A day in the life

casual outfit post
cardigan: boohoo £20 | shirt: jack wills [old]
jeans: topshop [old] | necklace: primark [old]
shoes: toms | bag: fieldguided $20

Just a casual outfit today as I spent the day with Tom as he was getting tattooed in Southampton.  He's had the beginnings of a sleeve done; I'll show it on here once it's all cleaned up as it's absolutely amazing and he was a brave boy and managed to sit all day.

Now the nights are starting to draw in again (I write, looking out of the window at a pitch black street at 5pm) I have been starting to think of 'crafty' ventures that can be undertaken whilst sat under a blanket in front of the TV, along with ideas for handmade Christmas presents.  I started one of my first little sewing projects in a long time on Friday night and some of you may have seen my frustrations on Twitter -I was trying to sew my Mum a stuffed, patchwork house for her birthday but it ended up looking like something a visually impaired 3-year-old might have created and resulted in me downheartedly packing away the sewing machine and wondering why I'm just not as good at the things I turn my hand to as I want to be (and as others seem to be).  I have long yearned to be 'crafty' and have thrown myself into books and websites to try and learn but I've never quite made anything that looks neat or successfully been able to make even basic sewing projects without giving up and giving myself a hard time about how I don't have a talent.  It's come to the point where I feel I might need to pack all the books off to charity shops, sell my sewing machine and accept that I'm simply not very good at it.

I struggle with things that I really want to be good at but actually aren't and I can be really hard on myself when things don't work out.  When I think about it, truthfully, of all of the hobbies I have taken up in my life, all of the new ventures and enthusiasms that come and go, photography has always been a constant for me.  Photography is probably the only hobby or love of mine that I've really stuck at.  If I'm honest, it's because to enjoy photography all you need is a camera and the ability to press a shutter button.  Knowing the basics of photography (shutter speed, aperture, white balance etc) certainly helps, but it's very possible to take beautiful photos on automatic mode.  Granted I do know these things and I try and experiment with photography, but it definitely comes a lot more easily to me than trying to sew complicated stitches or thread a bobbin.  It comes more naturally to me than my forays into learning to play guitar, learning HTML, learning Latin or painting furniture.

Since my much loved digital camera, my Panasonic bridge camera (Panasonic really have some brilliant digital cameras) got wet and never recovered a couple of months ago I have been taking my SLR out with me more and trying to generally take more photographs and make the most of all of the photographic opportunities where we live.  Yesterday I had to take some photos at work for a display board so I thought I'd take a few other photos of my day to share with you.  I personally love getting glimpses of people's lives in this way so I thought if you were nosy like me you might like to see where how/where I spend some of my time.

My journey to work in the morning goes past a farm, and if you time it badly you get stuck waiting for the farmers to move his cows from the cowshed to the field across the road.  I found it hilarous when I first moved here (from the city smog of Southampton) that you could actually be late for work because there were cows in the road! I took this through a rainy windscreen so it's not a great picture but you get the idea.

cows in the road

Before I moved offices I worked in our organisation's headquarters which is a big open plan offices in the centre of Southampton.  I'm only on secondment to where I am now for 12 months but it's certainly taking some getting used to - this is the view just before I scan through the gates at work in the morning....

highcliffe beach

When I worked in our headquarters I'd often spend the whole day inside and eat my lunch at my desk.  Where I work now has lots of different buildings so I get lots of fresh air when I'm getting cups of tea or going to meetings.  The site borders a nature reserve so there's always lots of animals around and I love being around lots of trees (and carpets of leaves!)

autumn leaves

This is my office - as if I wasn't feeling autumnal enough I had to install Gem's new desktop background.  She is a talented lady and I love her photography.  Once I've made my first tea of the day this is where I'm settled in for the day.

Just to reward me further for lugging my SLR around with me yesterday there was also a beautiful sunset to capture.


Last night was an interesting one as fellow blogger and all round lovely person Hannah and I went to our local gym to try and do a kettle-bell class, sadly it was fully booked and we had to do spinning instead which I had never done before! Suffice to say my legs are a bit tender today!

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Handbags and champagne

I am going to start this by saying that it is COLD today and this could be a long one, so I recommend that before you start this you boil the kettle and return with tea, lots of tea.

Today is my Mum's birthday so yesterday we loaded up the car with our overnight bags and a small fluffy white dog and headed over to their home near Portsmouth to celebrate.  Before I tell you about the day I thought I'd share with you my outfit, along with two of my most loved new possessions.  My first is this fluffy jumper from boohoo, which is so soft and warm I just want to sit and stroke it.  My second is this utterly gorgeous satchel which was very, very kindly send to me by Brand Village.  It is definitely the most expensive feeling bag I have ever owned and came in a dustbag inside another dustbag! The detailing on it is beautiful and it feels so well-made; I can't believe it's only £59.99 as it genuinely feels like it would cost at least twice that.

bag: brand village* £59.99 | hat: vintage
jumper: boohoo £20 | shirt: boohoo £12
trousers: primark [old] | brogues: new look [old]

Here it is again hanging on the back of the door in my parents' kitchen.  I wish I lived in a house as lovely as theirs where there are a million places you can photograph things! (#bloggerproblems).

When we arrived we sat down to an amazing breakfast and my Mum cooked one of her favourite new recipes, eggs baked with parma ham (you do them in a cake tin!)

We then went out to the cinema to see Skyfall (the new Bond film).  Although my parents were fairly nonplussed I actually thought it was excellent and really enjoyed it.  I actually really enjoy Daniel Craig as Bond; I love that he's a bit more 'rufty tufty' than some of the other Bonds and I do think he's pretty easy on the eye! Despite stuffing ourselves with popcorn (salt and sweet mixed together please!) we got home and had champagne and cakes (well it was a birthday after all!).  I bought a selection from the patisserie at our local Sainsbury's, which is really good.

Feeling suitably stuffed we went for a walk on the beach to blow away the cobwebs.  The sun was setting and there was a lovely rainbow.  

coat: new look - £59.99
This is Tom, Bodhi and me on the pier.  My coat is from New Look - I bought it after seeing Sarah wear it at the Leamington Spa Blog Meet (I know, copycat or what!) Again it feels really well made and I think I'll get a lot of wear out of it this winter.  The sun was going down as we walked and the sunset was really beautiful.

I've done some jiggery pokery with this next photo in Photoshop but we had to head back after a little while as some pretty mean looking storm clouds came overhead.  We didn't quite get back in time so we got home looking like drowned rats, changed into our pajamas (well, I did!) and ordered a Chinese takeaway...

We then settled in for the evening with glasses of wine and X Factor.  None of us were particularly enthused about X Factor but we watched it anyway as it feels like that's what you do on a Saturday night when X Factor is on! There are no contestants I particularly like in this series and I find the programme a bit too long (in fact I was in bed with my book before it finished!)  Oh, and my Mum was naughty and opened all her cards the night before her birthday! My card to her contained a voucher for her and I to go a spa in Fareham for a day at the spa and a two course dinner - I bought the voucher from Wahanda, which I hadn't used before but definitely will again.  I felt a bit sneaky buying her a present that I know we'll actually both really enjoy but it will be lovely for us both to have a relaxing day together (and some yummy food!)

This morning we got up early (well, kind of, thankyou to the extra hour in bed!) and decided to drive over to Gunwharf to visit Jack Wills and pick up the fleece-y hoodie I've been dreaming about for yonks.  Except for I neglected to realise it was the Great South Run on today and so instead we ended up stuck in traffic, driving round in circles and coming up against lots of closed roads for about an hour before giving up and coming home.  Bit of a waste of a morning (and a fair amount of petrol!)

After a hellish ten minutes in which I watched Tom destroy a McDonalds when I couldn't eat one (diet!) we headed back home where I am now settled in for an afternoon of blog reading, tea drinking and trying not to get frostbite.  What are your plans for this chilly Sunday afternoon?


Snippets of life

Since I moved jobs last month I've cut down my daily commute from a two hour drive to a ten minute drive, so when I return home after work I feel considerably more content than I did before.  I've started to form new routines that don't involve ranting about traffic/bad drivers or scrolling through my Blackberry to read all the work emails that have stacked up on my journey home (in fact, I don't have a Blackberry anymore,or a pager or a work phone - it's bliss!) This last year has definitely made me realise how much I love home comforts and the simpler things in life, and I feel so priveliged to have been able to gain back some of my time every day to enjoy those things.

// "give me some more attention mum!"
A couple of weeks ago I had a bit of a mini-breakdown when I flicked through my diary and realised that it was starting to fill up all the way up to Christmas with various engagements - some which I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to (dinners with friends, weekends away, birthdays, weddings etc) and some not so much (dentist's appointments, dates to take Bodhi to the vet's etc).  It made me realise first of all how incredibly lucky and priveliged I am to have the very welcome demands of a wonderful family and friendship circle, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  But it also made me realise that I treat my diary like I'm a hair salon and book things back to back, simply giving out the next available date when someone asks if I'm free or I suggest plans to someone.  The reason I had a mini panic the other day is because I realised that organising my time this way gives me no time to myself, and no time for Tom (or Bodhi!) So I've started putting slots in my diary that simply say 'keep free' - an evening or two a week or a weekend every month, for some me time (soaks in the bath, reading in bed etc) or some us time (a long walk with the dog, dinner out, etc).  I'm finding it means I appreciate both the plans I have and the unarranged relaxing time so much more as I'm acheiving a good balance between the two.

When I come home from work on a 'keep free' day I tend to light lots of candles through the house and enjoy spending time making a yummy dinner or trying a new recipe whilst I wait for Tom to get home.  The rest of the evening is for pajamas, movies on the sofa and cuddles with Bodhi.  I often go early to bed and then Facetime Tom from upstairs to beg him to bring me up a Sleep Easy tea - which he usually does! Speaking of Tom, he also brought home the lilies in the photo below as a present on Friday, they are gorgeous and have filled the house with such a beautiful fragrance.

//lillies from tom

// last of the flowers in the garden are now dying away [cosmos]
//early nights and magazines

Last night I went for dinner at The Old Vicarage in Highcliffe with the lovely Hannah from Baileycakes.  It was our second dinner date after I was a terrible date on our first a few weeks ago and had to dash off to do homework from the course I was attending back then.  The restaurant (part of a hotel in a country house) is gorgeous and they were really accomodating, especially considering I ordered a dish with mushrooms in when I can't eat them! Whilst we were there we chatted about the other cool/quirky restaurants around us and I spent my lunchbreak today looking up restaurants and tea rooms in Bournemouth and the New Forest so I can start a big list and tick them all off (I am basically 100% nicking Hannah's idea to do this - sorry Hannah!) If you know of any cool little places do let me know! I'm still new to living here but I want to make much more of an effort to explore where I live and find all the hidden gems.  In addition to that I also want to make a list of places I want to visit in the UK and start ticking them off - I do really love Britain and I want to get to know more of it.

// the old vicarage
Hope you've enjoyed this slightly longer post than usual and haven't got bored of all the words! I love posting outfit posts, wishlists and reviews but above everything I love posting snaps and snippets of my daily life (narcissist that I am) so I hope you enjoy these posts too.


Party dress picks

Back when I started my 'Buy Less, Buy Better' resolution I also resolved to try some brands I previously stayed away from because I deemed them out of my price range.  Having stuck with the same brands (Primark, H&M etc) from when I started working in a supermarket at minimum wage up until now I decided I needed to review how much I thought was 'too much' to spend on a single item and branch out to brands who offer more well-made clothes with longer life-spans; clothes that I would feel nice wearing, essentially.  When I pulled out of my wardrobe all of the clothes I didn't wear anymore ready for the car boot sale on Sunday I was shocked that almost all of them were Primark.  It just shows how much more thought you put into buying clothes that are that little bit more expensive.  

My previously frugal ways meant I wouldn't be able to jump straight from budget high street to high end/designer (and nor does my wage packet!) so I thought I'd try some shops I'd previously walked past in shopping centres/avoided in internet searches.  This led to rather large orders from Warehouse and Anthropologie earlier in the year, both of which contained items I now really treasure.  I love finding things that are a little bit different and the sort of thing you know you won't see three other people wearing when you turn up to a party.

Talking of parties, as I've mentioned in my last few posts, I'm already thinking about Christmas and a few Christmas party invites have already snuck into the diary!  If you follow Where Are My Knees, which I'm a contributor for, you might have seen that we've all made 'ten week pledges' for goals we'd like to hit before Christmas.  I've pledged to lose 10lbs, and if I manage it I'll be 20 lbs lighter than when I started the year (that feels crazy to say that!) Naturally this has got me thinking about slipping into slinky dresses when I hit my target.  Here are the dresses currently on my 'party dress wishlist' - links to all items are at the bottom.

1 // 2 // 3
4 // 5 // 6
7 // 8 // 9
In particular I love the lace dress on the top left and number 6 with the studded collar.  Despite the fact that studs are very 'in' at the moment I've tried to pick dresses with classic shapes that will still hold their own in party seasons to come.  I've been thinking a lot about 'investment wardrobes' recently and particularly enjoyed Becky at Lifestyle Flash's article on the same - definitely going to make my own Investment Piece Wishlist!

Have you started to think about party dresses for the party season yet? Do you have a favourite little black dress?


Cosy clothes wishlist

If you have been reading my blog for a little while you will know that the type of leisure activities that really hold my heart are often those associated with Autumn and Winter... roast dinners in a country pub with a roaring log fire, evenings curled up on the sofa with a good book, walking the dog in the forest (and kicking the leaves), baking up a storm and mulling wine or crafting away an afternoon making handmade Christmas presents.  You may also remember my recent 'buy less, buy better' resolution, which, since it only came into force about a month ago, means I don't really have that many cosy clothes for embracing the colder seasons.   My weekend uniform at the moment seems to consist of boots, thick socks, jeans, a hoodie and my favourite Joules gilet (you can tell I'm a country girl at heart!) and I've been hunting around for similar cosy attire for some end of the month splurges and adding to my (growing) Christmas list.  Here are my favourites so far....

1. Fat Face hoodie | 2. Jack Wills hoodie | 3. Fat Face pajama bottoms
4. Jack Wills lounge leggings | 5. Fat Face cardigan | 6. Soul Cal jumper
I am particularly enamoured with the Jack Wills hoodie but despite my attempts to spend more on quality, single items I still don't know if I could bring myself to spend the best part of £90 (well, 50p short of!) on a hoodie.  The leggings on the bottom left however are a must purchase, I have a blue pair with anchors on that I bought in their sale last year that have been worn so much they are coming to holes and desperately need replacing!

My new resolution means that my Christmas list is going to be considerably shorter this year as, rather than hoping for lots of smaller, cheaper items, I want to ask for just a few that I know I'll treasure.  I apologise in advance as I know that references to Christmas seem to be creeping into my blog a lot and it's still only October, I just absolutely adore Christmas! I'll try and keep a lid on it until at least next month!


This week | 02

I feel like I've been a bit AWOL from the blog this week; I'm usually blogging, tinkering with the blog or at least reading blogs most evenings I'm home but this week has been so busy and frankly, I've been so tired, that when I've been home I've mostly just been lolling on the sofa.  Which I never do! My computer is in the 'craft room' at the front of the house and when Bodhi is looking for me he always looks in here first, that's how much time I spend perched in front of the computer (sad I know).  But this week I've really enjoyed having some more relaxing time just chilling with a cup of tea and some rubbish-y TV.  I need to make more time to do this.  Some other things I've been up to this week....

♥  Yesterday my brilliant Mum came round and helped me label four Ikea bags' worth of clothes I don't wear anymore ready for a car boot sale today.  I felt a little bit like when I was a little girl and used to play shop as I bought a proper kimble gun for labelling clothes along with luggage tags and stickers for prices.  I also bought a clothes rail for hanging clothes so they looked nice.  Unfortunately we chose completely the wrong car boot sale and went to Burseldon (if anyone knows it) which was full of older people (mainly men!) I only sold about a fifth of what I had and I made £46 which isn't too bad but we stood out in the cold for four hours and it took us almost an hour to drive there! I think I'll pick another one next time.  I really detest eBay and can't be bothered to be packing things and trogging to the Post Office just to get snotty emails from people saying they don't like what they've bought so car boot sale is going to have to be the way to go for me I think, though maybe a different one!

♥ On Wednesday we went to Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms to see Dry The River and one of my friends' bands, Drawings, were supporting so it was good to see them.  Drawings are actually proper, proper good and well worth checking out.

♥ I bought a big bundle of fabrics from Celtic Fusion Fabrics (have a dig around their website, there is so much cute stuff!) and got excited about trying to make things from my Meet Me At Mike's book which I bought from Amazon last week, and by the way, is well worth the £11!

♥ I also bought Christmas candles from One Stop Pamper Shop and a couple of Glade ones from Sainsbury's to keep me going whilst they arrive.  Whilst I was in Sainsbury's I couldn't help myself and bought Ideal Home's Complete Guide To Christmas too, and then was told by the Twittersphere that it was too early to be excited for Christmas and I had to wait until at least Bonfire Night to start listening to Christmas music...

♥ I went to book club on Monday which was absolutely lovely and really nice to meet some new people.  I didn't enjoy our last book (Jubilee) and neither, particularly did anyone else! Our next book to read was picked as Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend, which I rattled through this week and finished last night.  It is worth a read if you liked Room or Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time as it's written very similarly.  We're not meeting again until December so I'll have to find some more books to amuse me until then; I'm cheating on my Kindle a little bit as I'm really enjoying reading real books again!

♥ I am having a bit of a knitwear moment at the moment and hunting down lots of cosy knits.  I ordered this aztec fluffy jumper from boohoo on Friday and am super excited for it to come!

♥ Talking of boohoo, Rafflecopter helped me pick a winner for my £100 boohoo voucher competition, I announced it on Twitter on Friday but in case you want to tell her congratulations or send envious looks her way it was the lovely Jenny from Sunny Sweet Pea.

A couple of quick snaps to post and now I'm off in search of some lunch! Happy Sunday all :)


Review: Garden Trading

One of the things I love most about blogging is the element of sharing, and finding, all the wonderful little nooks of the interweb that we would otherwise not have known about.  I love it when bloggers feature shops or lists of links and you can excitedly fill up your bookmarks folders (yes I am that organised) with new recipes to cook, articles to read or pretty things to buy.  The website I am featuring today is firmly in that last category.  I came across Garden Trading when they contacted me to ask if I'd like to feature them on my blog.  I'm sure we'd all admit that we get requests like this from various companies, some of which you decline because they simply don't fit and some of which you wonder how you didn't know about the site before!

The great thing about Garden Trading (besides the utterly beautiful product photography) is that there's a range of things from bargainous little stocking fillers to bookmark-aspirationally-because-one-day-I'd-like-to-live-a-life-that-involves-an-apple-store type items.  It is basically an ingredients list for my perfect life - lanterns, seed tins, apple pickers, enamel kitchenware and log baskets, ah, I dream!

I've put together a little list of my favourite things from the site.  Links to the products are below the collage.

2. Flour shaker  - £10
3. Small mesh lantern -  £12.50
5. Lighthouse lantern - £12 
6. Glass jar votive - £4.50

Don't you just want to go and live in all of those photos? As I write this I have my cinnamon Christmas candle burning away, the radiator in the craft room on (along with a big cosy cardigan) and I am dreaming of Christmas holidays and wintertime - one thing's for sure, that there will be lots of Garden Trading items on the list I send to Santa Claus! (One year I might be a good enough girl for a wood burning stove, but for now I'll just set my sights on a log basket....)

* This is a sponsored post.  But  I genuinely LOVE this site.  Can you tell?

Sequin sleeved parka

A little while ago I spotted a photo of the gorgeous Millie Mackintosh sporting a rather cute sequin-sleeved parka and decided that I basically needed to own it.  I love the trend at the moment of parkas with leather sleeves, or leather jackets with sheepskin sleeves and so on but I hadn't at that point seen one with sequin sleeves and I loved that it was a bit different (looking at the photo again I can't say I'm loving her leather trousers but at that point I was focussing on the coat...)

After some Googling around I found it on a website for about £55 and felt I couldn't justify spending that.  Then along comes Victoria's eBay post #20 and like a gift from the Gods there was the same coat for £38.  Obvs I snapped it up! That one had sold out at that point so I hunted and found one for slightly less P&P; here's the one I bought.

And here is me looking rather pleased with myself in my spangly new coat.  Look at the way it glitters and shines, oohhhh.
bowler hat: oxfam | parka: ebay
bag: primark | chinos: jack wills
pumps: betty london via spartoo* - £34
The shoes I'm wearing are new, they're little ballet pumps (yeah, you can see that I know!) by Betty London.  Ballet pumps, or flat shoes in general, are a bit of a wardrobe staple of mine, especially for work, but I traditionally always buy them from Primark or H&M and they feel so flimsy and end up letting in water or splitting after a few months. These are suede and the quality is just completely different, I have a feeling these will be lasting me a while!

Hope you've all had good Mondays, I felt slightly glum today so I'm glad the working day is over - I'm heading out shortly to a book club but I'm fearing being kicked out as I haven't had a chance to finish the book, I'm only about a quarter of the way through! The book we were supposed to read was Jubilee by Shelley Harris, has anyone read it? I found it kind of slow and last night the bulb of my reading light blew when I was furiously trying to plough through it so I gave up and went to sleep! I'll be the one hiding behind my drink and hoping no-one asks me what I thought of it!


In the quiet, in the crowd

One thing I dislike about the darker evenings is that when you're about to head out the door for an evening of pizza and vino and you want to take an outfit photo, flash is necessary.  I intensely dislike the use of flash photography.  So please excuse my slightly dazed 'rabbit in headlights' expression.  You will probably have rumbled by now that the main reason for this photo is to show off my new pride and joy, my Vivienne Westwood clutch.  To backtrack a bit, when I went to the Leamington Spa blog meet I was super inspired by the gorgeous Sophie's story of how she saved for her Mulberry Bayswater and how amazing it felt to finally have one.  It made me realise that I want to own some nicer individual pieces and so I've started a little moneybox to get saving for a beautiful handbag or coat that's a bit more than I'd normally spend.  I've also been saving some credits from Spartoo to spend out on this clutch and it feels so nice to own something I know I'll treasure for years to come.

outfit post with skater skirt and platform boots
top, skirt and boots: boohoo.com
wallet/clutch: vivienne westwood via spartoo*
cardigan and necklace: primark
We had such a lovely evening last night with some friends from Weymouth (hi Laura if you're reading this!) We went to Pizza Express in Christchurch and took advantages of their three courses for £12.95 weekend deal they have on.  It was ridiculously yummy but I felt so stuffed today that I felt the need to get out into the fresh air.  We went to Moors Valley Country Park which is about 20 minutes from us.  It was such a beautiful day today and it felt really good to get out into the sunshine.  I promised recently I'd share some more casual outfits so here is my outfit for stomping around the forest (I changed to boots in the end as I was scared of puddles!)

casual outfit post with shirt, chinos and vans
shirt: superdry | t-shirt: obey
chinos: jack wills | trainer: vans
I don't know if it's the change in season but I feel so much more at home in casual clothes at the moment.  Do you think I suit casual more?  I keep on reaching for jeans and chinos rather than dresses and tights and I am in love with my woolly hat!

A few months ago I bought a 50mm lens for my Canon (this one) and I've barely had the chance to try it out so I thought I'd take it to the forest today and give it a try.  I absolutely love it, especially for portraits.  Here are a few snaps of the day.

bodhi being carried over the big puddles - no muddy paws on our cream carpets please!

We had such a nice day and filled the rest of the day with making pea soup for lunch and settling down for a film on the sofa (Page Eight - it was average).  Now getting ready for X Factor, pajamas and lots of peppermint tea.  Hope you've all had wonderful days and that there was sunshine where you are...


Giveaway: Win £100 in Boohoo vouchers

// my winning pinterest board
One evening whilst I was away in Florida and the rest of the family were engaged in a game of Uno I decided to enter a competition to win £250 worth of Boohoo vouchers by pinning my favourite things from their website and Pinterest boards onto my own Pinterest.  This was pretty easy for me as I absolutely love Boohoo and am always lusting after lots of their items and doing online window shopping on their site.  I didn't think anything of it until a couple of weeks later when I found out that they loved my board and I'd won! To say I was over the moon was an understatement (actually did a little dance around the house) and not only is this awesome for me, it's also great for my lovely readers as I get to give one of you a £100 voucher too!

//some items I've been either buying or adding to my wishlist!

Entering is super easy via Rafflecopter below (you know the drill, entries for following me, entries for following their Twitter etc).  The giveaway closes at midnight EST (Rafflecopter says so) on Wednesday 17th October.  I'll pick a winner at random on the Thursday and boohoo will credit your account (or get you to set one up, then credit it) with £100.  Then you can shop away! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway