Autumn moments

The temperatures were pretty hot throughout our America trip, and I definitely didn't anticipate (or pack for) quite how warm it would be.  On one occasion it actually reached 40° whilst we were at Lake Havasu, dropping to a not so cool 37° at night, which let me tell you, is not a very comfortable sleeping temperature.  Imagine putting up a tent in that kind of heat - you're dripping with sweat and hot and bothered before you've even started, permanently attached to your water bottle and craving any slight semblance of a breeze.  At night I lay awake on top of my sleeping bag (Hungarian Goose Down was not required, it transpires) and dreamed of Autumn in England.  Even though I couldn't tolerate the thought of wearing a jumper at that point I still fantasised about the temperatures that would necessitate woolly blankets, cosy pullovers, soft scarves and knitted gloves.  I wrote this post a few years ago - To Autumn - listing all of the things I love about Autumn, and my enthusiasm for wet leaves, woodsmoke, mulled cider and pumpkin carving has definitely not waned.  Of course I absolutely loved swanning around in shorts and vests whilst we were in California, but I can't pretend that I wasn't more than a little excited to come home and make good on Tom's and my promise to spend this Autumn getting out in the forest, going for long dog walks and enjoying lots of country pub roast dinners.

We went for two long walks this weekend, one from our house and one a little further out in the New Forest.  We were looking after my Mum's dog Henry so Bodhi had someone to chase around the trees and roll in the leaves with!

bodhi henry

Despite how excited I was to don my new fleece-y parka and wear my favourite woolly beanie, it was actually really warm this weekend and I ended up carrying my coat on Saturday and leaving it at home on Sunday.  I wasn't too disappointed though as it gave me an opportunity to wear my new sunglasses, which were kindly sent to me by Smart Buy Glasses.  They were supposed to arrive before I left for holiday but I ended up leaving about half an hour before they arrived on my final day at work - oops! So I was pleased that the sun put his hat on this weekend and gave me the opportunity to wear them.  I've always loved Aviator frames and you can't go wrong with Ray Bans.  I also finally watched a tutorial on how to do a proper top knot on YouTube after about a year of having pineapple hair instead - ha.  Not sure I've quite nailed it yet though.

sunglasses rosie tree rosie sunglasses
// sunglasses: ray ban aviators. smart buy glasses £125.95* // shirt: bellfield, via asos {old}

I absolutely loved being out in the forest again - there's something about walking until you're surrounded by nothing but skies and trees and nature that's very humbling.  I've had a tiring week being back at work and getting used to my new job and new commute, but getting out in the fresh air and stomping along on crunchy leaves and pinecones gives such perspective and definitely blew of those cobwebs away!


Of course it wouldn't be a proper forest walk if we didn't follow it with a pub lunch afterwards! We went to my favourite pub, The Hobler, near Brockenhurst.  Tom had a roast dinner and I had lasagne - with chips for dipping in the melty cheese, of course.  After a pint of my favourite cider we headed home with full bellies and happy faces for snoozes on the sofa whilst watching Harry Potter (Tom had a hankering to watch Deathly Hallows Part 1).  I can't imagine a more perfect day - roll on the rest of Autumn!

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A fitness update, and a giveaway from F&F/Elle Sport

It actually felt a little weird to click the 'New post' button on Blogger this morning.  It feels like I've gone back to a time many years ago when blogging was something I did at the weekends amongst several other things, and the weekdays were for chilling after work, seeing friends and early nights. The truth is that jetlag, trying to sort unpacking and washing and all the other post-holiday boringness, a new job and a new commute, have meant that finding time for blogging over the last week has just been impossible.  The other truth is that I just haven't found myself racing to the computer, and I wanted to give myself some time to relax, catch up on sleep and get used to my new routine.

I used to work about a five minute drive from where I live, meaning that I went for runs before work (I absolutely love running first thing in the morning when no-one else is around and the world is still waking up).  Now I've moved to our Headquarters about 25 miles away, meaning my commute is about 45 minutes to an hour each way, depending on whether I drive or get the train.  To run in the mornings would mean getting up pre-6am and I can't imagine that for the moment, especially as it would be really dark then! So I definitely have to think of new ways to mix up my routine and fit fitness in around my new job.

The good news is the gym near where I live has finally opened, and I'm all signed up and have been booking onto classes.  I went to my first class on Saturday, which was a Boxing class.  I have tried Boxercise before and always enjoyed the technique side of the class more than the fitness element and I really enjoyed this one as it was all about learning the moves and mastering the sequences.  I'm going to book a Personal Trainer session this week to learn more about how to use the Weights Room and incorporating weights into my routine, and I've also got some yoga classes booked in too in their lovely rooftop yoga studio.  I'll still be keeping up my running too, but it will have to be at the weekends and in the evenings instead (I find it difficult to run without getting a stitch if I've eaten anything even hours earlier so I'm going to have to find a way to overcome that!)

New exercise gear is aways a massive motivation booster for me, and I was kindly sent some shorts and a vest from the new Elle Sport range at F&F/Clothing at Tesco.  They told me they were sending me a 'surprise hamper' of pieces from the new range so I was excited to see what turned up, and I received this vest and a pair of shorts. (Vest is in the below photo, shorts in the one below that).

Boxing outfit 2
// outfit for boxing - headband from ebay, vest from elle sport/f&f (link below),
nike free runs and nike pro leggings

I wore the vest to boxing on Saturday, it's very tight fitting so I think I need to crank up the exercise routine and try and lose those USA-holiday-induced-pounds before I can really wear it.  As it's got a little chillier now, I probably won't be able to wear the shorts until next Summer (I only really run in shorts when it's really warm) so I'll be tucking them away in the exercise drawer for next year.

Elle F&F kit
// elle sport/F&F vest: £26* // elle sport/F&F layer shorts: £30* // nike free runs: bought in America - £60

I wear Skechers Go Runs for running, but I usually wear Nike Frees for the gym as they're nice and lightweight.  I bought a new black and white pair whilst in America but I must admit I've been wearing them with jeans rather than to the gym this week! I think they're plain enough to team with jeans on slouchy days.

Elle Sport/F&F have kindly given me ten running armbands to give away to celebrate their new collaboration.  To enter, as always, just follow the Rafflecopter instructions.  Running armbands are great for strapping on your phone/iPod whilst running, meaning you don't have to carry a bumbag or wear a jacket or trousers with pockets.  I actually really need one of these so I think I'll be buying one myself as I'm getting a bit fed up with running with a bumbag as it always rides up or bounces all over the place!

Elle F&F phone carrier

Here's the Rafflecopter - the competition will run for 10 days and is open to UK entrants only (sorry international readers!)  Good luck!

PS - I have another exciting giveaway on the cards for next week, keep your eye out for it as if you love health, fitness and exercise gear you're going to want to enter this one too!

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Back on home turf

So - after 17 days in the USA I am officially back on English soil, and back in familiar territory; sat at the computer with a snoozing puppy under my chair and a mug of peppermint tea brewing beside me.  After the most exciting and amazing trip, I have a camera full of photos (I've only downloaded the photos from one of the two cameras I took with me and that has 950 on it - a lot to sort through!), a lot of wonderful memories and a very fuzzy head.  Apparently jetlag is much worse when travelling East as you typically lose time, and I can certainly attest to that after getting three hours sleep last night and trying to force myself to stay awake all day.  It feels somehow like a really bad hangover or several nights' worth of broken sleep - I've basically been a bit of a zombie since I got back on Friday afternoon.  Everything is so much more complicated when you're a zombie.  Especially unpacking.

Golden Gate Bridge

I don't really know where to start with all of the things I want to share with you now I'm home - of course I want to tell you all about the trip (and I somehow need to cut down the 950 photos...), and I've also had some requests for posts about Trek America itself - what to pack and what a Trek is really like.  I didn't have much room in my suitcase but I'll definitely be posting about the few things I did manage to bring back (essentially, protein bars, peanut butter and stationery) - and I've also bought some Smashbooks so I can do some scrapbooking of the things I collected along the way.  Oh - and - I promised I'd review the books I read whilst I was away too! So much to share and photograph!

Since I've come back I've also bought some new cookbooks and a sandwich press (I watched Chef on the plane home and if anyone else has seen that film they will know why I now have a hankering for Cuban sandwiches...) and I want to write a bit more about food on my blog too, if you would be interested?  After three weeks of eating lots of burgers, peanut butter M&Ms and Cheetos I am going to have a bit of a detox by embracing clean eating again and avoiding alcohol for a little while, so I'm hoping to find and create lots of healthy recipes that may well pop up on here.  Oh - and the gym near me finally opened so I've signed up to lots of yoga classes and will be getting my bum down there as much as possible, so I'll be continuing my health and fitness updates (spoiler alert: I did not complete my aim of running a 10k before work in August! Quelle surprise.)

Wow - it is very strange to feel a mix of excitement and inspiration upon returning, and yet utter laziness and exhaustion at the same time! Along with all of these plans I also start a new job tomorrow - working for the same organisation I currently do but this time in HR rather than Training. It's back at our headquarters in Southampton where I used to work which means I swap my lovely 10 minutes a day commute for 1.5 - 2 hours depending on whether I drive or get the train.  But I am also secretly looking forward to being able to walk to the shops at lunchtime - I rarely get an opportunity to go high street shopping at the moment so I can see it being very costly on the bank balance (that's if I have any money left over after buying train tickets, season tickets are megabucks!) 

SO - basically just a quick post to say I'm back - *waves tiredly through squinty sleep-deprived eyes* and I'm excited to be blogging and blog-reading again after my little break! 

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Bleach London - Gritty In Pink - Rosé pink semi-permanent colour review

I've longed for pastel coloured mermaid hair for a long time now, but I've never taken the plunge as, even though we don't have a policy on wacky hair colours at work, I just know there'd be a few raised eyebrows and I'd rather avoid it! So, as we're off on holiday on for a few weeks (we will be on holiday as you read this), I thought it would be the perfect time to try a non-permanent hair colour.

Bleach London are the brand I always look to for pastel hair colours and I already love their silver shampoo and conditioner, so I picked up their Gritty in Pink kit from Boots (£7).  It has minis of their popular Violet Skies, Awkward Peach and Rosé colours so it's the perfect way to try out some colours before investing in a bigger bottle.

011a5e207f70ee652ea676933848dbbe6a84e0e877-001 Bleach London Gritty in Pink

The instructions say to shampoo your hair, towel-dry it and then apply the colour wearing the enclosed plastic gloves.  It advises you to leave it on for about 15 minutes but I left it for 30 minutes as I hoped it would mean the colour would take a little more.  Obviously about a 1/3 of my hair at the moment is my roots, which are a dark blonde, and I kind of figured that the colour wouldn't take to that, but I thought it would work quite well on the section of my hair that's previously been highlighted and bleached.

After half an hour I rinsed out the colour and blow-dried my hair.  This is the result (sorry for the bad phone pics - Tom was away when I did it so I didn't have anyone to take snaps for me!) - as I suspected there was no hint of colour on my roots but it did take to the previously colour sections.
  0156fd4a41c5fa380e9a21bc9ea98bbf7717e46e32Bleach London Gritty in Pink

The colour looked really bright when I put the dye on so I was surprised at the washed out effect it gave as it wasn't bright at all - I actually quite like this effect though as it's more subtle.  I really couldn't make up my mind whether I liked it on me but I was intrigued to see how long the colour would last.  It advises 2-10 washes on the bottle but as I have such bleached hair already I figured that it had a good chance of taking to my hair.

The next day I went for a run and had to wash my hair afterwards.  I mixed the remainder of the contents of the bottle with my conditioner so I was pretty surprised to see that it had washed out loads just in that one wash (especially since I used the dye again a second time).  It was now a very light pink, almost like the lilac tone I get when I leave on my silver/purple shampoo too long.  I'm guessing on the second wash it will have completely washed out.

Reading other blog reviews it seems like the dyes work really differently depending on your hair type, how coloured it's been in the past, how you apply it and so on - so it's difficult to review it as every result will be different.  For me, I'd definitely use it again for a temporary effect, but it's clearly not going to last my two week holiday! I have heard that the blue tones and the Violet Skies colour last a lot longer (and are pretty hard to shift apparently!) so they would be options if you were looking for longer term colour.

Have you tried any of the Bleach London semi-permanent colours?

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Recent memories

Looking through my photos folder from the last few weeks I realised two things.  Firstly - there are lots of days out and adventures that I haven't blogged about, and secondly, it has dawned on me why I'm so tired - I don't think I'd quite realised how much we'd done! Phew - what a month August has been, I feel like we've barely had a moment to catch our breath.

Of course the first bit of August was taken up with about a week of birthday celebrations, including our weekend away camping and my birthday itself - which we spent eating good food, walking in the forest and shopping (my ideal day!) Then there was my trip to Bicester Village with my Mum, which was the perfect girls' day out - lots of shopping (hello Mulberry shop!) and a yummy lunch out - and a glass of fizz of course!

Birthday drink

The paddleboard has been out several times since we bought it - we've definitely got our £100 worth already (it was an eBay bargain!) These snaps are from when we took it to the beach near our parents' house.  Bodhi is a paddleboarding pro now, although I don't think he liked being on it with Tom in the water (he usually just wants to go wherever Tom goes!)  I'm guessing the paddleboard will soon be packed away as I'm not sure I fancy going out on it now it's a bit chillier!
  Tom and BodhiTom and Bodhi

A couple of weekends before my birthday we went camping in Kimmeridge with Tom's Mum and Dad.  We stayed in the van this time rather than in a tent - I road tested my new sleeping bag which I'll be taking on Trek America and it was very warm and comfy! We had a really lovely time with them, spent eating yummy food, having a barbecue, exploring Kimmeridge, paddleboarding, walking and visiting the brilliant Square and Compass pub at Worth Matravers for ciders and pasties.
  KimmeridgeKimmeridge Kimmeridge

We also recently went to the wedding of two of our close friends, Luke and Laura, the reception of which was held at the beautiful Stockbridge Farm Barn in Sherborne.
Luke and Laura wedding
Wedding Wedding

On a recent Saturday we went along to a 'fun day' at Mudeford Quay where there were lifeboat demonstrations, a funfair, food stalls and all kinds of other things going on.  My favourite bit was the demonstration from the Blades aerobatic team.
  BladesMudeford Fun Day

As you all probably know by now, I'm currently in the USA exploring the West coast with Trek America - I can't wait to share all my new memories with you when I get back!

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Books I'll be reading on holiday

I never fall out of love with reading, but I certainly have phases where I do it more than others.  I tend to find that I either read furiously and constantly, or I save reading for holidays and long journeys.  At the moment it's definitely the former, and after loading up the Kindle app on my iPad Mini with tons of books a few weeks ago I've actually already read loads of them already - oops! I thought I'd share five that are next on my to-read list, and hopefully I'll be able to tick off whilst we're away.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane - Neil Gaiman  

Amazon says: THE OCEAN AT THE END OF THE LANE is a novel about memory and magic and survival, about the power of stories and the darkness inside each of us, created by the unparalleled imaginative power of Neil Gaiman.

I say: I haven't actually read any of Neil Gaiman before but I remember some rave reviews of this on one of Alex's Blogging Good Read posts.  I actually don't really read 'fantasy' books, but this desribes itself as a blend of fantasy and reality, and the plot intrigued me so - we shall see!

The Maze Runner - James Dashner

Amazon says: When the doors of the lift crank open, the only thing Thomas remembers is his first name. But he's not alone. He's surrounded by boys who welcome him to the Glade - a walled encampment at the centre of a bizarre and terrible stone maze. Like Thomas, the Gladers don't know why or how they came to be there - or what's happened to the world outside. All they know is that every morning when the walls slide back, they will risk everything - even the Grievers, half-machine, half-animal horror that patrol its corridors, to try and find out.

I say: I saw this on a list of books that were being made into films this year and was intrigued.  It's part of a trilogy that seems to be getting rave reviews at the moment so I thought I'd see what all of the fuss is about.

Looking For Alaska - John Green

Amazon says: The unmissable first novel from bestselling and award-winning author of THE FAULT IN OUR STARS.  Miles Halter is fascinated by famous last words – and tired of his safe, boring and rather lonely life at home. He leaves for boarding school filled with cautious optimism, to seek what the dying poet Francois Rabelais called the "Great Perhaps." Much awaits Miles at Culver Creek, including Alaska Young. Clever, funny, screwed-up, and dead sexy, Alaska will pull Miles into her labyrinth and catapult him into the Great Perhaps.

I say: I read The Fault in Our Stars a couple of months ago and really enjoyed it so I wanted to read something else by John Green, especially after hearing lots of John Green fans say that TFIOS is not his best - so I'm looking forward to seeing how this compares.

Eat & Run - Scott Jurek

Amazon says: An inspirational memoir by Scott Jurek, one of the finest ultrarunners in the world.

I say: After reading Born To Run and UltraMarathon Man recently I thought I'd have a little break from books about running, but I'm really keen to read this by Scott Jurek.  Scott Jurek is one of the most acclaimed ultramarathoners (an ultramarathon are marathons longer than the standard marathon, typically either 50k, 100k, 50 miles or 100 miles).  This is his memoir, where he talks about running as well as his diet (he is vegan, which I believe is fairly unusual for an endurance athlete).

Bad Feminist - Roxane Gay

Amazon says: In these funny and insightful essays, Roxane Gay takes us through the journey of her evolution as a woman (Sweet Valley High) of colour (The Help) while also taking readers on a ride through culture of the last few years (GirlsDjango in Chains) and commenting on the state of feminism today (abortion, Chris Brown). The portrait that emerges is not only one of an incredibly insightful woman continually growing to understand herself and our society, but also one of our culture.

I say: I've been reading a lot about women's leadership, equality in the workplace and feminism generally recently and this book really piqued my interest when I saw someone link to her Tumblr and found myself really enjoying her writing.  It looks like it's going to be really up my street.

Have you read any of these? Would you be interested in reviews once I have? Also - do you have any more tips for what should be on my reading list? 

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Taking Stock - Goodbye August, Hello September

Format from Meet Me at Mike's, found on Fill My Little World

This is being written on 31st August but I'm going to schedule it in for whilst we're away on holibobs so bear with me if it's a little out of date by then! (Will probably still be raining though, so I'm sure that bit is in context....)


Making ::  plans for our wedding - finally getting excited about the little details, like decorations and invitations.

Cooking :: not much - we have tons of food left over from recent barbecues so we've mainly been eating burgers/sausages/beef brisket/pulled pork and salad lately!
Drinking ::  lots of water - trying to give myself a bit of a detox by flushing out a couple of weekends of excess with a good amount of h2o.
Reading :: just finished Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan, which was very average. (See my Goodreads for what I've been ticking off my to-read list - I'll also be posting about the books I've loaded on my Kindle app for my holiday).

Wanting ::  to be a bit happier with my body and figure and stop obsessing about getting a flat tum.
Looking ::  outside at incessant torrential rain and wondering where summer's gone.

Playing ::  with Bodhi and his Mr Snakes toy. sssssssssssss.
Deciding ::  to try and manage my diary better in future, doing something every weekend for months on end is exhausting.
Wishing ::  for lots of sunshine and warm weather during our USA trip.
Enjoying ::  a few days of chill time before we go away - it's been too long since I sat on the sofa and watched TV or went to bed early to read! Watched a few too many episodes of Catfish and Say Yes to the Dress.
Waiting ::  to get back from the USA to get properly stuck into loving blogging again and writing all of the types of posts I love to write.
Liking ::  sushi - never tried it before last week but now I'm a bit addicted!
Wondering :: what my new job will be like, but looking forward to a new challenge (I start a new job in our HR department when we get back from holiday)
Loving :: all of the women's leadership books I've read lately, so inspiring.  Highly recommend Sheryl Sandberg - Lean In and Arianna Huffington - Thrive.  About to start Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay.
Pondering :: which books to load my kindle up with for my holiday (left it a bit last minute!) - although since I won't be able to read in the van (I get travel sick!) I'm not sure when I'll get a chance to read them all.
Considering :: ideas for new tattoos
Watching :: Scandal - now trucking through Season Two and still totally obsessed!
Hoping :: I have packed the right clothes for our trip - difficult to pack for highs of 35 degrees in Vegas and lows of 6 degrees in the Grand Canyon.

Marvelling :: at how beautiful my run along the beach was this morning - where we live is stunning on a sunny morning.
Needing :: a break and some chill time.  Too much busy lately. 
Smelling :: Bodhi - I know non-dog lovers often hate the smell of dogs but Bodhi always smells so good, his feet smell like digestive biscuits!
Wearing :: ankle boots and jumpers for the first time in a few weeks.  I've missed comfy cold weather clothes! (shhhh) 
Following :: I've found loads of fab new blogs lately - I'm going to set up some scheduled tweets whilst I'm away of all my current #bloglove favourites, in case you miss my blog (yeah right) you might find some new ones to read!
Noticing :: it getting much cooler and darker earlier - not looking forward to morning runs in the pitch black come October/November!
Knowing :: how lucky we are at the moment.  So much to look forward to.
Thinking :: about food, all the time. Mostly sandwiches, I am a sandwich addict at the moment even though my tummy hates bread.
Feeling :: thankful.
Admiring :: loads of blogs lately - finding so much blogging inspiration at the moment, my bloglovin feed is full of awesomeness! 
Sorting :: our honeymoon - flights booked and hotel for the first week almost booked - we are going to Bali for a month, eep!
Buying :: last minute holiday bits like new sandals, travel minis and sunnies (and also thinking about A/W clothes at the same time!)
Getting :: tired so easily lately - not expecting much sleep whilst we're away though as we're mostly camping! I could do with a week off just to sleep.
Bookmarking :: wedding blogs and wedding ideas
Disliking :: having no energy at the moment - I've set my alarm for 6.15 most mornings this week and haven't managed to run yet, finding exercise really hard work for some reason.
Opening :: the save the dates we ordered - we have postcards and magnets to send out to our wedding guests, I'm so excited! Tom has stopped me going overboard with twine and ink stamps.
Giggling :: at X Factor - part of me hates that I love it so much but I can't help getting excited that it's on again! 
Snacking :: on bits from my healthy snack jar - full of treats like Frank bars, Meridian Peanut Butter bars and Bounce balls.
Coveting :: Pink hair and mermaid hair so I tried a temporary colour from Bleach London for my holiday, it washed out after one wash though - sad face!
Helping :: my Mum think of ideas for her new blog! Exciting!
Hearing :: Current favourite song: Daughter - Medicine ...

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I think you can tell a lot about a person by what they spend their money on.  And for me, this has certainly changed over time.  A few years ago, if you'd given me £100 I would have spent it all on dresses, with maybe a pair of shoes thrown in for good measure.  Nowadays, my two wardrobes and chest of drawers are full to bursting and I give away more clothes than I buy.  And maybe a year or so ago I would have spent it on pretty homewares (a sure sign that one is getting older) - some accessories for the mantelpiece, kitchenalia or a pretty vase or candle.  But now our house generally is pretty full and I try and keep it relatively clutter free.  So what do you spend your money on once you've basically got all of the things? For Tom and I (and Tom has never really been interested in 'things' anyway), I think we'd both say travelling.  Not necessarily the backpack, braided bracelet, country-hopping type travelling, but just visiting new places we haven't seen before.

As I write this, I'm looking around at last-minute things that need packing for our USA adventure that we leave for on Tuesday (and when you read this, we'll be on our way there!) And this week we booked a hotel for our honeymoon in Bali next April (we're going for a month to make it a real adventure).  Feeling very lucky (and pretty broke) right now!

Most of our adventures tend to be a little less grand than 2.5 weeks on the West coast of the USA or a month in Bali however.  It's more likely that you'll find us away camping for a few days or on a short break in Britain or Europe.  For this reason I've been hunting for the perfect weekend bag for some time - something classic and stylish and (after a bad experience with a wheely suitcase on the Underground recently - SO many stairs) something that I can sling over my shoulder.  The Great Gift Company kindly offered me a couple of picks from their lovely website recently and I rather fell for this Weekend Travel Bag (£39*).  It's actually from the 'Him' section of the gifts but I think its simple design means it's pretty unisex.

Great Gift Co Review

It will be perfect for my trips to London and weekends away, and it even recently came camping with us for a few days and was the perfect way to stow all my belongings (rather than spreading them around the whole van which I usually end up doing).

Great Gift Co Review

The only thing that's almost as fun as adventuring itself is planning your next adventure.  This is done extensively via my T R A V E L and P R E T T Y (photographs of beautiful places) boards on Pinterest, Wanderlust magazine and several books I own.  I couldn't resist the 'Make The Most Of Your Time On Earth' (£13*) book from the Great Gift Company, it has 1000 must-do experiences from around the world and is perfect for adventure planning! I've been making lists of ones I'd love to do - and of course I had a peek to see if any of the places we're visiting over the next few weeks are in the book...

Great Gift Co Review
Great Gift Co Review

Are you a fan of travel and adventures? Where will your next adventure be?

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