What Makes You Smile

My smile is one of the few things I actually feel confident about when having my picture taken. It sometimes surprises non-bloggers to hear that even the most seemingly confident of bloggers, despite their ability to have their picture taken multiple times and then post the evidence on the internet, have lots of body hang-ups. I am definitely the same and there are several things I would change about myself given half the chance, and try and hide away or not think about when having my photo taken. My smile however, is one of the few things I do feel content with.

People say I'm lucky to have a 'nice smile' - which is a lovely compliment, though it was years of braces and retainers rather than luck that straightened my teeth out and meant that I stopped feeling self-conscious of my crooked teeth as a child.  So when I write now about the things that make me smile, I am writing about the things that not only rouse a little half-smile, but a big ol' toothy grin! Like this one -

Cheesy grin

Here is a little video of some things that make me do a grin...

001. Bodhi dog
002. Peppermint tea
003. Books
004. Bedtime
005. Flowers from Tom
006. Mini Eggs

And here are some more, not in the video...

007. Long bubble baths
008. Burning candles
009. Going on adventures

img credit: rainonawindowpane.tumblr.com
010.  Barbecues on warm afternoons
011. Digging my toes in sand
012. Road trips
013. Mint choc-chip ice cream
014. Netflix marathons
015. Snoozing on weekend mornings
016. Exploring with my camera
017. Slippers
018. The sound of birds singing
019. Fairy lights
020. Bike rides
021. Blog reading sessions
022. The sound of rain
023. Dusk in the summer
024. Walks in the forest
025. Fleece-y pajamas
026. Beating a personal best when running
027. The smell when it rains on a summer's day
028. Clean bedsheets
029. New Nike trainers
030. Planting flowers in the garden
031. Buying new notebooks
032. Brunch done properly (pancakes, eggs, bacon - yum)
033. Receiving handwritten letters in the post
034. Camping

img credit: rainonawindowpane.tumblr.com
035. Making smoothies (with lots of peanut butter)
036. Pretty sunsets
037. Foxes
038. Days spent with friends and family
039. Getting lots of fresh air
040. Yoga classes

What would be on your list of things that make you do a big toothy grin?

I'll let you into a little secret, even though I feel confident about my smile, I'd still like my teeth to be a little whiter! I've been using Colgate Max White One this week to try and achieve it, and am looking forward to seeing the results. Colgate Max White One Optic is the simple answer to an instantly visible whiter smile. Buy it in high street chemists or most major supermarkets, priced at around £4.49.

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Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Colgate via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Colgate.

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  1. My smile is the one thing I realllly hate about me. Years of braces failed me (I Had them for ten years) and 11 years of an eating disorder has left me with wonky yellow teeth :( x

  2. Haha I'm about to start including more pics of myself on my blog and the only way i feel comfortable having my pic taken is to giggle and grin away too!


  3. Our family pets - two gorgeous pugs always make me smile!
    Oh and the thought of my impending wedding - 2 months to go ahhhhh!
    Love the post :-)



  4. You looks so pretty in your big goofy smile photo. It's great to see such a natural smile... it's always the little things that make us feel this way.
    Cat at OutsideBeautyInsideHealth

  5. Really enjoy reading what makes others happy, it puts a smile on my face. I'm definitely with you on the mini eggs, I've grabbed my last packet before it's too late!

  6. Aww what a sweet post, I dislike a lot about myself but my smile is the one thing I love I've managed to keep my teeth super white, and straight. My secret is….no tea or coffee! I've never been a lovely of hot drinks and I think my teeth thank me for it :) x


  7. Handwritten letters make me smile :)

  8. You do have a lovely smile! My boyfriend left me a post it note on the living room door last week for me to see when I got in from work. It was telling me how much he loves me, which really made me smile :)

  9. Some fab things on there, lots of them definitely make me smile :)

  10. I've never really liked my smile. I can do an alright little grin but a big toothy smile? Nah! My top teeth are pretty straight to be honest but I have such a wonky bottom row of teeth :( I quite often contemplate having braces on the bottom row but I doubt I could afford them and I'm also a massive wimp so the pain definitely puts me off!x


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