The end of sponsored posts?

Like them or loathe them and whether you've been approached to do them or just seen them on other blogs, sponsored posts have become a part of blogging life.  Once you've built a corner of the interweb that people come to because they consider you an expert or someone they want to listen to, you've built a corner of the internet that companies, PRs and Agencies start seeing as real estate.  But this might be a thing of the past due to Google's latest clampdown on paid links.  If you've ever taken payment for a post or a link, or even a product or a freebie - or thought you might do in future - then I hope you'll find this worthy of a read.  Unfortunately it's no longer an option for bloggers to follow the lead of PRs and not educate themselves on the rules of Google and advertising, and Google's action against people who pay for and host these links signals a sea change in the way we monetise our blogs and build relationships with companies.  However, before I explain, let's take a step back however and consider how this all started.

Why do companies ask for sponsored posts?

The way Google ranks pages in its search is somewhat a dark art, but what we do know about Google is it lists pages predominantly on the kudos it gives to them based on what I'd describe as 'word of mouth'.  In order to decide how relevant a page is for what you're searching for, it goes on recommendations.  So if you're searching for 'hairdressers in Bournemouth' it does the equivalent of talking to ten of your friends and asking them who the best ones are.  It also does some other things, like, if one of your friends is an expert in haircare or beauty, it gives a bit more weight to their recommendation.  (This is a very rudimentary explanation but it will do for now).  The way Google does this is it does things like sees how many people link to a hair salon, and how many people link to it via the text you've searched for, for example if I own a haircare blog and I write 'Bob's Salon is the best hairdressers in Bournemouth' and link to the website of Bob's Salon, boom, when someone searches for that text in Google, that's a few points given to Bob's Salon that will bump him up the ranking.

Naturally, all companies want to be number one in Google as it's the first thing you click on.  So after a little while, companies started to cotton on to this 'word of mouth' premise and paid links were invented.  That's why we get emails from companies asking you to link to them (bump them up Google) or link to them via a search text (bump them up Google based on what most people search for) - because as bloggers we are seen as experts in particular areas, and because if we have a good amount of traffic, this means more clicks and more points.

Why isn't this okay?

Because Google is a happy, fluffy company that wants to give you results based on honest, genuine information, it does not like this practice at all.  In fact, it makes Google very, very grumpy.  Other people whom it makes grumpy are the Advertising Standards Authority, and the Office of Fair Trading.  These organisations obviously regulate advertising (which a paid link is) and protect consumers.  I'll explain - say you've asked your friend which hairdressers you should go to in Bournemouth and they say Bob's Salon.  But what they don't tell you is that they're working on commission and they just pocketed £10 for sending you Bob's way.  If you find out you'd be pretty narked right? Bob isn't the best hairdresser and might make a right meal out of your hair, but they recommended him to you on the basis they were getting paid, and didn't tell you that.  That's what a paid link is doing (unless you do certain things which I'll come on to next).

credit: bitchpink.tumblr.com

So what should I do?

ASA and OFT are happy if you disclose that you've been paid or received a product in exchange for a link or a blog post. What they expect is that you add a disclaimer to indicate this, be it a piece of text at the end of a post, a graphic or whatever you like.  This shows to people that it's essentially an advert and should be viewed as such.  However, Google is different.  When you link to a company's website or product you've just given them some 'points' (boosted their Page Rank) regardless of whether a post is marked as sponsored or there's a little * next to the product.  For this reason, Google invented the 'nofollow' link.  They stipulate that if you're paid for a link you must mark it as a 'nofollow' link, and what this means is that Google knows it's a paid link and doesn't give it any points.  Blogger makes this easy for you as when you create a link there's a little box you can click on the bottom link to make it 'nofollow'.

What does this mean for companies?

You've probably already guessed that a nofollow link for a company is as good as a chocolate teapot for them. You're not giving them any Google points so you're not boosting them up the rankings so their perception would be that there's nothing in it for them.  Furthermore, companies are trying to disassociate themselves from 'sponsored posts' so what I'm seeing now is an increase in the amount of emails from PR companies who are requesting a link or post in exchange for payment, but who don't allow you to mark it as a sponsored post, and who won't allow it to be a nofollow link.  

But I need the money, what's the worst that could happen?

This brings me onto what I mentioned at the start, the Google 'clamp down'.  Google are pretty wise to the paid link business now, and they're pretty pissed off.  Last week they rather made an example of Interflora, who ran a campaign via advertorials on regional newspapers' websites.  Of course an advertorial is really another example of a paid link without disclosure, and so Google put them on the naughty step, big time.  They basically wiped Interflora from Google so that even when you searched for 'Interflora' you couldn't find them, along with removing all of their valuable keywords (so if you searched for 'flowers online' or 'flowers delivered' they wouldn't be found.) Then they reduced the Page Rank scores for the newspapers that had hosted the advertorials, effectively reducing how high they appear in searches. (You can read a news article about this here - credit to wehearthome for sending this to me!)

Google then issued a reminder about selling links, saying "Please be wary if someone approaches you and wants to pay you for links or "advertorial" pages on your site that pass PageRank. Selling links (or entire advertorial pages with embedded links) that pass PageRank violates our quality guidelines, and Google does take action on such violations."  Google has also been known to strip the page ranks of bloggers who sell links too - it's not just the companies that are penalised.

So what next?

This seems to have left a lot of companies, PRs, Agencies and bloggers a little nervous.  Losing your rank in Google is obviously a company's worst nightmare and the penalty imposed on Interflora could be very costly for them financially.  Not being able to pay for links means that companies are going to have to do one of two things (or both!) ... 1) Build a product or service so blindingly awesome that people talk about it and link to your website for free (e.g. genuine word of mouth recommendation = Google, OFT and ASA are all happy) or get a bit creative about how they interact with bloggers.  If they can't offer money or products, what could they offer? This article on Search Laboratory has some ideas, essentially, building relationships and offering rewards like building infographics, doing photoshoots, putting on events or blogger schemes like the ones Aussie and Witch Skincare offer.   Joining affiliate networks so that you get a small amount of commission if you sell an item on the basis of someone seeing it on your blog is another way to get a bit of money back from a company rather than promoting them for free.

What does this mean for bloggers?

Well firstly, I can't tell you whether you should or shouldn't accept sponsored links on your blog.  That's up to you - I'm just explaining what the consequences would be.  Likewise, I've seen a lot of bloggers accept paid links and not disclose them, again, makes me slightly uncomfortable but it's your blawg.  What I would say is that if the direction of travel is that these payments will cease you might find that things change in blogosphere.  I'd suggest it will become more about mutually beneficial relationships and building links with brands rather than just being thrown a bunch of fivers and feeling slightly dirty about it afterwards.  And I like that idea.  Considering the amount of dislike I see for sponsored posts in Twitter chats and generally I'd suggest it might not be such a bad thing for blog readers either.

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Sequin biker jacket

I'm a massive fan of Lashes of London so I was super excited when they got in touch and asked if I wanted to review something from their site.  Although I probably should have picked something from their S/S range, which, by the way, is awesome - all candy floss colours, metallic mini skirts and I think I spied a unicorn print shirt - I'd been eyeing up this sequin biker jacket for quite some time and I couldn't resist choosing this little beauty.  So sparkly and pretty *goes into sequin induced trance*

sequin biker jacket: lashes of london* £39 | dress: sister jane at asos £37.50
shoes: jeffrey campbell at office £60

Are you a fan of Lashes of London? Make sure you check out their awesome sale on at the moment, some absolute bargains in there! Also check out the beautiful Amy from The Little Magpie looking awesome in their jacquard trousers.

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Bournemouth Bloggers Meet

On Saturday a bunch of bloggers or local business owners (or both!) came together for a day of food, shopping, gossiping and nosing in some pretty awesome goody bags.

Hannah [Bailey Cakes] had not only organised the day but managed to snag some amazing treats for our personalised goodie bags (look how cute they are!) as well as arranging a little corner of Yates's in Bournemouth for us to come together, and a QUIZ (I love a good quiz!)  We assembled at lunchtime and did a little icebreaker where we had to gather facts about each other.  I was paired up with the beautiful Tamsin from Little Glitter.

We quickly did a couple of group photos as we all know no-one ever takes any photos at blogger events! I'm not going to tag everyone's names and links but I'm sure you'll all spot some familiar faces! On the far left are Kim who owns Ever Ours, Faye who owns Bohemian Collective and Georgie who owns beauxoxo.  I'd met them before at Boscombe Vintage Market and it was so nice getting to know the faces behind the amazing business a little more!

photo credit: hannah at baileycakes

After ordering lots of yummy food we then had a quiz, also organised by Hannah, which featured general knowledge questions and questions about blogging.  Prizes ranged from gift boxes from Lush to treats from Ever Ours, Beauty Closet (owned by Brogan who also came along!) and John Frieda.  Despite being ultra competitive, myself, Tamsin and Faye lost out so the impressive knowledge of team 'You're a Quizard, Harry'.

After lunch and the quiz we were kindly invited to Benefit to see some of their new products.  We all had their newest product, Fine One One (a highlighter for cheeks and lips) tested on us and were also shown their World Famous Neutrals eyeshadow palette which is coming soon, along with a new hydrating concealer called Fake Up which sounds awesome.

Tamsin getting the Fine One One treatment
All in all it was an awesome day and so nice to meet some new bloggers from the area and get a chance to catch up with some faces I already new!

Joseph from Unlimited by JK took my picture and kindly featured me on his blog.

coat: amazon £40 | shirt: ever ours | jeans: american apparel easy jean £64
bag: marks and spencer [old] | flat shoes: house of harlow at spartoo £104 [direct link]
necklace: bohemian collective*
You might remember my shoes from a wishlist a couple of weeks ago.  I gave in and snapped them up with some Spartoo credit and I am in love with them.  They are not in love with me however and gave me some significant blisters.  Boo, shoes!

I mentioned at the start that there were some very generous donations from companies and local businesses for goodie bags for the event and I was truly overwhelmed when I dug through my goodie bag.  John Frieda really treated us with lots of haircare goodies (in urgent need of 3-day-straight at the moment due to GHD-gate!), Lush donated lip glosses and massage bars, Next homewares donated wooden picture frames and candles, Faye from Bohemian Collective donated some of her gorgeous jewellery, Georgie from beauxoxo donated hair bands and hair bows and Hannah wrapped lots of prezzies from other companies; I got a belt from Fat Face.  We also all got cartons of Jimmy's Iced Coffee which I'm super excited to try, I had no idea they were based down the road from me in Christchurch, pretty cool having such an awesome brand based close by.  I've listed all the items not because I'm being a bragging Barbara but because I want to give recognition to the brands for being so generous!

All in all it was an awesome day and mega kudos goes to Hannah for organising it.  I love going to blogger meets as it's so nice to put names to faces and have a good chat with other people who share the same hobby.  Bournemouth is lucky to have so many lovely, talented internet people!

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Sailor V

Tom was away all of last week delivering training in Margate, and then Saturday was Bournemouth Bloggers Meet so Sunday was the first time we had to spend some proper time together in a little while.  One of our favourite things to do on a Sunday is go for breakfast and so we got up early (well, early-ish) and headed over to Cheese and Alfie's in Christchurch for some proper good grub.

I was obviously feeling nautical as I plumped for a rather sailor-y ensemble.  I bought my chinos with an ASOS voucher in December and they are the comfiest things ever and nice and thick for colder days.  After I took these photos I decided to change my shoes to some boots as it was utterly freezing and I'm beginning to learn that ballerina flats are not the ones when it's 1 degrees outside.

You might have noticed my bird's nest hair which is as a result of 'GHD-gate' and the fact that I haven't replaced my straighteners yet.  This is what it's like naturally without being tamed by heat! I don't really like it but I must admit I'm not complaining about the extra five minutes in bed I've gained! 

Sailor V
cardigan: matalan £10 | necklace: bohemian collective* £10
breton tee: h&m [old] | chinos: 7 for all mankind £72
flat shoes: betty london at spartoo [direct link]* £25
I was a little bit naughty and opted for their 'deluxe hot chocolate' which is very indulgent indeed and comes piled with maltesers, cream and a flake for dipping.

Hot chocolate

For breakfast I ordered eggs blackstone - poached eggs with hollandaise sauce and bacon on a giant slab of toast.


Tom ordered their Pan Breakfast - sausages, bacon, black pudding, their homemade Boston baked beans, a poached egg, tomatoes and another giant slab of doorstep bread.

Pan Breakfast

In the afternoon we were supposed to take Bodhi for a long walk in the forest but I caught a real chill walking back from the café and so Tom took him for a long walk and I huddled in the study and enjoyed a blogging and blog reading session with some camomile tea.  In the evening we hid under blankets on the sofa and watched a film - or at least started to watch Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy before I gave up on it after about 25 minutes as I found it so slow.  Instead I disappeared upstairs for a long soak in the bath and a read of my book (currently reading Gone Girl which is really good so far). I love Sundays.  How did you spend yours?

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Weekly bookmarked wishlist

1. Lovebirds blouse | sugarhill boutique | £38
2. Cloud Nine Original Iron | Amazon | £106
3. Spot skater dress | Boohoo | £20
4. Chiffon shirt | Goddiva | £24
5. Print leggings | Uniqlo | £14.90
6. Flat shoes | Schutz at Spartoo | £70 [direct link]

Definitely feeling some Spring colours at the moment, even if it did snow yesterday! Pastel shades in particular do rather set my heart a flutter.  The straighteners are going straight to the top of my wishlist this week as my GHDs decided to quite literally fizzle out on Wednesday so I've been on the hunt for a new pair.  I've decided that it's not really ideal to be buying what will be my fourth pair in ten years for £120 (sorry GHD but I think that's frankly a bit crap) so I'm looking elsewhere for a product that might actually last beyond just over the warranty period and I've heard great things about Cloud Nine irons.

Very much enjoying this coral chiffon shirt from Goddiva (also wishing I suited maxi dresses as this jungle print one would be perfect for my holiday in June).  Would have been the perfect blouse for our Valentine's Dinner if I'd spotted it sooner!

Majorly eyeing up the Uniqlo S/S range at the moment and am particularly intrigued by their range of 'easy leggings', which they describe as a fusion of leggings and trousers.  They have them in a wide range of colours and prints - this dogtooth pair would be perfect for work.

Whilst I really ought not to entertain the idea of open-toed shoes when we've seen sub-zero temperatures this week these Shutz flats are just gorgeous, I love how buttery-soft the leather looks, perfect with skinny jeans when the weather gets warmer.

What are you coveting this week?

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Day at the races

I was recently asked by Ladbrokes to write a post about what to wear to the Ladies Day at Cheltenham Festival.  For those of you that don't know, the Ladies Day is a day of racing at Cheltenham Racecourse, part of their four day Cheltenham Festival.  The Ladies Day is probably the most famous day and is notable not only for its races but for the fashion awards they give out, as well as the various fashion faux pas.

I must admit, I do enjoy the occasional flutter.  We have a bit of a tradition in our house of putting bets on the football on Boxing Day and I also always put bets on the Grand National and enter the sweepstake at work.  As much as I love the excitement of having put a bet on I'd certainly get more excited at the possibility of putting an outfit together, albeit for a day of watching races in rather chilly conditions (the Ladies Day is next month on the 13 March).

I've put together a little set of items should I want to look hot to trot at Ladies Day (sorry, couldn't resist the pun!)

Cheltenham Ladies Day

Oasis floral dress | Jack Wills print dress | Dorothy Perkins sleeveless dress | Forever New sleeveless dress | Jack Wills coat | D&G trench coat | Giuseppe Zanotti heels | Hair accessory

As much as I love parading around in a pretty dress and heels (providing the ground isn't too soft of course!), the March weather is not quite conducive to bare arms and so a trench coat would be perfect for wrapping up warm. Although the D&G trench is a little out of my price range the tweed would be very appropriate and is always a popular choice on Ladies Day.  Hats and fascinators are always a must and from looking through previous Ladies Day photos it seems to be that the rule is 'the bigger the better'.

I always love looking at the photos after Ladies Day, the hats at Ascot are always a sight to behold! My favourite was this set of rather patriotic hats at last year's.  I adore the fried breakfast and the teapot!

credit: dailymail.co.uk
Have you ever been to a horse racing event - or a Ladies Day?

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Next homeware wishlist

A couple of weeks ago the lovely Sarah [A Million Dresses] mentioned to me that Next had really come up trumps with their Spring homeware.  I made a mental note to have a look and then it dropped out of my mind until Tom and I were having a discussion about wallpaper.  If you follow me on instagram (if you don't, and you'd like to, I'm arosieoutlook) you'll know that I recently ordered some Orla Kiely wallpaper samples.  Tom thinks £50 a roll is too much (and my purse strings are inclined to agree) so I thought I'd have a look around at some other options.  I found some utterly lovely wallpaper on the Next home section and as I nosed around I ended up with a rather full shopping basket.  I thought I'd share some of my favourites.  This isn't a sponsored post, I'm just in love with their current collection!

I love this birdcage wallpaper... might be a bit too girly for Tom though!

// birdcage wallpaper £15
A slightly more demure choice and one that will go with the retro theme in the lounge...

// seedpod wallpaper £15
Not one to leave a website without tempting myself into spending more money I had a quick look at the home accessories section.  Now I see what Sarah means.  HOW adorable is this bumble bee treat jar?

// treat jar, £10
I also love this flower jug, will be perfect for cut flowers from the garden once everything starts growing again!

// jug, £12
I think this canvas has a real 'instagram' feel about it.  I think it would be perfect for bringing a bit of sunshine into a room.
// vintage canvas, £30
It doesn't quite fit with the Spring theme but I couldn't resist but add this shipping forecast print to my wishlist.  You might remember from my recent '25 facts about me' post that Tom and I met at a sail training event and both work for a maritime organisation so the shipping forecase is close to our hearts!

// shipping forecast print, £60

Finally, just this little snap from their catalogue makes me feel inspired to have a Spring refresh of shelves in our house.  I love arranging little collections of trinkets, jugs and vases in keeping with the current season and I think this arrangement is perfect, reminds me of a beach hut!

Finally, and this is one for the crafters and sewers out there.  Is your craft room in need of some new lighting? You might find what you're looking for in this bobbin lamp...

// bobbin table lamp, £50

Will you be redecorating for Spring?  Have you checked out Next's homeware recently?

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A bit of Panache

It's fair to say that, considering Tom and I agreed that we weren't going to do anything special this Valentine's Day, we were very lucky in that a few things came through the post for me that helped us celebrate.  In fact, Tom really ought to be jealous as Best British Bloggers have made an impressive effort at wooing me this year!

I was contacted by the lovely BBB gang to see if I'd be interested in receiving a Panache lingerie set for Valentine's, along with another couple of treats to help us celebrate.  Being a bigger busted lady I'm a huge fan of Panache as I find their bras reasonably priced and yet also great quality and really well fitting.  I was offered a few of their more feminine and romantic style bras to celebrate the day of love and plumped for their Cleo Melissa Balconette Bra (£27).

It really is so pretty and I love the mix of lace, bows and floral print.  The fit is absolutely amazing and feels really supportive.  So often with bras 'supportive' and 'pretty' seem to be mutually exclusive so I love that this one effortlessly blends the two.  You will have noticed by now that no photos of me in aforementioned beautiful lingerie have graced these pages and as much as I'd love to I just don't have the confidence.  I recently tried to take some photos of myself wearing a sports bra I was sent to review for Where Are My Knees and I actually cried when I reviewed the photos on the computer!

Along with the beautiful lingerie set they also sent some Agent Provocateur massage oil and a rom-com DVD.  A very generous set of gifts and a recipe for a perfect romantic night in.

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#50commentchallenge and five favourites

When I started blogging, it was to create an outlet for my writing and photography.  I wanted to find a way to capture the little details of my everyday life and have a little creative corner of the internet just for myself.  I had no idea that there was a blogging community, that there were whole reams of fashion blogs and lifestyle blogs out there and that there were people who I would form friendships with that I would come to truly value.  It's those elements that were undiscovered until a month or so into blogging that have made it evolve into the huge part of my life that it is today.  It makes me sound like a lonely heart but it really is the interaction, and friendship, that is the foundation of blogging for me.  I love chatting to other bloggers and blog readers on Twitter and I get excited by every new comment or email I receive.  I routinely read back through old posts and comments and it struck me the other day that although my readers and followers have increased, my blog comments haven't especially.  Of course I don't mind this but it did make me wonder if leaving comments is starting to decline, and when I look at my own blog reading habits I know I sometimes have a lot to answer for in that department too.  Apart from my marathon blog reading sessions on Sunday evenings, my blog reading is usually done on lunchbreaks, or in a few moments whilst dinner is cooking or before I go to bed.  I find myself reading and enjoying a post, and then sometimes moving on to another blog without commenting, especially if I'm reading on my phone or Kindle Fire.

Knowing how much pleasure receiving comments gives me, I decided to set myself a challenge of commenting on 50 blogs every week, probably via a little blitz of comments in an evening or afternoon.  I won't be leaving generic or short comments just for the sake of it, I want to take the time to leave some thoughtful words after a post I've particularly enjoyed, to spread a little comment joy.  

As well as the #50commentchallenge (yeah, I hashtagged it, in a blog post - #loser) I'll be sharing my five favourite blog posts I've read and commented on that week (or day).  I've ticked off my 50 since last Thursday when I started my challenge and here are five posts that have made me smile this week.

I always get excited when I see a post from Becca pop up on my feed.  Immaculately styled, beautifully photographed and pretty as a peach, Becca's blog and outfits are always a huge inspiration to me.  I loved the light in this post, so crisp and clear and the little details of her outfit are perfection.

I love Franky's blog and her account of a wet and windy seaside walk with her children, complete with salty chips and a trip to the arcade really made me smile.  She captures things so wonderfully I almost felt like I was there too.

Lotts' blog was a new find for me this week and just discovering her blog alone has made my meandering around the internet in my project to leave some comment love worthwhile.  Her beautiful review of her current favourite interior design reads had me furiously adding them all to my Amazon wishlist and I'm excited to have found such a lovely new blog to read - her mix of jewellery and home-y DIYs and wonderful photography and interiors inspiration feels so unique and the blogosphere and I can't wait to read more.

Charlotte's blog is one of my favourites; I love the little insights into her life, her weekly snapshots and her SEO tips for bloggers have been incredibly useful.  Her post about a trip to a nearby farm had me laughing out loud, she has such a talent for capturing the amusing little details of life.

Jennie's blog has been one of my absolute favourites since I first started blogging.  Her blog is a constant source of inspiration for me and she puts so much effort and care into blogging that I get excited every time a post pops up in my feed as I know it's going to be a beautifully photographed, thoughtful read.  Jennie took a little break from blogging and her post about coming back and feeling excited and inspired to blog again really resonated with me.

So those were my five favourite posts this week.  I hope you enjoyed this new little feature and please do join in with my #50commentchallenge and featuring the favourites you've stumbled across on your blog (only if you'd like, of course!)  On a final note, I've discovered that if you try and follow me on GFC via my custom domain (www.arosieoutlook.com) it doesn't work, so if you've been missing my posts lately you might want to delete and re-add my Blogger address: arosieoutlook.blogspot.com.  Thanks lovelies <3

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Boscanova and a fedora

On Saturday my friend Becki, who I haven't seen for a while, came to stay for the weekend.  The sun kindly put his hat on for the occasion so I decided to don mine too, as well as a Spring-inspired outfit (and no coat, walking on the wild side or what?)

jumper: matalan £14 | denim shirt: new look [old]
jeans: topshop [old] | wedges: h&m [old]
fedora: missguided [old] | collar chain: ever ours £2
I am still not 100% sure of the hat (what do you think?) so I switched it for the only UV-protecting glasses I could find in the house.  After being deep in the realms of winter for so long my sunglasses collection seems to have scarpered.

Becki hasn't explored this neck of the woods much so I decided we would try out a little café in Boscombe I've been meaning to try for ages, Café Boscanova.  Boscanova is an independent restaurant that specialises in coffees and breakfasts (with a section of the menu dedicated to pancakes, meaning I was sold before I'd even ordered any food).  I ordered a chai latte and Becki ordered a honey and lemon tea.

Chai latte

We were both going to ordered nachos but the chap who served us suggested we try a different platter and share both, which turned out to be an excellent recommendation.  As well as the nachos in the end we also plumped for Mediterranean Mezze platter which came with olives, flatbreads, houmous, salad and halloumi.

The interior was really cool, with exposed brickwork, lampshades made of paper cups and coffee sacks hung around the café.  The guy who served us was really friendly and kept chatting and topping up our glasses with water which was a nice touch.  I hugely recommend a visit if you're in the area.

After a mild panic when I realised the parking had run out before we'd finished eating we nipped over to Pokesdown for a nose around the vintage shops.  I was hoping to find some retro goodies for the lounge but I didn't find anything that took my fancy.  We then nipped to Sainsbury's to stock up on snacks and spent the evening watching Tangled in our pajamas and drinking rosé wine.  A perfect day.

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