Rosie Loves Poppy and Ted

It is definitely the little details that impress me.  A hidden feature of a product, an extra creature comfort, a secret cubbyhole, these are all things that leave me instantly wowed. I was called a 'Marketer's Dream' at work the other day because I bought a new brand of tea because the packaging was so pretty.  So when my beautiful top from Poppy Lux arrived swathed in red tissue paper with a note inside and in a lovely red box (that I am adding to my collection of boxes that are too nice to throw away that are currently taking over my house), it's fair to say that I was pretty sold before I'd even got it out of the packaging.

Poppy Lux have been on my radar since their inception. The sister brand of Sugarhill Boutique - whom I am also head over heels for - have some utterly beautiful things; their dresses in particular are stunning and so well-priced. I am eyeing up this Lola dress for my Christmas Day outfit!

But dresses aside, I have spoken previously about my love for a trousers and top combo on a night out.  I have rather fallen out of love with tights lately, I am pretty over yanking them up, them being too long for my short legs, getting ladders almost every time I come home from work and greet Bodhi, and so on.  I think a glitzy top and some smart trousers (disco pants, printed trousers, I even have some rather comfy velvet leggings) are going to be my go-to combo for the Christmas season.  And this Poppy Lux top is storming right to the top of my faves list.

victoria blouse, poppy lux, £36* // america apparel disco pants, asos, £74 
heels, kat maconie lucy sandals, £140 // clutch, ted baker ipad case, surfdome, £34.99*

As well as loving little details, I also love versatility, and you can't get more versatile than an iPad Mini case that doubles up as a clutch (whether it intended to or not!) I was kindly sent this Ted Baker iPad Mini case from Surfdome a couple of weeks ago and I just love it - it would be absolutely perfect as a Christmas gift for anyone who might be expecting an iPad Mini for Christmas! I hunted for an iPad Mini case for ages (there aren't that many nice ones around!) so I was over the moon when I spotted this.  And moreso when I discovered I can fit my house key, wallet and phone in it on a night out (and Ted Baker clutches certainly retail for more than £35!)

Hope you are all having lovely Fridays, I am already in my onesie and preparing for an evening of M&S Blackberry and Gin Fizz, present wrapping and Christmas music....  

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Christmas gifts for pets

Although they may not be quite as conscious of the great Christmas countdown as us, I see no reason why this should mean that our furry friends can't get a slice of the Christmas action too.  We have even bought Bodhi an Advent Calendar this year, though rather than being excited it's Christmas he will probably just be disappointed that he's not getting a treat every day when it's over! But I'm sure he'll be less disappointed when he sees the presents under the tree (even though unwrapping them and eating the paper is his favourite part).  He did rather adorably locate his Christmas present by the power of scent last year as soon as it was put under the tree, and spent every morning when he was let out of the kitchen going and sniffing it to check it was still there.

Even though we've already picked him up a few treats (which he chose himself), I'm sure there will be a few more under the tree for Bodhi to sniff out come December 25th.  Here's my pick of presents for the little animals in our lives...

1. dog biscuit gift tag // not on the high street // £3.25
2. dog bowl // not on the high street // £25.95
3. meerkat dog toy // burnhills // £3.99 
4. organic bone toy // pets pajamas // £16.50
5. personalised pet bag // not on the high street // £7.50
6. christmas dinner for dogs // lily's kitchen // £2.49
7. snugglebed pet bed // joules // £24.95
8. dog bow tie // not on the high street // £12
9. personalised pet gift box // alpha and ruby's // £12.50
10. engraved dog lead hanger // not on the high street // £26

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Men's Sheepskin Boots

Tom is someone who deliberately eschews anything fashionable.  In fact, he has been known to ask if things are trendy before making a decision as to whether he likes it. "Short sleeved, patterned shirts?," he will say. "Isn't everyone wearing them at the moment? They're not for me."  Tom knows what he likes, and what he likes is hoodies, surf-brand t-shirts, chinos, plaid shirts and skate shoes.

So it was not without some surprise from me when he casually exclaimed the other day that he'd like a pair of sheepskin boots.  In answer to my raised eyebrow, Tom explained that sheepskin boots were originally designed for surfers in the 1960s, a utility boot designed for warmth when you came out from surfing.  They originated in Australia and were brought over here when local surfers returned from surfing competitions down under.  They were worn by surfers up until the late 1990s when they emerged as a fashion trend in the US.

Now personally, I can't imagine much worse than getting up at 5am (as Tom sometimes does) in sub-zero temperatures, in the rain, and going in the sea ensconded only in a layer of neoprene.  But surfing is like an addiction to Tom, and I no longer question his motivations (or his sanity!) However, I can imagine, that coming back in from the water after swimming around in it for a few hours, it must be pretty awesome to sink your toes into some warm sheepskin boots.

So, when Just Sheepskin got in touch to see if I wanted to try their sheepskin boots out for size, I knew a man with slightly bigger feet who might be an ideal candidate.  They arrived at work a few days later and I brought them into our team meeting (Tom and I work together) and Tom spent the rest of the team meeting wearing them (as well as doing a little dance when they arrived, so happy was he).  Observations from the rest of the team were that the sheepskin boots were surprisingly 'manly' - a couple of people said they looked just liked rigger boots but fleece lined, and not 'feminine' like some of the other boot brands male versions.

Tom has barely taken the boots off since and it's the first thing he puts on when he gets home from work.  He is over the moon with them and they certainly make his post-surf journeys home a lot more comfortable (as well as making lots of his surfer friends jealous!)

With their origin in mind, what better place to photograph these beautiful boots than on the beach in the morning...

Those overcast skies and the chilly temperatures are certainly befitting of the cosy footwear being photographed.  This is Highcliffe beach and we took them just before we went into work - the beach is directly in front of our offices (and is a beautiful place to eat lunch in the summer!)

Do you own any sheepskin boots? What do you think of the men's versions?

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Wedding planning

My new year's resolution this year was to be more present.  By this I mean not only enjoying the moment and investing my energy and thought into where I am at that time, but also not letting my mind wander onto things that have happened in the past, or might happen in the future.  I am a notorious worrier and my mind is often occupied by thinking about things I've said or done in the weeks, months or even years prior, or worrying about possible eventualities.  I think ahead generally - I like plans and organisation and my Filofax is a neat chaos of highlighted categorisation (different colours for work appointments, social engagements, blog commitments and so on).  I infuriate Tom by asking him if he might want to do something weeks in advance (often just as he's falling asleep, when my mind is buzzing with plans and arrangements).

Despite this tendency to think, and plan, ahead, I had almost no ideas of what our wedding might look like when we got engaged.  I didn't think about what it might be like to be engaged, or what planning a wedding might involve.  When Tom proposed on 16 October we were both over the moon and excited but for me, it felt surreal almost.  Looking at venues and reading wedding magazines felt like research for a friend rather than something that was happening to me.  When we talked about plans it almost felt a little silly - I wanted to giggle at the unrealness of it all - "We're getting married!" Crazy.

It's fair to say as well that neither of us knew/know the first thing about weddings.  Which is to be expected I suppose since neither of us have ever been married before! (To give you an idea of just how clueless I am, I didn't know up until a few months ago that you get a wedding ring too, I thought everyone just had their engagement ring).  I have never dreamt of a white wedding or had any preconceptions of what my wedding might look like.  So wedding planning has been a slow process, but also quite fun as we have no 'done deals' or 'musts' - only ideas for things we'd like to be involved in our special day.

Given that we both work in a maritime/coastal based job, met on a sailing boat and live by the sea, I think everyone assumed that we would have a nautical themed wedding (our house is largely nautical in décor too, so I guess this makes sense).  We've decided though to just have lots of ideas, things we love and little touches throughout our day, rather than be tied to one theme.  I like mismatched, rustic, higgledy piggledy, fun décor (that's probably more a theme of our house actually) and I'm sure our wedding will be the same. I guess 'rustic' is a good word because, because of our budget there will be a lot of DIY touches and not all of the things you'd traditionally find at a wedding.  (Although these days I think it's difficult to have an original idea, and rustic, DIY weddings seem to be the rule rather than the exception!)

Of course one tradition I have upheld is creating a Pinterest board.  Because I want to keep some details and ideas private, I've made a private board and given access to a few of the key people involved in wedding planning! It's been so much fun seeing their ideas and finding wonderful, beautiful things that have been a part of other people's weddings.  There really is so much inspiration out there.

img credit: 2.bp.blogspot.com
img credit: rocknrollbride.com

img credit: eylanderphotography.com
img credit: laughingwithangels.blogspot.com

We've got a savings plan together (as I write this I've just dropped my car off at the garage which is threatening to seriously thwart this month's contribution) and had some generous contributions from both of our parents which is lovely and really given us a step towards making the things we'd love to happen, happen.  We've worked out that we should be able to save enough by April 2015 and have a date in mind we're just waiting to book with our chosen venue and the photographer.  I am stunned by how wildly expensive everything is - we are going 'budget' on almost everything but it is still what I would deem as a fairly large figure, and I can't see how we'll be able to afford to have a honeymoon.

Despite the lack of real wedding planning going on, one of the first questions on my female friends' lips at the moment seems to be 'what do you think you'll do for a hen do?'  My friends seem to be scattered all over the place at the moment so I love the idea of getting everyone together for a weekend away and a bit of relaxation and pampering! I am not (as you can imagine) into the idea of L Plates and dressing up! I am definitely not in the minority though as I read recently via a survey that Spabreaks did that over 50% of women like the idea of a relaxing hen party (only 9% fancy a wild weekend in Magaluf, which is lucky as that would not be my choice either!) I love the idea of getting a cottage somewhere like Bath and having a spa day as well as dinner and cocktails.  What would your perfect hen party be?

I really should stop dreaming of cottages, log fires and cocktails though and get on with the actual wedding planning! We have 16 months though so I'm not panicking yet!

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My fantasy Christmas list

I am hoping that not too many of you would disagree with me when I say that I am not a superficial person at all - for me, Christmas is about relaxing and having fun with family and friends, as well as all of the little things that make Christmas special; good food, something warm to drink, getting cosy in PJs and slippers and days spent doing nothing but watching Christmas films under a blanket. Although I have an Amazon wishlist and have blogged my Christmas list, I find much more enjoyment in giving presents than receiving, in fact it's surprising people get to Christmas Day without being forced to open presents as I really do get very excited at seeing people open the things I've bought (or made) them.

So I guess I'm going completely against those statements when I reveal that I may have allowed myself a little daydream moment earlier in compiling my fantasy Christmas list.  This is my 'my Dad is an oil tycoon' or 'my boyfriend won the lottery' Christmas list.  Or even my 'I wisely invested in stocks and shares and am going to blow it all on myself' Christmas list.  Because when I fantasise about the times I'll be spending the festive period sipping mulled wine in a Christmas market, it's only right that I allow myself a fleeting image of me doing so wearing a cashmere blend Burberry trench coat, right? With all my saving for the wedding (even though there'll be another Christmas before we get married), Tom and I have set a limit on our buying for each other so we don't go too crazy when there's other things to save for.  But if we weren't, and if money was no object, I might just hope that Santa brought me some Louboutin bridal shoes, aren't they pretty? And I might start another separate little savings pot for that Gucci watch...

1. mulberry willow tote // net a porter // £1500
2. orla kiely posie dress // orla kiely // £328
3. burberry trench coat // net a porter //£1995
4. christian louboutin bridal shoes // browns // £495
6. charlotte olympia love me pumps // net a porter // £990
7. miu miu tote // net a porter // £850
8. large diptyque candle // liberty // £170

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Going back to the sea

My friend at work has the following quote from John F Kennedy pinned up behind his desk.  I remember the first time I read it feeling something stir within me because it is just so poetic and so true.  It has stayed with me ever since.

"It is an interesting biological fact that all of us have, in our veins the exact same percentage of salt in our blood that exists in the ocean, and, therefore, we have salt in our blood, in our sweat, in our tears. We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch it we are going back from whence we came."

Having lived no further than 10 minutes from the sea all of my life, and now, having worked for many years in a job linked to the sea and coastline, this feeling of 'going back to the sea' really resonates with me.  Those of you who read my post last Saturday will know that I was in a slightly maudlin mood and in need of some quiet reflection.  For me, there is no better place to get perspective and wash away the worries of the day than by the sea.  I love this time of year when the tourists and holidaymakers have packed up, the beach hut doors are all closed and there is no-one on the promenade except for afternoon strollers, dog walkers and the occasional runner.  It makes it so much more serene and calm to see the beach outstretched in front of you with only the occasional silhouette dotting the landscape.  Looking out to the setting sun on the horizon certainly puts things into perspective.

It was exactly the sort of afternoon I needed.  Seeing Bodhi make tiny pawprints in the sand, chasing seagulls and watching Tom throw stones always warms my heart, as well as listening to the sound of the sea breaking on the shore and watching the light slowly fade in its iridescent glory - just, perfection.

hat: primark mens {old}// jacket: peter storm at millets £75*
jeggings: missguided £14.99* // boots: new look {out of stock}

It has been so much colder over the last few days and only a few of the coats I've rather naughtily picked up over the last few months are fit for freezing temperatures.  Millets have kindly equipped me with one of their amazing Peter Storm jackets however, which definitely are more than up to the challenge of ensuring a cosy Rosie through the winter.  Not only is it waterproof, it has a (detachable) inner fleece which is so incredibly comfy I never want to take my coat off when I get back home - I may resort to sleeping in it when it gets really cold! I find that waterproof jackets can be a bit unfeminine, bulky and downright un-trendy so I really love that this one is so fitted and has a proper shape to it.

Have you found the perfect cold weather coat yet? I need to invest in some more gloves if it's going to carry on getting colder (especially if we're going to get all of the snow that's being predicted for the new few months!) On second thoughts I might just hibernate, can someone buy me an alarm clock or wake me up when it's Christmas? (I say that with the calm confidence of someone who has nearly all their Christmas shopping done, I am ready for a December full of avoiding the shops and staying home with mulled wine and mince pies now!)

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In the class she's taking notes

This tartan dress has become a bit of a favourite of mine since I bought it in Primark about a month ago.  The gathered sleeves and the collar with the bow underneath make it really unique and I've had lots of comments on it every time I've worn it.  The last time I wore it, I wore it with my red tartan scarf, I think it made all the Scottish people I work with who are down on secondment feel more at home! I am reliably informed that the tartan in the dress is Black Watch Tartan and I also now know a lot more about the Black Watch themselves than I ever thought I would! Every day's a school day, as they say...

Actually that last rather flippant quote is probably very apt for this outfit, as with my tartan shift dress and satchels I do feel a little like a Scottish schoolgirl! My favourite part of this outfit however has to be my amazing bow flats from Ugg.  They are seriously comfy and amazingly well made, with a sheepskin interior and buttery suede exterior.  I just love the red bow too, they certainly feel like a very special shoe, and they are even more beautiful in real life.

tartan dress outfit post

photo of tartan primark dress

primark tartan dress
shoes: ugg lunetta flats £199* // dress: primark: £16 {instore}
satchel: leather satchel co, £82 [old]

I feel like I look really different in these photos but there's only two very minor differences.  Firstly, I haven't been wearing eyeliner this week - I've had a few people say it makes me look younger but I think I look more tired! Nonetheless it's been nice to give my eyelids a break.  I've also been trying to straighten my hair less so this week I've just been straightening the ends and leaving the top (this is big news isn't it, I bet you're all on the edge of your seat waiting for others developments in my morning routine).  I think the less I straighten it the more it grows and it's certainly feeling longer lately, which probably means I'll get all antsy soon and chop it off!

I'm so excited that it's Friday, I hope you all have some lovely weekend plans.  Tom has been away this week delivering training and arrived back this afternoon so it's nice having him back.  Our evening mainly involves steak and ale pie, wine and a movie on the sofa.  This weekend I'll be seeing my family and on Monday my friend and I are having a road trip to Bicester Village.  I've been putting money in a savings pot for the last few months and I have just over £200 so I'm hoping to treat myself to something nice from Kate Spade or Michael Kors.  I've done most of my Christmas shopping already (I know, I know, it's not even December yet!) so I feel I'm allowed to treat myself! No doubt I'll be picking up a few more presents too, I tend to go a bit overboard at Christmas as I love giving presents so much!

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Onesie night in

I think you could all hazard a pretty educated guess at the ingredients of my perfect evening.  Cosy slippers, comfy onesie, a good book or magazine, a long bath filled with some yummy smelling Lush treats, a delicious dinner and a glass of something sparkling.  Sure, I may not be the biggest party animal (that fact is quite clear) or have a diary back to back with social engagements (though my diary is always fairly full!) but I know what I like, and what I like is my home comforts.  For me, although I absolutely love seeing friends and going out, there is also nothing better than finding a free evening nestled amongst a busy week, when you know that you can get home, climb into your pajamas and have some proper 'me time'.  To be honest, I think it's good for the soul, and I try, at least once a week, to have an evening of complete laziness and relaxation. Sometimes I read, sometimes I have a bit of pampering (face mask, manicure, that sort of thing), and sometimes I catch up on blog reading or blog writing (though more often than not my proper nights in involve switching the computer off and doing something sofa or bed based.  Sometimes I need some time away from the computer!).

I was recently contacted about the new onesies from New Look and offered my own onesie as well as a little 'night in pack' with some lovely herbal teas, Company magazine and a face mask.  I picked this amazing Hudson and Rose onesie (£24.99*) and settled in for a night of complete relaxation last week.  The hoodie is absolutely amazing, fits really well (no crotch hanging somewhere around my knees or having to roll the legs up) and even has a fleece-y hood so I was in snuggly heaven.  I popped on my Primark slipper boots and settled down with my magazine.

And a cheeky bowl of sweets! The new Drumstick Squashies keep sneaking into my basket at the supermarket at the moment, they are amazing!

Luckily I didn't spoil my dinner as Tom whipped up something rather yummy - 'healthy' fish and chips with baked cod and homemade chips and tartare sauce (recipe here).  It was absolutely delicious, I will be egging him on to make it again soon!

And of course no perfect night in is complete without some puppy cuddles!

What would be the ingredients for your perfect night in?

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How to talk to people you don't know

It only occurred to me recently that I've worked in jobs that revolve around people for all of my working life. My first job since leaving University was selling cameras in Jessops and then moving up into retail management.  Since then I've worked for the same organisation, first in a customer service role processing seafarers' certificates, then in Press and PR, and now in Learning and Development.  If I had to describe where I want to take my career in future, it would be in a role centred around the 'people' stuff - employee engagement, talent, leadership, and so on - essentially making an organisation a better place to work.  I'm not sure I ever would have envisaged that this is the route my career would take some years ago, as up until my role in PR I found it quite difficult to talk to people and, honestly, I was quite awkward socially.  Being in situations with lots of people I didn't know was my worst nightmare and I avoided making telephone calls, asking for help in shops or any situation where I might expose myself as being completely hopeless at talking to people.

I've spoken before about how working in the Press Office helped me exponentially.  All of a sudden I was being sent off to places around the country to attend meetings, having to speak to journalists in the middle of night, being interviewed on the radio and doing all kinds of things that made me utterly petrified, but also made me realise afterwards were really not that big a deal.  I'm not brilliant now, but I'm a lot better than I used to be.  There are a few things I try and remember when going into a situation where I have to talk to someone, or a group of people, I don't know.  I thought if I shared them here they might help other people who, like me, haven't always been great at the art of conversation

1. M a k e   t h e m   f e e l   l i k e   t h e y ' r e   t h e   o n l y   p e r s o n   i n   t h e   r o o m
img credit: unknown
This is a fairly obvious one, but something I've always stayed true to.  For me, being fully engaged and invested in the conversation is a no-brainer and it's very difficult to maintain a conversation with someone who constantly checks their phone or the time.  Maintain eye-contact, smile and repeat things back to them to show you're listening and interested.

2.  W h e n   y o u   c a n ' t   t h i n k   o f   a n y t h i n g   t o   s a y ,   a s k   q u e s t i o n s

Caitlin Moran summed this up brilliantly in her recent article 'my posthumous advice to my daughter'.  She says: "“Whenever you can’t think of something to say in a conversation, ask people questions instead. Even if you’re next to a man who collects pre-Seventies screws and bolts, you will probably never have another opportunity to find out so much about pre-Seventies screws and bolts, and you never know when it will be useful." Always try and listen more than you talk.

3.  B e   c u r i o u s 

This links to the last point.  I love having conversations with people who have amassed interesting stories, thoughts and ideas.  This usually comes with curiosity and having interest in the things around you - watching the news, reading, travelling, making things, learning new things, and so on.  I love it when I talk to someone I don't know and end up learning a new fact or anecdote to tell.

img credit: martin hricko
4. P r a c t i c e

The best way to get better at talking to people you don't know, is to practice.  Indeed, the more you put yourself in uncomfortable situations, the more comfortable you will feel.  You have to open yourself up to the possibility of awkward situations, but it will be worth it.  Everyone has something to offer in a conversation, and learning how to draw it out is a skill that has to be learned and practiced. 

5. I f  a l l  e l s e  f a i l s,  w e a t h e r

If all else fails, talk about the weather.  It's a British classic - especially this time of year all you need to say to fill an awkward silence is, "Gosh it's COLD isn't it?"

For a long time, my lack of confidence stopped me from pursuing all kinds of opportunities, and finding ways to feel comfortable in potentially uncomfortable situations has opened up so many avenues for me and made me feel much happier and content.  I still find it hard, but my best tip is just to take a deep breath, and go for it.

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Bodhi's Pets at Home Christmas Shopping Diary

Bodhi has taken over my computer chair this evening and would like to say (woof? bark?) a few words about his recent Christmas shopping trip, and who am I to stand in his way? Over to you B Dog.

Sundays are my favourite day because they usually mean walks in the forest or along the beach.  Sundays are a 'Bodhi day' - I know this because Mum and Dad sing a silly song at the weekends and their days off to tell me that it's going to be a day where I get to see them all day rather than just the bits when they're not at work.  When they sing the Bodhi day song I get excited and jump around even though I usually know when it's a Bodhi day because they stay in bed longer so I have to wait longer before I have my breakfast.

This Sunday was one of my favourite Bodhi days because Mum told me that Pets at Home had sent me some vouchers to get some Christmas presents, and I was allowed to choose them all by myself.  Pets at Home is my favourite shop because I'm allowed to go in and see the rabbits and smell all the other dogs that are also doing their shopping.  Also because the people on the till always give me treats.  I don't like other shops because I have to wait outside and so I bark a lot to make sure Mum and Dad don't stay inside very long.

christmas shopping for dogs

When I got inside I was really excited, especially when we went up the doggy treats aisle.  I saw Mum sneak some wonky chomps in the basket when she thought I wasn't looking so I'll be being especially good this week now I know they're in the cupboard. Mum is always surprised that I can hear the sound of the treat cupboard being opened even when I'm the other side of the house.  I can hear four times the distance of a human (that's a normal human, not my Dad who can hardly hear anything because he goes in the sea all the time and his ears are all bunged up).

dog in pets at home

The Christmas aisle was definitely my favourite though, there are all kinds of treats for cats and dogs on sale. I don't really like cats and like to chase them but even I agree that they deserve some presents at Christmas too.  I especially liked the look (and smell) of these big circular chews, I hope there's one of them under the tree on Christmas day!

pets at home christmas range

Mum asked me if I wanted to get some presents for Henry with my vouchers too.  Henry is my best friend even though he gets me in trouble by doing things like making me follow him upstairs and then eating Mum's socks when he comes to visit.  Henry looks like me but he is younger than me, I think this should mean he should look up to me but I don't think he does because he steals my toys off me and eats my dinner.  In the end we chose him this squeaky present toy.  I don't think I'll get to wrap it up myself though as I like to eat paper and roll it across the floor to find the long tube in the middle.  That's my favourite toy of all.

pets at home christmas present

After I'd picked all my Christmas presents Mum said she wanted to get me a Christmas jumper because all the other dogs on the internet are wearing them.  I only own one other jumper and it's an American Apparel hoody and Mum likes to put me in it when her friends come round.  She bought me a Christmas pudding jumper which I thought looked a bit silly but actually it is fleece-y and warm so I like it.

pets at home christmas jumper

When I got to the till the lady asked me why I had some vouchers and I told her it was because I am famous on the internet so she gave me some treats.  I like the people at Pets at Home.  They do lots of other Christmas presents for dogs if you want to get your furry friend something for Christmas.  I sneaked one of my Christmas toys out of the bag when I got home but Mum said I'm not allowed them till Christmas so I felt a bit sad and then I did paw so I got a wonky chomp and it was okay.


Le Renard

It is evidence enough that one can never own too many fox dresses that, in the process of writing this, I have hopped over to Aspire and bought this foxy little number, bringing the amount of fox printed garments in my wardrobe to a total of three.  I may just be able to come good on my aim to spend winter wearing only clothes printed with woodland animals - if you spot a badger jumper or squirrel skirt, give me a heads up, yes?

The ever so lovely Sarah enabled me into buying this a couple of weeks ago (here she is looking rather foxy) and I must admit it has been making lots of outings since; it's so 'throw-on-able' (definitely a word) and teamed with my Primark Super Cosy tights it's the ultimate in comfort-wear.  Talking of Sarah, can you see the gorgeous little felt heart I have on my cardigan in the second photo? Sarah made them (clever clogs) and brought one for me and Char when we met up a couple of weeks ago.  I love it!

dress: asos £28 // coat: asos petite £90
tights: primark super cosy tights // boots: office [old]

I've worn these boots an awful lot lately so apologies if they pop up in lots more outfit posts.  To be honest it's because I'm still having trouble with my ankle (from when I sprained it a few weeks ago) and having to wear a tubi-grip every day so tights and boots are one of the few combos I can wear without having a bandage on show, though if anyone wants a first-aid box themed outfit post just let me know - or perhaps a product review of arnica oil or deep freeze spray? Haha! I must admit I feel constantly torn between really missing running and the gym and enjoying that extra 45 minutes in bed at the moment.  I want to give it proper time to heal though so for the moment I am resting up and running is off the agenda.

Despite my 'resting up' I've actually had quite a busy weekend of ticking things off the to-do list, mainly sorting out cupboards and shelves and piles of crap that have accumulated around the house.  Although we're saving for our wedding in 2015, somehow we've also started to generate a wishlist for things in the house that includes getting a wood-burning stove, redoing our bathroom and getting some new furniture for the living room.  Tom yesterday did that 'man' thing of painting one of the walls in the bathroom and then leaving the rest so I'm sure we'll be living with a half white, half peach bathroom for months to come! Meanwhile I've been eyeing up some furniture on Furniture Plus and hoping that I miraculously win the lottery (it would have to be a miracle as I don't even play) to allow us to sort the house and the wedding at the same time.  Why is it whenever you're saving there's always so many things that end up competing for a bit of the pot!  

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