First two days in Bali

I'm currently sat in our villa in Seminyak blogging on my phone - how very novel! Because of this I'll only be able to share a few quick phone pictures of our honeymoon in Bali initially but I thought I'd pop a quick post up to share some of the things we've been up to so far!

We arrived on Wednesday night after 25 hours of travelling - including stops at Amsterdam and Singapore. We were definitely glad to get to our hotel, and after a quick dinner we retired to bed. Our villa has a little private pool in it but the pool itself was a little too chilly for a nighttime dip!


The next day we set out for an explore around Seminyak. We went to the Potato Head Beach Club for cocktails and lunch and whiled an afternoon away watching the surf.



We did some more exploring and shopping and stopped at Earth Café for smoothies.


We then retired back to our hotel for a dip in the pool and a bit of chill time. It's been about 30•C the whole time we've been here and very humid, so pool time is very needed!

Our hotel also does an afternoon tea between 5-6pm - the green tea is amazing, and the cakes were pretty special too...

In the evening we went back out to where all the restaurants and bars are and had club sandwiches and beers and ciders at Soho before heading back to the hotel.
This morning we woke up and went straight to the spa for massages. After 18 hours on planes I'd been feeling pretty stiff, so a massage was just what the Doctor ordered. After that we took a taxi up to Batu Bolong beach in Canggu. We walked along the beach for some time before stopping at Old Man's Club for Bintangs (Tom) and Alders Ciders (me).


We then walked along up to Echo Beach, stopping for a swim on the way (I got knocked over by the big waves and grazed my leg, I was not prepared for how strong the undercurrent was!) We wandered around Echo Beach for a bit before stopping for a late lunch.


On the way back we met a little puppy! I wanted to smuggle him home in my backpack but he belonged to some builders on a nearby construction site.

We then caught a taxi back to our hotel just as the sun was starting to set.
We have a few more days in Seminyak before we head down to Jimbaran on Monday. I think the next few days might well hold more pool time, more spa time, more eating and more drinking! Well, what else are you supposed to do on honeymoon?
PS - As I mentioned - all photos are from my phone and edited on VSCO Cam; I have my SLR with me so I'll have lots more photos to share when I'm home (if you're not bored of Bali by then!)


So, it's fair to say that the last few days have been something of a whirlwind! We got married on Friday on what was a perfect day from start to finish.  Saturday was spent relaxing and recuperating in our hotel, then yesterday and today has been packing for our honeymoon! I feel like I've not stepped down off cloud nine yet - it's a bit like having gone from one flurry of packing and arranging things to another, so I can't wait to arrive in Bali and be able to properly relax.  It has all been so surreal - having such a full-on, magical day, and then being back in our PJs at home watching Netflix on Saturday night! So bizarre - I still can't get my head around it all.

I can't wait to share the details of our wedding day with you and show you all of our amazing photographs, but I won't have time to gather them up and blog about them before we leave, so I'll be excitedly sitting down to capture the day when we return.  In the meantime I just wanted to quickly share with you some photos from today's dog walk in the sunshine, and my rather lovely new Jord wood watch which will be being packed in my suitcase!

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>> watch : jord fieldcrest black - $120*
>> cardigan : boohoo {old} 
>> top : missguided {old}
>> jeans : american apparel easy jeans - £66
>> shoes : sperry topsiders £65

The wood watch is so light and comfortable - it'll be perfect for wearing in Bali, though I've been told I should basically abandon wearing a watch because the island runs on 'Bali time', which requires a bit of patience! My engagement ring and wedding ring are all squiffy in that photo too - basically my engagement ring needs resizing and keeps twisting and going out of kilter so I've been wearing that first below my wedding ring in order to keep it on! (People have told me I've got them in the wrong order!)

It's back to packing now for me - my first decision is which camera to take (currently hurting my brain trying to decide whether to take an old camera or risk my lovely new one) and then I need to find my envelope of memory cards that I stored in a safe place that I now cannot find.  Whoever thought it was sensible to pack for a honeymoon in 24 hours - eep! I hope I'll be able to check back in here and blog whilst I'm away, but until then you can follow my Bali adventures on instagram if you fancy!

Ooh and PS - thank you to those lovely people who took time to send me a tweet or a message, or a comment on here to wish us a great wedding day on Friday - seeing all the messages really put a smile on my face!

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My hen do in Bath

A few weeks ago I and five chums went to Bath to celebrate my hen weekend.  I knew that we were going to Bath, but I didn't know any of the activities that my two bridesmaids (Nicole and Kate) had planned.  It was very strange for me to hand over control of a weekend away to other people; normally I am the one doing lots of research, scouring Trip Advisor and writing an itinerary!

I went off to meet Sarah and Katy when I arrived, and in the meantime, Nicole and Kate decorated the house with Rosie balloons and photos of me as a child (kindly supplied by my Mum!) They also put on a veritable banquet of snacks and got the prosecco chilling!

The first evening was dedicated to chill time - PJs and prosecco. We also played some games (the bridesmaids had developed some quizzes - a Mr and Mrs type quiz where I had to answer questions about Tom, and a quiz for everyone else to do to see who knows me best!)  We also had an amazing dinner of all of my favourite foods; an evening spent eating pizza, halloumi and parma ham is pretty much my dream...

Hen do
Hen do Hen do

The house itself was absolutely stunning and the perfect setting for a hen do - it was such a good find. We spent loads of time just chilling in the lounge or the kitchen (it was so nice to have all of my favourites in one place - and luckily everyone got on like a house on fire!)

On Saturday we had a little photo scavenger hunt around Bath (and popped in some shops too) and then headed for afternoon tea at Bea's Vintage Tea Rooms.  We had a private room downstairs, so it was really nice to just sit down there and chomp through all the yummy sandwiches and cake!

Hen do

The evening on the Saturday night was spent drinking prosecco and getting glammed up and ready for a night on the town.  One of the challenges for the photo scavenger hunt was to find a nautical tattoo, and Kate's team bought a set of temporary tatoos from Claire's Accessories, so of course after a few drinks they came out and were enthusiastically stuck... pretty much everywhere...

Hen do Hen do Hen do Hen do Hen do

We then headed into Bath for what we thought would be a few different pubs and clubs, but we actually stayed in one the entire time! We went to The Cork Pub, which has downstairs karaoke booths - there are two rooms downstairs where you get your own TV and karaoke system.  That was a lot of fun after a few glasses of prosecco, we actually went in twice as it was so good.  The rest of the evening was dancing, shots, chatting and general silliness....

Hen do

The next morning we watched Bridesmaids in our PJs, breakfasted on Mini Eggs and bacon sandwiches and then headed home.  It was totally my perfect weekend, and I wouldn't change a thing. It was SO surreal though, I just kept thinking 'this is my hen weekend' and not being able to get my head around the fact that that was why we were there, and that I'll only have one in my life, and this was it.  Just mind boggling.

We are now five days away from the wedding (it's on Friday) and that is similarly mind-boggling. After an intensely stressful couple of weeks which frankly, I'd rather forget, we've had a few days of a lull before it will undoubtedly pick back up again with all of the last minute things on Wednesday and Thursday.  I've been medicating my stress with chocolate and wine, so it's fair to say that the pre-wedding and honeymoon diet and exercise plan (haven't been to the gym for two weeks) is totally off the cards.  Oh well....

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Waxed wings

Hello lovely people! I hope you are all having wonderful Bank Holiday Mondays, wherever you are.  I can't describe how much the sunshine and warmth has lifted my mood today.  Somehow just going for a little run along the beach this morning, seeing people eating breakfast in cafés on the beachfront and painting beach huts; just makes me feel like there's a world of possibility and good things coming. There's no better place to be than the coast on a day like today.  We took these photos on Saturday and there definitely wasn't as much sunshine then!

I've been searching for a light, waxed jacket for some time, for morning dog walks and throwing on over jeans. For waxed jackets, Barbour will always have my heart (especially after trying on a beautiful one at their shop in Bicester, I have been dreaming about it ever since!).  This one from Repertoire Fashion is just the dream - thick enough for chilly mornings and showers, but light enough to wear over a t-shirt on a slightly warmer day.  And goes with jeans like peas and carrots.

Barbour wax jacket Barbour wax jacket Converse trainers Barbour wax jacket Barbour wax jacket Barbour wax jacket Barbour wax jacket Barbour wax jacket Converse and boyfriend jeans
{ jacket: repertoire fashion // £149* }
{ jeans: asos // £35 >> similar }
{ shoes: converse // £45 }
{ t-shirt: primark }

Isn't that jacket just a beaut? I love the lining, I always turn up the sleeves on jacket so it's nice to have a pretty check hiding underneath! I owe a big thanks to Tom for taking these photos - I haven't done outfit photos in ages but didn't he do a good job? (My beautiful new Canon 6d probably helped, but still).

How are you spending your Bank Holiday Monday? 

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Owning a dog - and bigger dogs that need love

Like a lot of decisions that Tom and I make, getting Bodhi dog was an idea that we toyed with for some time, did an enormous amount of research on, and then got bored of researching and decided to just go ahead with (and have never looked back).  At the time when we got him, we had our own house, with a garden, in a quiet residential area (with lots of lovely dog walks around) and Tom worked shifts meaning he was home most days - so we felt fairly confident we could give a dog a pretty awesome home.

Bodhi dog

The decision to get a dog from a breeder, rather than a rescue centre was one that we toyed with for some time. A lot of people said to us that if we were able to give a dog a home, that we should look to rehome one that had been abandoned, rather than paying out money to a breeder.  After a lot of consideration, we did decide to go ahead with buying a puppy from a lady who bred schnoodles, who lived in Wales.  This was for several reasons - firstly, Tom has a lot of allergies and has asthma, so we knew we had to get a poodle cross puppy to ensure that it didn't shed fur and irritate Tom's allergies.  Secondly, because at that time Tom worked shifts, we would be walking and training the dog often separately, so we wanted to get a dog that we knew would likely be easy to train and look after in the initial weeks of owning it.  After a lot of research we knew that we really wanted a schnoodle, which we couldn't find in any rescue centres.  Also, this was our first dog together, and though our families had both owned dogs, we'd never owned one ourselves, and we were nervous of the commitment of taking on a rescue dog, despite how much we liked the idea of giving one a loving home.  I think we would definitely consider it if we got a second dog however, now that we are more used to owning a dog, and would be prepared for all the stress of training one!

Bodhi dog

Someone once told me that you find a lot of the smaller breeds of dog in rescue centres, as people buy the stereotypically 'cute' dogs thinking that they'll be all instagram photos and shopping trips, and then decide that they're too much work.  But actually, I discovered recently that it's often the larger breeds of dog that end up needing rehoming, with the most popular being Staffies, Akitas, Dobermans, Rottweilers and German Shepherds. People can often take on dogs like these without understanding the level of care, training and walking that they require.

Co-op Insurance recently put together a list of 'ten big softies' - bigger dogs that are currently in need of loving homes, and are waiting for their new owner to come and adopt them (via DogsBlog).  They all look so lovely, I can barely resist those puppy dog eyes on the Bull Mastiff!

I have a good friend who has an Akita, and met another person this weekend that also has one and says what loving dogs they are.  My friend Fleur's Akita is called Raffy Bear, he looks like a big happy chunk of love! I love that he often looks like he's smiling in photos.

Raffy Bear

I'm really sad that Bodhi will never get to meet Raffy, as Fleur now lives in the States.  I'd love to see them playing together, though Bodhi is probably a quarter of the size of Raffy! On owning an Akita, Fleur says "Akitas are people dogs and love being around people.  He's such a happy dog, and he loves his snoozes and pillows - he will literally move pillows to fit how he wants to lie.  But Akitas are very strong-willed, so if he doesn't want to move, he won't! He has such a strong personality and I've never met a dog who has such expression in its eyes. He's definitely a lover - but Akitas need A LOT of training, so people should be aware of that if they decide to take one on; they need a lot of time invested in them!"

The person I met this weekend, who has a Japanese Akita, was telling me that despite their reputation of being fearsome and powerful, his Akita is scared of puddles, and once chased a squirrel, only to lick its head when he caught it!  I have another friend with a Staffy called Boston who is also a very loving dog and dotes on her baby boy (and is scared of the hairdryer!)

Would you consider owning a rescue dog (or do you already?) What do you think about larger breeds of dog?

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