26 December 2013

GHD Air Hairdryer Review

Last week I went to a different hairdresser's than usual after buying a Groupon voucher for a cut and blow dry.  I've been going to the same salon since we moved to Christchurch but recently I've decided that their prices are a bit expensive (it costs me about £130 for a cut and blowdry and T-Section highlights) and decided to look elsewhere.  I was a bit concerned when I googled the salon as I could see it was very small and in a residential area, and when I turned up it transpired that it was actually a little wooden building in someone's back garden! I needn't have been worried however as the hairdresser was actually really lovely, and she gave me a full consultation on what I wanted and how I could achieve it, something I've never really had before.  The best bit was that she was completely honest with me about my hair condition and explained that the reason I'd been growing it for so long and not seeing much change is because the combination of highlights and daily straightening has left my hair quite badly damaged (in contrast, the other hairdressers always tell me what great condition my hair is in!).  She did a Moroccan Oil treatment and gave me some tips on how to improve it (more Moroccan Oil, less straightening and a different way of getting my highlights done).

Since then I've been making lots of effort to minimise the impact of heat on my hair and generally treat it better.  So when I was recently contacted by Best British Bloggers to ask if I wanted to review the ghd air hairdryer I was very interested.  After reading reviews I was impressed by the fact that the ghd air claims to provide a 'salon finish' in half the time of other hairdryers due to the 'high pressure air flow'.  In the Amazon reviews people claim to be surprised that it dries hair much quicker despite feeling less hot, and that their hair feels much smoother and silkier afterwards.  With all this in mind I was excited to give the hairdryer a go. I've had the same hairdryer for about eight years, one that my Mum bought me for Christmas one year, and never thought of upgrading, but in all my efforts to be kinder to my hair it's good timing to upgrade my hairdryer to a model that claims to expose it to less heat.

GHD Air Hairdryer
GHD Air Hairdryer

I actually wasn't prepared for quite how impressed with this hairdryer I would be.  The first thing I noticed that was different about this one compared to my old one is that it is a full on blast of air! It was like drying my hair in a hurricane! I'm not surprised by the other reviews that said that it dries hair quickly as it really does blast a lot of air out, it's not wildly hot it just feels like a lot of velocity.  My hair was dry much more quickly than usual and I must wholeheartedly concur with people saying they noticed a difference in their hair afterwards.  It felt like a salon blow-dry, my hair felt bouncy, silky and smooth.  I didn't need to then go on and straighten my hair extensively like I normally do, I just gave the ends a quick tidy up with the straighteners and I was done.

I'd definitely feel happy shelling out the money for this hairdryer, it really does generate amazing results and I can't wait to carry on using it, it might be exactly what my hair needs!  If you're looking for something to spend Christmas money on and you're in the market for a new hairdryer I'd definitely put this on the list, you won't be disappointed.

As well as all the amazing products on the GHD website it's also worth checking out the hairstyles inspiration page - I'm definitely going to carry on trying to grow my hair and I'd better stay committed in order for it to be nice and long for our wedding (it's probably going to take me until 2015 to grow it!), but I do always get tempted by the stylish, short, bob and pixie crop haircuts.

Have you tried the GHD Air Hairdryer?

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{hairdryer was gifted, all opinions, as always, my own}


  1. This looks lovely. I love getting my hair done and them blowing it out but if you could achieve it with this then I would totally love to buy a GHD. I really want a straightener first but this is my next purchase after that!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  2. I have GHD straighteners and love them! This is more than I'd usually think to pay for a hairdryer but if it gets amazing results, I'm tempted!!

  3. Ah I'm in the market for a new hair dryer and this looks perfect!

  4. I love my GHD hair dryer which I got last Christmas. I can't stand using other hair dryers now haha.
    Great review :)


  5. Ooh this is intriguing! My hair is long and thick, and it takes me almost an hour to get from 'out of the shower' to 'leaving the house.' I may ask for this for my birthday!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  6. Thats it. I'm buying me this!


  7. This sounds like such a good hair dryer, I need a new one I think as mine is giving off a faint smell which makes me think it is going to give up on me any day now...great. I hrdly use any heat on my hair these days but when I'm in a hurry a hair dryer is a must.
    Amy x A Little Boat Sailing

  8. I've not tried it but I am in the market for a new hairdryer and, like you, need to start being kinder to my hair. I've had the same hairdryer for a long time as well and it's a pretty basic one. Thanks for sharing!


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