Open air cinemas and cold ciders

After our first foray into the world of open-air cinema at Lulworth Castle a couple of weeks ago, we enjoyed it so much that we thought we'd go to another, this time a screening of Skyfall at Corfe Castle last Sunday.

We learned our lesson with the chilly evening temperatures last time and this time packed blankets, jumpers and thicker coats - I must admit I did take some secret pleasure in pulling on my thick Jack Wills chinos and retrieving my coat from the cupboard under the stairs.  We retained a touch of summer by packing cold ciders into our coolbag and set off for Corfe Castle, taking in the beautiful views as we walked through the village and into the castle walls.

We set up our rug and camping chairs and enjoyed the beautiful sunset.  Tom's parents also came along, which was really nice - they brought some delicious cheese scones and we tucked into them, along with paper bags of warm popcorn sold at the screening.

Kopparberg recently very kindly sent me some bottles of their new flavours for my birthday - cloudberry and elderflower and lime.  We took the bottles of cloudberry along and had them in plastic cups, they were absolutely delicious (Kopparberg also sent me some lovely glasses but I didn't want to risk them getting broken at our al fresco soiree!) Cider is absolutely my drink of choice and Kopparberg just have the best flavours - I was dedicated to their mixed fruit flavour for several years, have recently been won over by strawberry and lime and now might be a new devotee to cloudberry, it is delicious!

The open air screening was such a lovely evening, it was amazingly atmospheric being outside in the ruins of a castle, especially watching the later scenes set in the Scottish moors with all the darkness all around you - it was such a perfect match.  I thoroughly enjoyed being snuggled up in a blanket and laid out on a rug with a giant Daniel Craig a few metres away!

Have you ever been to an open air cinema? (And what's your favourite Kopparberg flavour for al fresco supping?)

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A Rosie Bookshelf: Mutton by India Knight

I've never had a theme with my blog, it's always just been about things I love, or things I've been doing - a dash of photography, a smidgen of adventures, a good dose of eating out, some fashion, the odd beauty product and even a little fitness and running sneaking in here and there.  One of my great pleasures in life that I perhaps haven't proportionally discussed on here is reading. Considering the sheer volume of brown Amazon parcels that turn up at work for me, my habit of trawling through charity shops for old paperbacks and the amount of time I spend curled up in bed with a good book, I rarely discuss my reads here.  I don't really know why that is, except for the fact that I'm conscious that not everyone likes reading - but then it occured to me that not everyone likes running, or skincare reviews, or outfit posts and so on, but the beauty of blogging (and blog reading) is that you can just skip past the things you're not interested in.

So welcome, bookworms, to my first post about books, a review of India Knight's newest novel, Mutton. This book was kindly sent to me for review by Penguin Books.  I must admit to being particularly excited when an email from Penguin Books popped into my inbox, and I'd like to thank them for giving me the impetus to start talking about reading on my blog.

For those of you who don't know, India Knight is a beauty and fashion columnist for the Sunday Times, as well as having written several fiction and non-fiction books.  This, her latest, is described as a "funny exploration of ageing" - it focusses on 46-year-old Clara who finds herself exploring her opinions on what it is to be in your 40s - family, age and appearance - when an old school-friend moves in with her.  (An old school-friend who is nearing 50 but looks in her 30s and survives mainly on kale and cosmetic surgery).

I must admit that when I pulled this book out of its envelope and had a quick look at the synopsis, that I was worried that it would be a bit... 'chick-lit-y'.  I must admit to being a little bit of a reading snob and steering clear of anything that looks too trashy or involves female protagonists searching for love or navigating the world of dating (and so on).  Refreshingly, this book wasn't like that - instead it was an honest exploration of what it means to be a female in her 40s; what happens when the builders stop wolf-whistling you, the laughter-lines start to form and you start to question what you can wear - veering away from mumsy and yet not wanting to be 'mutton'.

Despite my not being quite into even my 30s yet, there were still things I could relate to in this book.  I was definitely nodding along at the references to wanting to stay in instead of going out to trendy wine bars, and I found it quite refreshing that the novel touches on the concept of comparison amongst women and how hard it is to not feel envious of a skinnier friend who seems immune to the ageing process.  It sounds really superficial in its themes and I suppose to an extent, it is, but I enjoyed the candid approach to discussions about dieting ("how odd it should be that you have to eat like hungry poor people in order to look expensive"), relationships, fashion family, female friendships, sex and feminism (and what they all mean to women in their 'mid-life).

These 'discussions' hang on the plot line of an old friend of the main character moving back in with her, an old friend who is obsessed with her appearance and has done everything she can to avoid looking (and feeling) her age. My only criticism of the book would be that I thoroughly enjoyed the exploration of these issues but that they sometimes felt crowbared into the plot.  There are some quite lengthy sections with little development, and then others where they are more focussed on the progression of the story, and at times it felt a little disjointed. (The plot has some really funny, enjoyable moments too, it's just that they didn't always marry up).

Overall, it was an enjoyable, light-hearted read, and an intelligent, thought-provoking insight into forty-something womanhood.  I've given it 3 stars on my GoodReads profile.

You can find out more about Mutton on the Penguin Books page.

My 'to read' pile is rather growing at the moment and I actually bought two more books today - Alice and Jenny have started a blogger's book club and I bought their first choice, 'The President's Hat', as well as 'The Antelope Wife', which has been on my wishlist for a little while.  If you enjoyed this post I'll be posting more reviews in future, and you can check out what else I've been reading on GoodReads.

On a final note, if you love reading, I highly recommend Alex's series 'A Blogging Good Read', where she, and two other bloggers choose books to review and give their opinions on them.  It's always a great post to read if you're looking for inspiration for new reads, and Alex posts the books they'll be reading next month so you can read along! (That was a lot of mentions of the word 'read' in one paragraph!)

Are you a book lover? Do you have any recommendations for books to add to the 'to read pile?'

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Eat My World Supper Clubs

It's no secret that Tom and I are particularly big fans of eating out.  As well as our supermarket shops, our joint monthly food budget allows for 3 or 4 meals out a month, and it's a tradition that's really important to us.  A chance to unwind and while away an evening indulging - trying new things or enjoying old favourites and just generally savouring being out of the house and in the company of good wine and delicious food.  We place such emphasis on our little restaurant or café trips - getting dressed up, choosing the right place to visit, lingering over the menu - that when it's disappointing, it hurts a little.  I've had several experiences lately where the whole experience of eating out has left me cold, in fact, only a few days ago I actually spoke to a a manager of a local pub (part of a chain) to complain - poor customer service, two rude waitresses, plates left on the table far too long after finishing, a particularly unwelcoming atmosphere... I couldn't wait to get home! The thing is with eating out nowadays is that some restaurants make you feel like you're part of a machine - laminated menu, food unceremoniously plonked in front of you and then the bill brought and people queuing for your table when you've barely finished your dessert.  When I'm going out for dinner I want warmth, personality, variety, experience.  Chain restaurants and pubs? I think we might be breaking up.

Enter Eat My World, who might have slunk in and stolen my heart.  Eat My World is a free service for food lovers like me, matching people who host supper clubs in their home with people who buy tickets to go along and enjoy a home-cooked meal.  Hosts can invite people anywhere to a supper club, and they don't need to have any professional cooking qualifications, just a love of food and a desire to share it with others.  My mouth was watering when, last month, I was invited to a supper club in Bournemouth and sent a copy of the menu.  A 4th July Independence Day special, it featured cajun shrimp, sticky chicken wings and homemade corn bread as a starter, an array of delicious meats (including caramelised chipotle beef brisket and barbecue pulled pork) as a main, served with spicy corn, sweet potatoes and slaw, and key lime pie for dessert.  Not to mention other treats like oysters rockerfeller, and some rather delectable bourbon vanilla malt shakes. Needless to say, the RSVP was probably the quickest I've ever sent, and I was counting down the minutes until that sunny Monday night last month, when Emma, Hannah and I (along with our husbands and boyfriends - one of each, not a harem!) descended on a beautiful art deco block of flats in Poole for a rather sensational feast.

I must say before I continue, that somehow I lost my photos of the evening, and so these are all pinched from Hannah, whose photos were way better than mine anyway!

supper club
homemade mac and cheese
shrimp and chicken wings

It was an absolutely wonderful evening - it was great to meet other local people who shared our love of everything food-related, including a food blogger and a lovely lady from the Bournemouth Echo - people you wouldn't normally get to meet and chat to over a cocktail!  We were looked after like we were friends at a dinner party - our drinks topped up, the hosts joining us at the table and being able to see and appreciate all of the hard work and love that goes into a meal because you're right there seeing it being prepared.  It was everything I love (and more!) about eating out.  Plus, the tickets would have normally been £28, which I don't call half bad for the sheer amount (not to mention the amazing quality) of food we were served, more than is pictured above!

Eat My World really is a genius concept, and I urge you to hop on over to their website and see what manner of feasts are happening in your area.  If you're Bournemouth based like me, the Spoonful Supper Club will be serving up a delectable sounding Moroccan themed supper on Saturday.  If you're not from Bournemouth and there's nothing in your area, why not host a supper club - it's a great way to meet fellow foodies!

Have you ever been to a supper club? Have I caused you to drool all over your keyboard?

I'd like to add a huge thanks to Karen from Eat My World for inviting me, and to the Dirty Apron ladies who whipped up the dribble-inducing treats you see photographed above.  And to Hannah for letting me pinch her pictures!

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Evening walk

Despite all my spoutings about wishing for Autumn, I am actually really chuffed we've had another bite at the 'summer' cherry with all the warm weather over the last week and forecast for the week ahead.  One of the things I love doing on a warm weekday is to finish work at 4 (Tom and I work flexitime so we can finish at 4 if we start early enough) and head out into the forest for a dog walk.  Having a long walk before dinner is so satisfying and I really feel like I've taken advantage of the sunshine if I'm not locked up in my office for the whole day.

We've been going for lots of walks around Brockenhurst lately, it's really pretty with lots of open heathland so it's good for dog walks as it means you can still see Bodhi even when he legs it off! We actually went there today with lots of members of my family but these photos were taken last week.

On this particular day a little Missguided package had arrived for me at work with a denim skater dress I'd ordered the day before so I threw it on with my trusty Converse for our walk.

dress: missguided £24.99 | trainers: converse at spartoo £44.99 | necklace: ebay [old]
Have you all had lovely bank holiday weekends? Mine has involved a Park Run, a trip to the gym, a breakfast out at a little café, Skyfall at an open air cinema, a boat trip and a pub lunch.  It has been pretty lovely, though I am exhausted now, can I have a few more days off to sleep please? I have a few bits already lined up for the blog this week, somehow I seem to have ended up with several giveaways lined up over the next couple of weeks, sorry for those of you that hate blog giveaways, for those of you that don't there are some exciting things up for grabs!

What have you been up to on this lovely bank holiday weekend?

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Autumn walk wishlist

Earlier this week I was sorting through some photos on Picasa and came across this image of a walk we went on in Fordingbridge last November.  As much as I'm loving the sunshine this week it did make me feel a little nostalgic for tramping through the woods in welly boots and wearing hats and gloves.  If the weather gets cold next week you know who to blame!

We've been to a couple of open air cinema screenings recently and the temperature certainly drops at night so I must admit I've taken a secret glee in packing blankets, shearling lined hoodies and woolly hats.  Now we're in the 'transition period' and A/W items have started appearing in the shops I've started noting down my most wanted items for the many autumnal walks I'll be taking - with Bodhi in tow and a roast dinner at a country pub at the end of course!

1. Barbour Cable Knit Jumper - £99.95
I'm loving everything by Barbour at the moment and I'm desperate for a Barbour waxed jacket. This cable knit jumper looks like it would be so cosy - to be worn next to a log fire with a glass of mulled wine.

2. Coopers for ASOS wax biker jacket - £160
This is the wax jacket of my dreams - I love the contrast corduroy lapel. Sadly it is a little out of my budget, but maybe by the time it gets cold enough to wear it I might have enough in my savings jar!

3. Joules Tweed Fieldcoat, £220
Another swoonworthy jacket, another gaspworthy price.  Still, in 100% wool it is rather an investment jacket. And it has foxes on the poppers, so....

4. Upland Wellington Boots, Equestrian Clearance, £51.99
Another Autumn means another good pair of wellies and these neoprene lined boots with side zip look like they'd last for Autumns to come.

5. Herschel Survey Backpack, £55
I usually take a backpack with me on long dog walks so I can pack my SLR and all my other bits I cart around, I love the shape of these Herschel backpacks, inspired by vintage mountaineering equipment they look perfect for slinging on for a forest adventure (plus you wouldn't lose me!)

6. ASOS Cable Knit Ears Beanie, £12
I love chunky, cream cable knit and this hat makes me smile, perfect for keeping nice and toasty!

Sorry to all you summer-bugs out there, I couldn't resist a little Autumn wishlist, the weather forecast for this week is looking great so you don't have to drag your welly boots out just yet!

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The real me

I'm not sure that this is really the most fashion-forward or inspiring outfit I've ever posted, but to be honest I love taking opportunities to post things that are really 'me' - the sort of thing I throw on at the weekend to go for lunch or into town.  Of course I like posting what I wore out to dinner when I get dressed up, or those occasions I put on a dress and really make an effort but it's nice to be able to post something that feels like it fits well with my personality, and to show you things that come out of my wardrobe on a fairly regular basis. One of those things at the moment is my current favourite Nike trainers, my Starlets - they're on sale at Spartoo at the moment but they've sold out quite fast so you're in luck if you're a 3.5!  I really like white pumps with skinny jeans, it's a laid back look I always come back to.  These are my favourite jeans too, my Topshop Jamie jeans - cringingly on this same afternoon I changed the ink on our printer and got ink on them which won't come out even with a ton of Vanish so I've now had to buy a new pair, luckily I found these on ASOS for £14 and absolutely love them so it didn't end up being too costly!

I wore this outfit last Sunday to go to the pub with Tom - he'd been out kitesurfing and I'd just been lolling around tidying up and doing blog stuff so when he came home we fancied a spontaneous lunch out and headed to a Vintage Inns pub near us called the Crown Inn.  To be honest it was really disappointing and I must admit I sent them a bit of a whinge-y email (yes I'm one of those people!), the food was rubbish and the service was terrible (how come in pubs and restaurants it sometimes feels like the more staff they have the more you get ignored?) 

Despite the hankerings for Autumn I expressed in my last post, I must admit I've been enjoying the sunny weather we've had the last few days.  At the beginning of the week Tom and I went out into the forest after work for a dog walk with Bodhi and it really felt like we maximised our evening and made the most of the sunshine.  I'm really looking forward to this long weekend, especially if the weather holds out.  We have some of my family visiting from Durham on the Monday so we're planning a fun day of hiring a boat to go for a little pootle up the river and then a big pub lunch at a country pub and then a dog walk in the forest.  Fun times! What have you all got planned for the Bank Holiday weekend?


What matters most

Being something of a worrier as well as someone whose mind runs away with them sometimes, I often muse on the things that I'd grab if my house was burning down, or the things I'd miss if (god forbid) I was burgled. I am that person who sees a fire engine or ambulance when I'm on my way home and doesn't relax until I see them drive past my house or go down a different road.  I constantly wake up when I hear noises in the house or outside, and spend my journeys to work wondering if I've left the gas on or that a phone charger or light might spontaneously combust (my brother told me off a couple of weekends ago for having fairy lights and other artificial lights that are constantly left on).  My curiosity about what matters most to others means I'm constantly looking on the website 'The Burning House' and seeing what others would grab - they say it's a conflict between what's practical, valuable and sentimental.  I must admit I would lean towards the last one, I'm impressed by those people who've thought of taking a pair of particularly comfortable shoes, or a flashlight, but I must admit I'd be that person sat on my front lawn in my pajamas, surrounded by teddies and letters and struck by the sudden thought that my car keys are still hanging on the key rack.

With that in mind I thought I'd share with you my own personal 'burning house' list.  The reason I'm doing this today is that John Lewis have an amazing new TV advert (it's so clever, I love it) to highlight their new 'What matters most' campaign.  They're also running a competition to coincide with their TV advert.   All you have to do is create a Vine around something that matters to you and you could win a Canon SLR each week, or the grand prize of a £1000 John Lewis voucher.  (My mind is now similarly running away with me considering what I'd buy with a £1000 John Lewis voucher!)

So here is my 'burning house' list - or the list of things that matter most to me in my house. (Of course Tom would be on the list too!)

burning house list
And here is my Vine video...

In case you're interested in what's on the list, in that assortment is:

  • Bodhi the dog, of course!
  • Filofax
  • Running shoes (took ages to break in, don't want to be doing that again!)
  • Memory photobooks
  • Kindle Fire
  • Medal for running National Lottery Run, another medal for working during the Olympics
  • External Hard Drive (my life is on here!)
  • Doggy, my childhood toy (29 years old!)
  • Teddy, another childhood toy from a few years later
  • Some of my Gran's jewellery
  • My Michael Kors watch
  • My Lomo LC-A
  • My handbag savings fund - don't want that going to waste!
What would be on your list? Don't forget to check out the site and make your own Vine to be in with a chance of winning!

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American Pizza Party

One of the little quirks of being a blogger is that you never quite know what's going to pop up in your inbox next.  I think it's fair to say that many are either unappealing or badly targetted (the 'freelance writers', the SEO agencies offering their services, the infographics on pension plans that really fit with your blog and readership).  Then there's the little gems that might not be offering something of high value or something completely extraordinary, but that sound fun and you feel happy talking about because it's already a brand you know and love.  And honestly, I will always be on board with talking about pizza and having a little party with straws and paper cups!

As you may have guessed from the images below, Dominos Pizza got in contact with me a little while back to tell me about their new 'American Legends' pizza range.  I'm a massive fan of American food so I was instantly excited to hear about the new Carolina and New York Deli pizzas.  Of course I consulted their pizza deals and waited until a Tuesday to order to maximise my £20 voucher (and mean I could try both pizzas!)  They also sent us a box of decorations so we could get more in the spirit of our American themed dinner!

I ordered a large Carolina, which has BBQ sauce, chicken, smoked bacon, onions, tomatoes, crispy onions and mustard mayo.  It was amazing.  Straight to the top of my favourites list and will definitely be ordering that as my pizza choice from now on!

Tom had the New York Deli, which has ground beef, ham, frankfurter sausage (amazing!), onions and crispy onions.  That was also really, really yummy!

Whenever I order from Dominos I can never resist their choc chip cookies, they are definitely on my 'top five foods of all time' list - gooey cookie dough and melty choc chips are the best combination ever!

I love these new additions to the Dominos menu and it was great fun having a little American party on a Tuesday evening! What do you order from Dominos?

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An education

Seeing people on Twitter and Facebook recently discussing A Level results and University choices has made me reminisce about my own academic choices and the career path I've carved out for myself.  I mentioned in a recent post that I just celebrated my 29th birthday and that next year will be the big 3-0.  If you'd asked me when I was tentatively opening up that envelope with my A Level results tucked inside, what I'd be doing at 30, I think it would be a very different vision as to what I'm actually doing now.  The same answer for when I strolled up to the board of results for my University degree.  The truth is that it takes a while to figure out where your skills, talents, strengths and preferences lie, and if you don't know at 17, or at 20, then that's okay.  There's a whole lot of time for figuring it out!

As a child I knew that I loved reading and writing.  I devoured every book I could get my hands on, my library card was a treasured possession and I was forever scribbling notes in my notebook - short stories or Harriet The Spy-esque observations about my friends, classmates and neigbours.  My Gran would joke about me becoming a newsreader and inheriting Kate Adie's 'pearl earrings'.  My GCSE results were fine and I went on to college to do Media Studies, English Lit/Lang and Sociology.  A bit of a wild card presented itself in my second year when I had the opportunity to do AS Level photography.  I hadn't done a great deal of photography before but it was something that really interested me, and lo' and behold I fell head over heels for it - enchanted by a world of darkrooms, pinhole cameras, mixing chemicals and carrying my Pentax film camera around with me everywhere.  I loved taking it to gigs and rushing into college to develop my films the next day.  Here is an early one of a band called Douglas, I don't think they're around anymore. I love all the scratches and grain, you just can't replicate all of those beautiful imperfections you get in film photography via digital photography.

I pinched one of my Mum's film cameras and used to take that on beach walks and other adventures. I can't imagine how many times I got the bus into town to hotfoot it to the Boots photo lab to get colour films processed.

When it came to choosing university courses my Photography tutor threw a bit of a curveball by suggesting I consider doing a Photography degree.  Up until then I'd only been focussed on Media Studies or something to do with writing (I'd considered that a job in Publishing might also be cool).  But I loved photography and it had become a real passion of mine.  In the end, after a lot of deliberation I went with my original plan and opted to study Media Writing at Southampton Solent.  It was a tough call (especially as I got better grades for Photography than I did for Media Studies) but I didn't feel confident enough in changing the track I'd been on for all my life, and the expectations that everyone had of me.

I enjoyed my Media degree and photography still remains one of my dearest hobbies.  I never go anywhere without my camera (these days mostly I have my SLR, a film camera - usually my LC-A - and now my handheld video camera too).  After University I found it difficult to get a job in journalism or publishing and even dabbled in retail management, eventually becoming Acting Manager for one of the Jessops photography stores - I cherish the opportunities I had to work in the Photo Lab and learn how it works outside of the darkroom.  I found a way in to a writing based job eventually and got a job in the Press Office for the same organisation I still work for, initially as a Press Officer but since then also working in PR, Internal Communications and writing for our website.  Since then, well, I did find the confidence to 'change track'.  I realised last year that I love being in a learning environment and working on projects relating to 'people' and nowadays I work at our Training Centre, working on projects to do with leadership and delivering leadership training.  It's been a funny old route to get here and I sometimes have those Sliding Doors moments where I wonder what would have happened if I'd done things differently.  For now though, I love my job, and I've made writing and photography a major part of my life through my hobbies, and mainly, through my blog. There are always opportunities to make the things you love happen if you care about them enough! Massive good wishes to anyone starting a new chapter in their academic, or work life this year - jump in with both feet and enjoy it!

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The little things are the big things

As well as all of the awesomeness that's gone on around my birthday, August has been a pretty good month so far.  I've posted about my birthday celebrations but I thought I'd also share a couple of other bits and bobs that have happened over the last couple of weeks (how did the 'it being mid-August' - or past it even - thing happen?)

The first thing is that I've gone a bit 'framing' crazy - I bought some frames from Sainsbury's and also shipped a whole load of prints off to our local printers so our house is becoming a lot more filled with art and prints, which really makes me smile.

Since we renovated the conservatory we've been able to open the curtains at the back of the lounge, which brings loads more light in.  I love standing in the hall and being able to look right through the house onto the garden.  (Although, ooohh, that wonky fox cushion is making me a bit twitchy!)

Ah, that's better! Good one fox! On the day before my birthday, my awesome friend Kate planned a little tea party on the grass outside work. She made homemade scones and brought jam and clotted cream.  Tom got told off for putting cream on his scone first (not the Cornish way, and I'm from Cornwall! Tut tut!) We even brought our mugs of tea out onto the grass for a proper afternoon tea! (I was wearing heels and sloshed half of mine out of the mug on the way over - oops!)

We held our own little cake-based soirée at ours last Saturday, we were going over to a barbecue at a friends' house and invited them round to ours first for some cakes and an aperitif. We had Kir Bretons and some cakes from Waitrose - I was going to bake but ran out of time so Waitrose came a close second...

Those flowers were a birthday gift, aren't they beautiful? Having fresh flowers in the house is making me a happy Rosie at the moment.  As does burning fruity candles - that one glowing away right there is a Passion Flower and Mango one from Sainsbury's.  Flowers and fruity candles are my cursory nod towards it still being summer, even though now my birthday's gone I'm dreaming of filling the house with holly and conkers and burning Christmas candles! Since moving to the New Forest I think Autumn has replaced Summer as my favourite month and I must admit I am yearning for Sunday Roasts in country pubs, mulled cider and tramping around the forest in welly boots.  Sorry Summer!

Saying that, I was glad for some sunshine on Thursday night as we went to Lulworth Castle to watch Top Gun in the evening, which would have been horrid in the kind of weather that's plagued us since then (no thanks constant rain!)

We had dinner before we went but still brought a little coolbag with some rosé wine and blackberry spritzer (yum!), crisps and chocolate.  We bumped into some of Tom's friends and laid out on a rug, watching the sun set over the castle and enjoying a bit of classic 80's film action!

This weekend has been quite a lazy one so far, though yesterday I ran my first Park Run which was an interesting experience! I came 38th out of 48 so I wasn't completely rubbish but I still felt a little embarrassed as I ran most of the last lap on my own! I still felt a little rubbish after being poorly this week so I don't think I was exactly on top form, I didn't feel quite right afterwards either.  In fact, I desperately needed a bit of sugar, so, ummm... this might have happened...

At least someone has been benefitting from my early rises to go running though, Bodhi is definitely a fan of hopping right into the warm spot! 

Hope you're having a lovely August so far! Are you still clinging onto summer or are you longing for Autumn like me?

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