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second hand book swap

I have been musing over the idea of a book swap for some time, but in my head could never quite get it to work.  These days it costs £4 to post a book, so once you've bought the book and a jiffy bag to pack it in you've spent double what it would cost just to buy the book itself.  I know it's the thought that counts and all that but I don't want to run a swap that's going to leave people out of pocket.

Yesterday I was in one of the local charity shops when I saw one of my favourite books on the shelves, for £2.  It warmed my heart to think of someone who hadn't already read it picking it up, and it maybe becoming a favourite for them too.  Come to think of it, I thought, I quite often see some real crackers on the shelves of charity shops.  Then it hit me - that's what we could swap! Little gems of books tucked away on bookshelves waiting for someone who knows how great they are to snap them up.

So here's my idea.  I gather names and email addresses of people interested.  You then spend a couple of weeks trawling your local charity shops, second-hand bookshops, car boot sales, Amazon used - whatever - for two amazing books that you love. They must be good, clean copies - they don't have to be brand new but they have to be in what I would call 'very good condition' - not something that looks like it's been dropped in the bath! You then post both copies out to your allotted swapee, maybe with a little treat for them to enjoy their books with, just a suggestion! (Feel free to send more books if you like but two is what you can expect from your partner).

It's not a secret swap so I'll match people in pairs and you'll post out to each other.  Who knows, you may even want to carry on swapping after the swap has finished!

So here's the rules.  If you want to play, leave a comment telling me:

1. Your name
2. Your e-mail address
3. Your blog if you have one, so your partner can get to know you!
4. If you have a specific genre you mainly read out of the following, then list that too.  If you're happy to read anything then leave this bit out :) Oh, and anything you really don't like so I can pass that on to your swapper!

genres: thriller/crime, history, biography, chick-lit, sci-fi, fantasy

If you list something in number 4 I'll try and match you with someone with the same interests but no promises!

You need to leave your comments by Monday 21st October to be involved.  I'll create a spreadsheet and e-mail people their matches by the 31st, you then have until the 30th November to get your books posted out. Plan? It's UK bloggers only I'm afraid to keep postage costs down.

If you have a blog and fancy reviewing the books you receive on your blog that could be really fun - if this works well I'm up for organising more in future!

Happy commenting and book buying - you'll hear from me in a few weeks! (It would be sooner but I'm away for two weeks in October, sorry bibliophiles!)

OH AND - you can use the hashtag #bloggerbookswap to keep up with the chats about the swap, but don't reveal the books you're buying, they're a surprise! :)

PS - It can be a book you already have, but it has to be a book you enjoyed so you can recommend it on to others.

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  1. This is an amazing idea! Count me in!
    Deets: Emily Davies - thelittlecolt@gmail.com - http://thelittlecoltposts.blogspot.co.uk/ -

  2. This is a fantastic idea, I'd love to take part! I'll read anything :)
    My email is letsgetwilde@hotmail.co.uk and my blog is http://elettravelle.blogspot.co.uk/

  3. I'd love to be involved :) Laura Rangeley, lauraemily31@gmail.com
    Blog is very much a work in progress, but can be found at love-after-it-rains.blogspot.com
    And I tend to like anything that's not chick-lit, although I do have a soft spot for Bridget Jones!

  4. I would love to take part too! My email is sarahlouise.parsons@gmail.com and my blog is What Sarah Says

  5. Rosie, this is an amazing idea!
    My email is terri.twoninethree[at]gmail.com and blog is http://twoninethree.wordpress.com
    I read pretty much anything, but please not chick-lit (I've tried to like it so many times, but I just can't!)
    Eep, exciting!
    Terri-Jane x

  6. This sounds really fun, great to see if it works.

    My email is lauren@threadandbutter.co.uk
    My blog is www.threadandbutter.co.uk
    I read most things although would prefer no cheesy chick-lit


    Lauren x

  7. Posting for Abigail: My email is alovick221@gmail.com and I'll read anything! I'm excited to go hunting for some gems!

  8. Rosie, this is a great idea - I love it.

    My email is ohgoshem at gmail.com and my blog is www.ohgoshem.blogspot.co.uk. But I read most things, but since joining bookclub I've read loads of things I wouldn't normally - although I am still not a fan of autobiographies. x

  9. This is such a great idea Rosie I'd love to take part in this!
    My email is: ninanenor@gmail.com
    My blog is http://the-littlenomad.blogspot.co.uk
    I read most things but really would prefer not to read sci-fi or fantasy books

    Can't wait to take part in this!
    Nina from little nomad

  10. This is amazing! I dont have my blog up and running yet but please include me!
    I'm up for reading anything! And i've got some little treasures to send to people xxx

  11. FAB idea! I love having books picked out for me.
    Amy Rowland - amylysetterowland@gmail.com - amylysette.blogspot.co.uk xx

  12. This is fab! Please include me :)
    Alice Megan
    I prefer thriller/crime but will give anything a go

    1. Dohh in my rush i put wrong email!

      :) xx

  13. I love this idea too! Alice Hartley, alicelily.hartley@virgin.net :) my blog is alice-lily.blogspot.co.uk. I like most things but am not a big fan of historical novels or biographies x

  14. Hi,

    I love reading ..... have quite a lot to get though just check out my 'bookspot' tab on my blog (http://chickywiggle.blogspot.co.uk)

    I love chicklit or real life tales, at the moment I am looking out for Christmasy wintery stories if you know of any good ones.

    I'm not normally a crimey girl but loved Chelsea Cains 'Gretchen' series - perhaps you know something I might like?

    1. oooops forgot my e-mail address: chickywiggle@gmail.com

  15. I'm so in love with this idea! Ria-Jane Allison. My email address is ria.j.allison@gmail.com. My blog is www.iamriajane.blogspot.co.uk, I'm a newbie so it's a little bare at the moment! I can read pretty much anything but chick-lit isn't for me. I can't wait for this!x

  16. Love love love this idea!!!! Definitely count me in! I've always wanted to join some sort of book club but just don't have the time. This is a perfect solution to that.

    1. Laura Jane
    2. LovelyJubbly15@gmail.com
    3. http://lovelyjubbily.blogspot.co.uk/
    4. Regency, Romance, Historical, ChickLit... but I would read any sort of book.

    Look forward to hearing from you! x

  17. Fab idea!!! As an english grad and avid reader I am always looking for book suggestions. Love to be involved. My email is afternoon.tea.lights@gmail.com and my blog is trainersteacups.blogspot.co.uk. although my blog is about running I read pretty much anything except chick lit. I am.always on the lookout for something that will inspire me or that I get completely lost in! Xxxx

  18. Genius plan and great that it's not happening imminently as it'll give us all time to scour the charity shops (one of my favourite things). I hope I'm introduced to two gems of books. Email: fievans10@gmail.com, blog: fisdailyponderings.wordpress.com and I'll read anything and everything, I'm not picky! Thanks for sorting. Fi xx

  19. I'm so in with this. This is one of those ideas that you wished was your own! Also perfectly planned for the winter months - I see a cosy chair, fire and book combo in my future.
    Email - lauevans1@gmail.com
    Blog - lausramblingcorner.wordpress.com
    Looking forward to it xx

  20. Add meeeee pleaaaaaaaase! Great idea! Obvs my name is Claire, email is jazzpad@hotmail.co.uk and blog link is http://www.thejazzpad.com.

    LOVE fantasy, sci-fi, not so keen on history ones.

    Can't wait Rosie, good on you for arranging this! xxx

  21. 1. Elanor Sims
    2. essims@hotmail.co.uk
    3. https://blueeyedgirlstrikesback.wordpress.com/

    I'm loving this idea :D I'm currently in need of some good new books to read so this sounds perfect :D

    Elanor xxx

  22. I'd love to get involved! I started up a book swap once with bloggers where the books went round in circles of people - it went really well to start with, but then a couple of people didn't send them on, some got lost and it all just fell apart, so this sounds a lot better!
    sianhannahthomas@gmail.com, http://www.rebelangel.co.uk/ - I'm happy to read anything really :)

  23. This is awesome! Count me in please!
    Lily Doble

    I usually read comic books so anything which isn't chick-lit would be good :)
    Thanks! x

  24. This is such a good idea! I'm in!
    Lauren Caton

    I like a wide range of genre's although I'm not the biggest fan on chick-lit or sci-fi


  25. Id love to do this!
    1. Georgina Jeffs
    2. Georgina72@hotmail.co.uk
    4. Thriller/crime ideally


  26. Sounds super fun - I'm in!

    Happy to give anything a go!

  27. I would love to be involved! My email is pefreyne@gmail.com and I will read anything!

  28. Oh and my name is Peggy Freyne :)

  29. This is a great idea Rosie, can't wait to get stuck in! My email is threeyearsonblog@gmail.com, and my blog is threeyearsonblog.wordpress.com.

    I'd prefer no chick-lit, but am happy to read anything once, especially when it comes well-recommended. Looking forward to starting the book hunt x

  30. I'd love to get involved!
    I'm Becks - my email's rebeccasadobson[at]gmail.com
    Blog: thenotsosecretdiary.com
    And I'll read anything I can get my hands on!


  31. SUCH a good idea! I'd love to take part.
    I'm Annie and my email address is amchogan@hotmail.com
    This is me blog: www.beardtoday-gonetomorrow.blogspot.co.uk
    I do love sci-fi but I'm happy to try something different too - although I'm not so hot on cheesy chick lit... Can't wait to start scouring some charity shops!

  32. This idea works perfectly with my plan to turn myself into a proper reader!
    1. Jessica Johnson
    2. jessicafrjohnson@gmail.com
    3. www.ohmyiminspired.wordpress.com
    4. I'm keen to read anything - no discrimination from me!

  33. This sounds like an awesome idea!
    I'm Chloe, my email is coolstoryclo@gmail.com and you can find me at www.chloeleephoto.blogspot.co.uk
    I'll read pretty much anything as long as it's not chick lit, although I enjoy gritty true life reads and thriller/crime best! x

  34. Amazing idea!
    1. Alex Louise
    2. alexlouisexo@gmail.com
    3. http://purealexlouise.blogspot.co.uk
    4. I'll read anything really, my preferences are Romance, ChickLit and Thriller/Crime xx

  35. What an awesome idea!
    Id love to take part!
    1: Chloe
    2: chloehordle89@googlemail.com
    3: in the process of updating to have more of everything it but my blog is sequinsandglitterphotography.blogspot.com
    4: I'd read anything but my faves are thriller/crime, biography, chick-lit,
    Looking forward to starting this!

  36. 1. Lucy Blight
    2. lucy_blight@hotmail.com
    3. http://musingsmoviesmemos.blogspot.co.uk (even though I haven't written anything in MONTHS)
    4. I'm not keen on biography or chick-lit, but if it is coming recommended, then I'll definitely give anything a go :)

    I love this idea! :) I had grandiose visions of trying to do something like this when I started a blog at the beginning of the year, which obviously didn't pan out haha!

    I hope this all works out well!

  37. This is a great idea Rosie!
    1) Kathryn Tallis
    2) thelittleredboots@gmail.com
    3) I'm really new to blogging so it's a work in progress but my blog is - thelittleredboots.blogspot.co.uk
    4) Interested in reading anything

    K xx

  38. I don't want to take part but thought I'd let you know that I get my books free from the healthy planet book shops. They are scattered around the UK so just take to google to see if there's one near you. And all the books are free, you can take a max of 3 and leave a donation if you want to. Will be doing a post about it soon

  39. ooh this is definitely my kind of blogger swap!

    1) Sally Mavin
    2) sallymavin@gmail.com
    3) www.queenieandthedew.com
    4) Just a few things I'm not particularly keen on and that's 'chick lit' and crime. So excited! x

  40. I would love to take part, this sounds wonderful!

    1) Anna Hartley
    2) anna_hartley@hotmail.co.uk
    3) www.reasoningmysoul.blogspot.co.uk
    4) I'm not too keen on thrillers or horrors but quite happy to read anything else! Xx

  41. This sounds so much fun.

    1) Alex Lippa
    2) ae.lippa@googlemail.com
    3) brand new to blogging but lipsleaklegends.blogspot.co.uk
    4) not into science fiction but anything else is cool!

  42. Ooh, i love the sound of this! :)
    1) Laura Brockway
    2) Laurabrockway1993@gmail.com
    3) Memichaelandme.blogspot.co.uk
    4) I will read anything!

  43. This sounds like such an amazing idea, I'd love to be involved!
    1. Leanne Dempsey
    2. littlebabble1@gmail.com
    3. http://www.little-babble.com/
    4. I'm not a big fan of crime or biographies. Chick lit is my favourite but i'd be happy to read anything really! :)

  44. This sounds great, I'd love to take part!
    1) Liz Stephens
    2) lizstephens [at] hotmail.co.uk
    3) distractmenowplease.blogspot.com


  45. I love this idea!
    1) Grace Brown
    2) GraceeBrown@hotmail.co.uk
    3) http://putmeinapartydress.blogspot.co.uk/
    4) I love stories about traveling and those set far away, and I'm not a big fan of sci-fi or mysteries haha!

  46. Great idea - I was toying with hosting a book swap too so I am pleased you are doing one!
    Name: Lauren Jaji
    Email: theemeralddove21@gmail.com
    Blog: http://theemeralddove21.blogspot.co.uk/
    Other comments: I love classics (like Pride and Prejudice or Wuthering Heights) but I don't like horror or sci fi

  47. Hi! I'd love to be involved! My name is Rachel Metcalfe, email - rachie_mettie@hotmail.com
    I usually read chick lit or thrillers, but am open to any genre ( maybe not horror!) xx

  48. This is such a good idea, great to see so many people wanting to get involved!
    Name: Joanna Eastwood
    Email: petitepea2011@gmail.com
    Blog: peaas.blogspot.com
    4. My passion is fairy tales and such like, anything with a bit of magic in it is super, but I'll give anything with a good recommendation a try.

  49. Wow, what an amazing response!
    Lizzie K
    I read anything - open to new things!

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. Love this idea! Count me in! I did English at uni so I hope old tutors don't read this when I say I have been-known to have my head in a few chick lits at times!
    Anyway... my info:
    I prefer chick lits, crime/thriller or real life. Definitely no sci-fi or fantasy for me though.

  52. This is a brilliant idea. My details are;
    Name: Lianna Chandler
    Email: lianna.chandler@hotmail.co.uk
    Genre: I'm open to anything, except Sci-Fi. and maybe horror. I'm a 25 year old who can't sleep after reading/watching something scary. Pathetic I know. Also, I don't really like those 'true story' books that tell of a person's traumatic and disturbing childhood. Thankyou. x

  53. Fabulous idea - I'm excited to get choosing already!
    Name: Hollie Honeyman
    Email: hollie@tulipsandtea.com
    Blog: www.tulipsandtea.com
    Genre: Anything but sci-fi for me please.
    Thanks x

  54. What a great idea :) I'd love to take part!!
    Name: Rachel Young
    Email: rachel_young_1@hotmail.co.uk
    Blog: www.amomentintimeblog@blogspot.co.uk

    :D xx

  55. Sounds great!
    Michelle Walker
    I like anything except chick-lit and I'm not a huge fan of biographies... Looking forward to swapping! xx

  56. Great idea, thanks for organising!
    Claire Green

    Not a huge sci-fi fan but I'll give anything a go! xx

  57. I would love to be a part of this!
    Holly Astle
    prefer not to read chick-lit or historical novels but I will read anything x

  58. What a fab idea Rosie! When I worked in my local public library I was always encouraging people to read different books or try new things so this is a lovely idea on the same lines :-)

    Louisa Langley

    Thanks for organising it! x

  59. Hello :)

    1, Adrienne Loren
    2, thesundaygirlblog@yahoo.co.uk
    3, www.thesundaygirl.com
    4, Open to pretty much anything but not a fan of Sci-Fi

    How exciting! x

  60. I think this is an absolutely brilliant idea!!
    Samantha Critchley
    I predominantly read chick-lit but I'm open to anything apart from sci-fi

    So excited!!! xo

  61. Yay for more blogger book things! I'd love to take part :)

    1. Emma Lyskava
    2. emmalyskava@hotmail.co.uk
    3. thestonesinsidemyshoes.co.uk
    4. Mainly read dystopian fiction - no historical romancey stuff for me though!

    Excited to get started! X

  62. This is awesome! I just wish that I lived in the UK!! :( Maybe one day it'll go international?

  63. This is such an amazing idea! Thrilled to be able to get involved!
    1. Beth McDermott
    2. mcdermott.beth@yahoo.co.uk
    3. www.thegrangerarticles.blogspot.co.uk and www.thecobaltchaos.blogspot.co.uk
    4. Anything really! I'd probably prefer not to have biographies, but if it's a really good one then I'm happy to read it. :)

  64. Me please! Love that you are focusing it at charity shop books and not brand new ones although I've found brand new books in charity shops sometimes!

    1. Jenni Campbell
    2. jennicampbell85@gmail.com
    3. www.bowsbanglesandbakes.com
    4. I predominately read crime/thrillers although I've recently started reading historical mysteries (the ones that move time zones like fmaily secret sagas if that makes sense lol)

  65. This is so exciting!

    1. Ann Hendry
    2. prattleandfroth@live.co.uk
    3. prattleandfroth.blogspot.co.uk
    4. Anything! I love branching out and reading things that I wouldn't usually choose. Although no horrors please, I'm a scaredy cat!

    Ann :)

    Prattle and Froth

  66. Oh this sounds so awesome!! I'm literally so excited!

    1. Asmaa Isse
    2. asmaa_i@hotmail.co.uk
    3. juustpeachy.blogspot.co.uk
    4. I love finding new gems but sci-fi/horror/traumatic true stories/tween books like Twilight are mostly not my cup of tea, and I have a special place in my heart for stories set in the past or in different countries/worlds.

  67. This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. what a GREAT idea!

    1. Erica Vonderwall
    2. imbeingerica@hotmail.co.uk
    3. www.imbeingerica.com
    4. crime thriller // chic lit // biographies mostly!

  69. This sounds fab!
    Rachel Brown
    I'm not a big fan of biographies or horror/sci-fi but otherwise not overly fussy!!

  70. Yes please!
    1. Char
    2. dinoprincesschar@gmail.com
    3. dinoprincesschar.blogspot.com

  71. This is such an awesome idea! I'm really keen to find some lovely new books now I'm not having to read academic things all of the time.
    1. Miranda
    2. Impracticalarch@gmail.com
    3. http://www.impracticalarchaeologist.com/
    4. Anything really :-) though I'm not a fan of depressing (traumatic) real life stories or gritty crime.

    1. Guessing I missed out on this :-( would be awesome to be involved next time though :-) x

  72. I'd be interested in this
    1. Fiona
    2. fiona.hurd@hotmail.co.uk
    4. No chick lit please open to anything else.

  73. Oh no, this ALWAYS happens to me, I seem to find things just after they're finished. Just happened on your blog this morning from Flora's (Two with Seven) latest post. I'm going to leave my details and give it a shot anyways. With any luck I can still be entered

    1. Reni
    2. renilu169@hotmail.com
    3. www.lilactintedviews.blogspot.co.uk
    4. No thrillers please!

    Off to read more of your blogposts now x

  74. I am so late with this! Forgive me, Rosie.

    1. Alex
    2. oddsocksandprettyfrocks@hotmail.co.uk
    3. http://oddsocksandprettyfrocks.blogspot.co.uk/
    4. Anything but misery memoirs!!


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