Shoes, cake, and other vices

Though I love doing wishlists and outfit posts, I think my favourite method of sitting down and writing a post is to get a cup of tea, look through all my photos from the last couple of weeks and do a bit of a brain dump, a bit like when I'm meeting up with someone I haven't seen for a while and they ask me what I've been up to. I always think that blogging is a little like having a catchup with an old friend and I must admit that I love blogs that are written in the same vein where you can really get to know a person and have an insight into their life (a blog based insight, not like I want to peer through bloggers' windows or stalk them or anything). I have quite a lot of different bits of content and ideas for blog posts lined up over the next few weeks but I promise I will still write about the day-to-day bits too as I have a sneaky suspicion (aided mostly by my Blogger stats) that those are your favourite types of post to read too! I guess I'm not alone in being a nosybum eh? :) Here is a collection of things I have been up to over the last couple of weeks.

001. I went to my Mum's surprise 60th birthday party and it was so much fun.  There was a huge spread of amazing food, champagne, speeches and my Mum looking the most shocked and surprised I have ever seen her when she came into the room in which we were all hiding! I was assigned the role of making some cupcakes and I finally improved my icing technique via this YouTube video (and the aid of my amazing Wilton 1M icing nozzle!) What do you think?

wilton 1m nozzle

002. Talking of cakes, my friend's gorgeous little girl Daisy was dedicated at her church a couple of weeks ago and we were kindly invited to the ceremony and the party afterwards.  Isn't her cake amazing? There has been a lot of cake in my life lately, which would explain how I've managed to put on a few lbs!

dedication cake daisies

003. We also handed back my Mum's puppy Henry after looking after him whilst they were away in Florence for her second (of three) birthday celebration! He is a cheeky little sausage and caused all kinds of mischief with Bodhi but you can hardly bear to tell them off, just look at them!

bodhi and henry

004. I have long had a love affair with my Uggs and have some tall boots as well as previously owning some short ones, so I was pretty excited when they offered me an item from their current range (which, by the way, is stunning, there really are some absolutely beautiful boots).  I chose these amazing 'smoking slipper'-esque flats and have barely taken them off since.  I can't wait to style them for an outfit post and show you more of them!

ugg slippers
005. On Saturday I met up with Sarah and Char for a mooch around London and a good old catchup (as well as some wedding chatter!) We started the day with brunch at All Bar One and I tucked into eggy bread with maple syrup and bacon which was very yummy.  Suitably fueled we then set off for a day of shopping and managed to tick off a good few of our favourite spots and do some aspirational window shopping as well as tick some things off the Christmas present list.  I personally went a bit crazy in Anthropologie buying presents as well as a few bits for myself.  It was so much fun shopping with two of my favourite ladies and eyeing up all the pretty dresses stores have in at the moment, as well as having some trying on sessions and doing 'show and tell' in the fitting rooms! Coast in particular have some really gorgeous party dresses in at the moment, I just wish I had an invite to some kind of glitzy Christmas bash betting of all the lovely occasionwear, my Christmas work do looks like it's going to be bowling so I don't think a floaty number is going to be wildly appropriate!  We then finished the day in the best way I can possibly imagine, with burgers at Byron Burger and then hopping across the street for salted caramel ice cream and hot chocolate at Wahaca. It was amazing!

byron burger with avocado
I made some of my own salted caramel ice cream last night which I'm going to share the recipe for over the next few days, it is amazing and so easy to make.

006. Along with all of these various bits and bobs of course a lot of effort and time has been expended on wedding planning - viewing venues, reading books and magazines and doing lots of pinning! We have now chosen our venue and photographer and are currently trying to get some costs for catering which is looking like it's going to be frighteningly expensive! I'm wondering whether people would be interested in a 'wedding planning' type post or whether that's really boring for anyone who isn't engaged? I will have a think about this, I don't want to turn into one of those people who bores people with wedding talk! 

By the way, I've been so crazily busy lately that I've got a bit behind on my blog commenting, I promise I have been keeping up with all your blogs on my Bloglovin app on the iPad but I don't always get a chance to comment, I will be back on this ASAP, starting tonight!

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  1. I love these kinds of posts, I suppose that does make me a nosy bum! Those shoes are insane, cannot wait to see a styled post for that! Salted caramel icecream recipe? Oh yes please!

    I personally love wedding style posts, I'm not engaged - but they're just really nice posts - also helpful for the future anyway. :)


  2. Yum! Can't wait for the salted caramel ice cream recipe. Love the entire post as well. I enjoy getting a glimpse into peoples everyday lives.

  3. Well, we all love a bit of a nose - these types of posts are one of my favourite sort! All the talk of cake is making me hungry though!
    I really want to visit the Anthropologie store. I've lusted over so many things online. I will have to try my best to make it there soon!
    I'm not engaged (yet..clinging onto hope, ha ha!) but I love wedding-y type posts. My best friend is getting married year after next and I'm maid of honour, any talk of weddings gets me excited and it's not even mine!! So I say go ahead with some inspirational wedding planning posts :) xx

  4. HAD to click on this when i saw pictures of cake!!!

    I love reading blogs about what people get up to on a daily basis, personally i think its much more interesting than the many beauty and fashion blog posts you see everywhere!

    I'd love if you gave my blog a peek! lots of yummy cake and pudding recipes! plus day trips out and living an unpredictable life ;)

    would appreciate any feedback!

    one of my fave cake posts:


  5. Love reading these posts, a surprise party must of been so lovely! You should write a post about how you did that - I need some tips! Maybe combine it with a wedding planning post :)

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  6. Sounds like you've been super busy lately! The cakes look great too, bet your mum's birthday was fab, I do love a good old surprise party! x

    The Little Things

  7. I love these posts too :) I think wedding posts would be fun, maybe once a month or something so there's no overload for the unengaged or uninterested? Although, I'm not engaged, I'm just a massive nosy parker when it comes to others planning their big days... ;)

    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  8. Go aheah ahead and share your wedding plans and ideas. Not only would that increase your blog traffic but wedding ideas are great for other things to. Decor and other parties.

  9. I desperately want some of Ugg's new flats for winter, they just look so warm! I may have to get work friendly ones as the boots are definitely not work suitable, but it is so cold in our library I need them.
    Also, how awesome is avocado in burgers? My sister introduced me to this after she and been staying in california and now I have to have to have that slice of green goodness, I'm getting hungry just looking at that one! xx


  10. I love seeing little snippets of people's lives, I am certainly nosy!

    Maria xxx

  11. Life round up posts are definitely my favourite kind. :) x

  12. Speaking as a fellow nosybum, personally I'd love some wedding plan posts, especially if they were in a life round up sort of post.


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