22 November 2013

In the class she's taking notes

This tartan dress has become a bit of a favourite of mine since I bought it in Primark about a month ago.  The gathered sleeves and the collar with the bow underneath make it really unique and I've had lots of comments on it every time I've worn it.  The last time I wore it, I wore it with my red tartan scarf, I think it made all the Scottish people I work with who are down on secondment feel more at home! I am reliably informed that the tartan in the dress is Black Watch Tartan and I also now know a lot more about the Black Watch themselves than I ever thought I would! Every day's a school day, as they say...

Actually that last rather flippant quote is probably very apt for this outfit, as with my tartan shift dress and satchels I do feel a little like a Scottish schoolgirl! My favourite part of this outfit however has to be my amazing bow flats from Ugg.  They are seriously comfy and amazingly well made, with a sheepskin interior and buttery suede exterior.  I just love the red bow too, they certainly feel like a very special shoe, and they are even more beautiful in real life.

tartan dress outfit post

photo of tartan primark dress

primark tartan dress
shoes: ugg lunetta flats £199* // dress: primark: £16 {instore}
satchel: leather satchel co, £82 [old]

I feel like I look really different in these photos but there's only two very minor differences.  Firstly, I haven't been wearing eyeliner this week - I've had a few people say it makes me look younger but I think I look more tired! Nonetheless it's been nice to give my eyelids a break.  I've also been trying to straighten my hair less so this week I've just been straightening the ends and leaving the top (this is big news isn't it, I bet you're all on the edge of your seat waiting for others developments in my morning routine).  I think the less I straighten it the more it grows and it's certainly feeling longer lately, which probably means I'll get all antsy soon and chop it off!

I'm so excited that it's Friday, I hope you all have some lovely weekend plans.  Tom has been away this week delivering training and arrived back this afternoon so it's nice having him back.  Our evening mainly involves steak and ale pie, wine and a movie on the sofa.  This weekend I'll be seeing my family and on Monday my friend and I are having a road trip to Bicester Village.  I've been putting money in a savings pot for the last few months and I have just over £200 so I'm hoping to treat myself to something nice from Kate Spade or Michael Kors.  I've done most of my Christmas shopping already (I know, I know, it's not even December yet!) so I feel I'm allowed to treat myself! No doubt I'll be picking up a few more presents too, I tend to go a bit overboard at Christmas as I love giving presents so much!

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  1. Wearing this dress to work today with a fred perry cardi :) always get loads of compliments on it. Love the big bow on those shoes x

  2. The dress is so flattering on your Rosie, you look lovely. Still kicking myself that I didn't buy it on my last trip to Primark. Heading to one on Monday so y'never know..!
    Well done on that saving - hope you manage to find something pretty! I've almost finished my Christmas shopping too - feels good doesn't it? :) xx

  3. I love this entire object. You look great. I hope you get something nice. X

  4. I really wanted this bit couldn't find it in my size I'm not giving up hope tho! I do have an alternative tartan dress from glamourous tho!
    It most certainly is black watch tartan and will be the tartan featured in my wedding - in my ribbons right down to the kilts of the groomsman! :) there is a big scottish element in my wedding

    Jenni x
    Bows Bangles & Bakes

  5. I was so gutted when I went into Primark & they didn't have my size :( Its such a cute dress. Looks so lovely on you with those amazing bow shoes!

    I've also nearly done my xmas shopping too, means a relaxing decemeber eating mince pies and watching christmas film teehee

    ps - I don't think you look tired at all, i'd say more freshed face and natural. The no eye liner look is a good look :)

    Taz and Bear

  6. Love the way you styled this dress! The shoes are gorgeous too xx

  7. Ooh, that dress is so lovely! You look wonderful Rosie! x


  8. I have seen a few people with this dress. It's really fitted well...so is a complete steal.
    http://vodkaandarose.blogspot.co.uk Jess. x

  9. I have this dress but it looks so much better on you!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  10. Very cute dress! I wish we had a primark in our area.


  11. I love that dress- I wish I hadn't let Ben talk me out of buying it!

  12. you're looking super lovely in this outfit Rosie. Have a great weekend :) looking forward to seeing what you buy x

  13. The tartan shift dress is so lovely! You looks adorable

  14. The tartan dress looks lovely was really surprised to see its a primark dress too! Looks super lovely :)

  15. Really wishing id gone for this colour instead of the red.darnit.have a lovely cosy weekend!x

  16. you are unbelievably cute! i love this wee primark dress, its unreal! x

  17. I still constantly look out for that Primark dress, it is so nice! You look lovely Rosie :)
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  18. You look adorable Rosie! Looking forward to seeing what you treat yourself to xx

  19. Lovely outfit Miss! I am adoring this dress so much, you pretty thing. I ended up getting up a slightly different one from Primark, but still with the tartan theme- excited to wear it :) xx

  20. This dress is so lovely. I havent bought myself a tartan dress yet but I keep seeing some really nice ones pop up on blogs so im tempted!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  21. I am loving Tartan at the moment!
    This outfit is great! I think I need a trip to Primark!


  22. I really love this dress, wish there was a Primark near me!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  23. You do look very different in these photos, you really remind me of a girl I know and I've never noticed the likeness before! You are always looking very slim.
    I have this dress in red and have a feeling I will wear it to death. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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