm right back to where I started again with only being able to run for short distances before I have to walk.  But that's okay - I find it quite gratifying that you can see progress quite quickly with running, and I love watching my distances go up and times go down.  One thing's for sure - with my new Pink Soda gym gear I'm certainly much keener to get out pounding the pavements again.  I'm totally obsessed with Pink Soda as a brand, they're definitely my favourite brand of sportswear now as their clothes are just so well made - even Tom said to me the other day how amazed he was of the quality of the joggers I was wearing the other day, they're so soft and thick.  They're the perfect blend of fashionable and practical, and much cooler than most of the rest of my running wardrobe...

Pink Soda Sport Spring range

Do you have any current exercise or healthy eating plans? How are you getting on with any 2016 goals you set?


10 of my favourite instagram accounts

I'm majorly getting into instagram at the moment, in fact it's become a bit of an obsession.  The new update and widespread fear over the idea of missing all your favourite people doesn't bother me - if anything I follow a massive amount of people and it will mean that I'm seeing more of the people I interact with and less of the people who I just scroll past.  I followed a lot of American or Australian fitness accounts about a year ago and sometimes it's depressing to see so many six-pack abs when I first wake up in the morning! I'll be happy if the update means fewer toned and tanned chicks and more beautiful landscapes and breakfast inspiration.

I thought I'd put together a list of ten of my favourite instagram accounts and the ones I always look for when I'm scrolling through.

001. Hello Emilie {helloemilie}

Hello Emilie is a photographer based on the East coast of Australia.  Her instagram is full of dreamy scenes, natural light and breathtaking landscapes.  It's seriously wanderlust-inducing...

002. Being Little {being_little}

A photo posted by Being Little (@being_little) on

I've followed Lyzi's blog since I started blogging, and it remains one of my favourites.  Lyzi has an amazing eye for little details and her feed is always full of cosy evenings in, flowers, skylines, kitties and bright colours.  I often find myself going and checking Lyzi's feed to see her latest posts as they're always so cheery and perfect.

003. Julia Manchik {juliamanchik}

Julia is a photographer and graphic designer who travels and explores with her husband (who also has an amazing instagram account), capturing landscapes and stunning views along the way.  I love the earthy, moody tones and graininess of her photos, they often feel like they were shot on film rather than a phone.

004. Diana Dontsov {diadonna}

A photo posted by Diana Dontsova (@diadonna) on

I'm a sucker for an inspiring food photography account, and Diana's account certainly fits that bill.  She captures her dribble-inducing recipes in the most amazing way and her composition of those 'over the table' food shots is truly an art form.

005. Cédric Dasesson {cedricdasesson}

Cédric's account is another one I search for as soon as I log onto instagram.  Based in Italy, his seascapes and images of rugged coastlines are just stunning - there's no other word for it.

006. A Color Story {colorstory}

A photo posted by A Color Story (@acolorstory) on

I use the A Color Story app to edit my photos for instagram (it's so cool - trust me!) and if you follow their account then you can unlock a load of extra filters.  Upon doing this I discovered that their instagram account is actually so fab - so many inspiring, bright images and pops of colour that give me tons of inspiration for my own account.

007. Sarah By The Sea {saltyseaflower}

Sarah hails from beautiful Cornwall and describes herself as a 'beach comber, photographer and ocean dweller'.  I have such a soft spot for beautiful seascapes (especially in Cornwall, where I was born) and these, blended with the stunning buildings of Bath where she's currently at University, make up the perfect instagram account - a must follow. (Her blog is absolutely lovely too, the perfect Sunday afternoon read!)

008. Jen - Little Birdie {jenlittlebirdie}

A photo posted by J E N 📷 (@jenlittlebirdie) on

Yorkshire based Jen has a real eye for capturing stunning countryside scenes, coupled with her beautiful home.  I need to enlist her in helping me find some vintage finds for our new house as I constantly get envy over her chairs and mantelpiece arrangements.  Again, I love the moody, grainy tones in her photography - she is a master at finding pockets of light and those earthy colours that really bring her home and her landscapes to life.

009. Caroline Burke {burkatron}

A photo posted by caroline burke (@burkatron) on

Caroline is another blogger and instragram whose home gives me so much inspiration (and makes me want to pack my bags and move in!) She posts snaps of her lovely house, DIY projects and just general light, bright loveliness.

010. Felix Pradipta {felixpradipta}

Felix is the Creative Director of Kanekin Magazine so it's no surprise that his instagram feed is full of stunning photography and artful composition.  There's lots to see on his feed, from landscapes, interiors, food and travel.  It's the perfect account to get lost in and always gives me lots of instagram inspiration.

Who are your favourite instagrammers? I love finding new accounts to follow so do share your own and the ones you always hop into when you log in!

Ooh and if you fancy it, please do give me a follow - I post lots of seaside views, sunsets, brunches and snaps of Bodhi dog!