Dot my i's with eyebrow pencils

Shirt: ebay | Shorts: Zara | Wedges: H&M

Bodhi's blogger pose
Collar: Pets at Home :)
I haven't posted an outfit post for a little while so I thought I'd do a cheeky 2-in-1 today just in case the absence of them made you think I'd been walking around not wearing any clothes.  My other half was away with work last week so I didn't have anyone to take photos for me and I've tried taking them with a tripod before and never really managed it; kudos to anyone who does that!

I wore this last night as we were going out to the pub to soak up the sunshine and have a glass of wine.  In the end we decided to ride our bikes so I didn't wear the wedges, and then we didn't even made it to the pub as we took a 'shortcut' through a cornfield and then the final leg of the 'shortcut' was overgrown with stinging nettles and after being stung, eaten by bugs, whipped by leaves of corn and having to carry my bike have my bike carried over stiles and bridges I threw a girl strop and demanded we abandon the trip and go back home! Instead we ended up watching the Olympics Opening Ceremony in bed - I actually really enjoyed it and it got me quite excited about the Olympics whereas I wasn't before I watched that.  Will you be watching it? I think I might tune into some of the athletics and gymnastics; might keep me motivated with my running!

This morning we got up early to go swimming.  I joined the gym a couple of months ago so that I could start swimming a bit more regularly but my two-hour commute and lots of other events and responsibilities have meant I just haven't had the time to go.  I've been running every day this week except for on my rest day and I thought it would be good for my sore legs to do something different but sadly we got all the way there (it's about 20 minutes away) and the pool was shut for a 50+ class! Sigh. So I went out for another run instead.  I'm finding it harder than when I started now as my legs feel so much more tired!

I wore the outfit below to go for lunch this afternoon.  We tried a pub we haven't been to before that's only about a mile from us and it was actually really nice.  I had steak and chips with garlic butter and it was amazing!

Shirt: New Look | Playsuit: Natura (bought on holiday)
Sandals: Primark 

I don't think I have any more exciting news to share with you all; this evening my plan is to watch Finding Nemo on the sofa and catch up on The Bachelor and tomorrow I'm going out for an early birthday (it's on August 7th!) lunch with some good friends.  I am also doing some extra on-call for the Olympics so keeping my fingers crossed my pager stays nice and quiet and this weekend is a relaxing one.  What are you all up to?


Shoegazing | Current lust list

I don't know what it is but I'm having major shoe lust at the moment, interspersed by some very naughty bouts of actual shoe shopping.  It could be all the 'occasions' I seem to be attending at the moment (birthdays, hen do's, weddings) that require new footwear, or it could be the fact that with my weight being a bit up and down I'm finding comfort in the type of purchase that's guaranteed to always fit! Either way, a lot of shoes seem to be creeping onto my wishlist.  Here are just some I'm considering giving a home...

[2] Rocket Dog espadrilles - £18.60
[3] Vans Authentic Lo Pro - £37.10

[2] Rocket Dog Cutie pumps - £20.10
[3] Keds Champion lace ups - £52.00
[4] Blowfish Lakota sandals - £35.00

I am especially loving those Clarks sandals which would look gorgeous with a maxi dress or dressed down with skinny jeans.  I am in desperate need of some sandals for my holiday in Florida in September so might need to snap them up! After discovering the wonder of 'platform heels' (look really high, much easier to walk in - shhhhh) I have also recently invested in both a black and nude pair for various occasions.  If you're in the 'can't walk well in heels' camp too I highly recommend this guest post over at the awesome yes and yes blog for tips!


Hula girls and a healthy regime

This weekend was one of my very best friends' hen weekend, which started with me hopping on a train to Brighton early on Saturday morning and meeting the rest of the group in Southampton.  They weren't difficult to spot as they were all dressed as hula girls in grass skirts and bikinis (because I'd spent some of the journey on my own I instead opted for hawaiian print leggings and lots of lei garlands instead!) The activities that were organised for the do were a two course dinner at Vodka Revs, followed by a 'party bus' - essentially a bus strung with bunting and balloons and equipped with an amp for cheesy music - which took us from venue to venue and then rounded us up at the end of our slot in each place (a very handy service when you have 17 inebriated hula girls scattered around a nightclub!) The next day was spent mooching around Brighton and soaking up the sunshine before getting the train home in the evening.  I only had my iPhone with me so I'm afraid I don't have any particularly good photographs but here are a small selection....

When I arrived home I felt sufficiently grotty; probably due to the combination of bad food (chips for lunch, dinner and on the way home after the night out... and a fried breakfast in the morning!), drinking and not having much sleep.  As I don't go out as much as I used to, and I almost never go to nightclubs until the early hours of the morning, I felt like my body was really unhappy with me!  I was even more horrified when I weighed myself and discovered I'd managed to put 3lbs on in two days! Since I came off the Jenny Craig diet I've made a real effort to eat better and be more conscious of the quality of food that I eat and I decided on Sunday night that I'd try and make my body better (and shed those extra lbs!) by picking this up again and having a super healthy week.  We've started ordering Abel and Cole boxes so we can base our meals around organic veggies and I also did a food shop on Monday full of lots of good things to eat this week.  Whilst off on Monday (I took Monday off work to recuperate and catch up on sleep!) I also found this Tumblr, which intersperses photos of slim/fit girls with workout routine tips and other fitness related stuff and it made me feel quite motivated to start doing exercise this week along with trying to eat healthily too.  I'm on dog walking duty this week which means that before work I have to take Bodhi for a quick walk and we usually take him around the school field round the corner from us.  In my bout of motivation on Monday afternoon I decided to lace up my running shoes and take him for a run round the field instead and it felt really good! I did the same yesterday morning and this morning before work (I was out there at 6.30am - ouch!) and I am aching so hard today.  I've been using the Nike Running app which I highly recommend as you can set up playlists and it maps your route and gives you lap times and so on so it's going to be really useful to measure my progress.  I did a mile and a half this morning of running three sides of the field and walking the fourth several times (I don't think the Olympics athletics team will be quaking in their boots when I reveal it took me 12 minutes to run a mile; though then again they don't normally have to do their runs with small white dogs darting around their legs).

I joke about my 12 minute mile but at the same time I actually feel good about it because it's better than the 0 minute nothing I was doing last week when I was still asleep in bed at 6.30! Also, as I said on the phone to my Mum last night, however slow you run, or however many times you have to stop, you're still lapping everyone on the sofa or still in bed!

[1] Zaggora Hotpants  [2] Dirty trainers
[3] Pea, asparagus and feta salad  [4] Granola and blueberries
I'm not going to get smug about it or extoll the virtues of running because I've only been doing it three days but what I will say is that I feel really good about it and I'm looking forward to carrying it on.  I'd love to be a bit fitter and more toned for our holiday in September and being the competitive little person I am I'm excited about carrying on using the app and being able to beat my time as I improve my stamina.  I know it's going to be harder next week when Tom takes over dog walking duty again and I'm not forced to be out on the school field at silly o' clock but at the same time it will probably be easier running without having Bodhi trying to trip me up or show me up by bounding off ahead of me!

Do any of you run and have any tips you want to share with me? Have you had any blowouts and feel like getting healthier?


Not another instagram post* (*It is really)

I know that the more discerning blogger would say that instagram posts are THE DEVIL and should be avoided at all costs because - quote from any #blogger chat ever - "I already follow you on instagram so why do I want to see all the same photos all over again" and I know, I know, all 1003 (insane number) of you basically spend your lives glued to my instagram feed but I thought I'd blimmin' well do one anyway because stuff you discerning bloggers!  I want to put photos up of things what I did and write about what I did too and this is kind of an easy way to do it.

This week was a bit of a bitt-y week with bouts of extreme busy-ness and bouts of me being absolutely exhausted and flopping into bed at 10pm.  On Tuesday I went down to Weymouth to do some work and my colleague and I enjoyed a yummy pizza at - a favourite of mine - The Stable, overlooking Weymouth harbour (which you can see in 9 and 10).  There are a few photos in here of work outfits - followers on Instagram will know I sometimes suffer crises of confidence and post photos of potential work outfits to check people think they are office appropriate. Number 6 is a cute playsuit I bought in the ASOS sale that I love, but wasn't sure if it was right for work.  One of the obvious things that holds me back is having to get down to my undies to go to the loo at work feels really weird.   Another thing I ran by fellow instagrammers is the dress in photo 3 - it's this lace waistband skater dress from Missguided - to see whether people thought it was dress-y enough for a wedding.  Even though I've been to a few weddings in my time I'm never 100% sure on what's right for a wedding and what's not but I feel comfortable and nice in this dress and I think that counts for a lot.  I've also bought these shoes from Daisy Street to wear with the dress - I love how the red sole makes them feel a bit like Louboutins! The shoes in number 11 are also from Daisy Street and an absolute steal at £19.99 in the sale.  They also have red soles!  I think they'll be being worn to a hen do I'm going to this weekend - I'm off to Brighton tomorrow morning to celebrate one of my very best friend's impending wedding, and the theme is 'hula girls'.  Whilst others have gone for coconut bikinis and grass skirts I am not really a great fancy dress lover so I've gone for a Hawaiian print bodycon dress and purchased lots of Hawaiian lei to jazz it up a bit.  The hen's sister has booked a party bus and we're going for dinner at Revs and a few destinations before ended up at Oceana... I am slightly scared, haha!

The 12th photo is a Congratulations card and bunch of flowers that Tom kindly bought me to say well done for getting a secondment to another branch at work.  I'll be moving from our head office in Southampton to our Training Centre near where we live now to look at our training courses and eventually deliver training (scary!) It's a really good opportunity but one I'm slightly nervous about as it's unlike anything I've done before.  I always try and push myself to do new things and develop new skills at work so I know it will be a really good experience.  The only downside is that I'll no longer be on call as a Press Officer which means that I'm taking quite a significant paycut.  I hope that things like no longer having a two hour commute every day and doing something more challenging will balance it out but it will probably mean I feature new things I've bought less on here as I won't be able to afford all the splurging on clothes I currently do!

Hope you've all had lovely weeks - I'll be off being a hula girl until Sunday but I'm planning on winding down from the excitement of the weekend by reading blogs and drinking tea on Sunday afternooon so I'll see you then! :)


Giveaway: Oasap shorts, fox satchel and miscellaneous goodies

I have been meaning to do a giveaway for a little while and actually bought the fox satchel for that purpose a few weeks ago and then completely forgot about it! Oops! Then, last week I was sent some cute denim shorts by the lovely people at Oasap that were unfortunately too small for me and instead of sending them back they kindly said I could give them away.

SO ... up for grabs as part of my giveaway are a pair of awesome shorts and a foxy satchel.  Plus, I'll put everyone who enters in a third special, secret goody bag giveaway with some other lovely bits and bobs in it.  All I've picked up so far for the goody bag is a Stylfile nail file (one of the awesome S shape ones from the winner of The Apprentice last year) but I promise there'll also be some other nice smelling and nice tasting treats in there too.

I've done it as two separate giveaways as the shorts obviously won't fit everyone so feel free to enter whichever you fancy.  UK entrants only please.  The little Rafflecopter thing should all be self explanatory.

By the way, the shorts measure just under 30" around but I'd say they were best suited to a size 8-10.

Oasap shorts

oasap shorts denim shorts exposed pocket

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fox face satchel

fox satchel fox face bag

a Rafflecopter giveaway

It feels like a cliché but I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of the lovely people who follow me, tweet me, comment my blogs and generally show me support.  I remember how chuffed I was when I got my first follower, and my first ten... and that hasn't changed over time - I'm still over the moon every time that follower number goes up and I'll never take for granted that there's people out there who enjoy reading what I write.  Okay, okay, gush over!


When the water's gone, we'll drink the sand

I can't start this post without mentioning my lovely new layout, courtesy of Gillian at Elevator Musik. Do you like it? She has just started up a blog design shop and did the whole design for £20.  I only paid on Friday night and she had it all done by this afternoon, how awesome is that? If you're thinking of a redesign or even some minor tweaks I highly recommend.

This weekend has flown by so fast. I was on call last week with work which meant lots of work in the evenings and sleepless nights, so by the time Friday night rolled around I was about ready for PJs, a cold cider and an early night. We've been cooking lots of things from this month's Olive magazine this week and I made homemade pizza with meatballs and mozzarella, which was amazing.

Yesterday morning we headed to my parents' in Lee on Solent, where we stayed until Sunday morning. Saturday lunchtime was spent scoffing pizza and dough balls in Pizza Express in Port Solent. Port Solent has a cinema and shops but also has a marina, and is actually where Tom and I first met when arriving to take part in a sailing event at work, so it has fond memories for us. In the afternoon we all lolled on the sofa (Bodhi too!) and watched Charlie Wilson's War and then Indiana Jones.  My Mum made homemade burgers for dinner and then we all retired to bed, stuffed full of food.

This morning I awoke to blue skies and sunshine, which felt pretty special! We took Bodhi for a walk along the beach, scavenging for driftwood and hag stones.

We came home to warm croissants with wild rose jam, and I spent some time enjoying my parents' garden. It's such a lovely place to be on a sunny day.

We then travelled back home and this afternoon has been spent pulling up weeds in the garden, writing letters and soaking in the bath. I have also been nosing around Etsy searching for wedding presents and treats to go in a package I'm preparing for another lovely blogger - would anyone be interested in an Etsy favourites post? I seem to have accrued quite a few!

On a final note, the beautiful Katy asked me to be part of her 'Here's how we wear' series last week and she picked the theme of 'Little black dresses'. If you head over to her blog you'll see my outfit, and here is one that didn't make the cut. Was nice to get all dressed up even though I didn't have anywhere to take my LBD!

Hope you've all had lovely weekends,

And the devil's tail swayed with the tune

I've done quite a few posts recently on specific topics or product reviews but as I've mentioned before I do love a good old catch-up post (with a special love for Ayden's, she is queen of the blogular catch up!) so I thought I'd share with you some bits I've been up to over the last few days.  Actually, come to think of it, I love catch ups generally; there's nothing better than tea, cake and a natter is there?

On Friday I went out in Southampton with my lovely friends Fleur and Nicole.  Fleur is a long time friend who recently upped sticks and moved to America to live in a big house with her rock star boyfriend (is there such a thing as life jealousy?) but she's home for a few months so it was awesome to have some drinks and catch up (see, I told you I love catch ups).  There was dancing and Dr Dre karaoke (with my comb as a microphone, obvs), and then there was more dancing and mozzarella sticks on the way home.  It was great.  Whilst I mention Fleur, she has just started her own blog which I highly recommend you have a nose at.  She is a right beaut and I want her shoe collection.

As it was a 'ladies night' (bar honorary lady Nicole's boyfriend), I was without my trusty blog photographer boyfriend but I've discovered there were a couple of snaps of my outfit tucked away on my phone.  My top is from Glamorous [£22.99] and the trousers are the Boohoo disco pants [£20].  I bought these because I'm too stingy to shell out £70 for the real ones but I'm not sure they're much of a comparison - they don't have pockets, seams or a button etc so they're really just high shine leggings.  I'll do a proper outfit post on them soon.  My necklace is from the amazing jewellery shop Kukee, which I discovered after seeing on Gem Fatale's blog and instantly blew about £15 on!

Me and the Fleur.  I am not having my photo taken next to her again, she is too pretty.
unit group photo
Cool people

On Saturday we had the obligatory post-night out Vodka Revs lunch (their peppercorn burger was just what I needed) and then all disappeared home for afternoon naps and telly catch-ups.  Is anyone watching The Bachelor with Spencer from Made in Chelsea? It's so cringe-y but kind of addictive viewing.

On Sunday I did more lolling around and found a window of sunshine to sit outside and eat my lunch in and then take the dog for a walk.  I've been trying to get out and about with my new camera as much as possible to get used to all the different settings so I took some macro shots of the rain.  The bokeh in the last photo was completely by accident.

raindrops macro photo

bokeh holly macro light photography

I have quite an exciting meeting tomorrow afternoon about something quite different me (basically doing something different at work) so you'll have to wish me luck for that! Long time followers of my blog may remember a post I did last year called 'Change is good' and I'm trying to practice what I then preached by putting myself out there for a new challenge.  Excitingscary!

I spent quite a lot of time this weekend catching up on blogs and finding new ones.  Here are five I'm loving lately (or always!)...

Gotta dash, Tom is making sweet potato and quinoa burgers for dinner.  Yum!


Living with bigger boobs | Panache Tango bra review

I can't say I've ever really been 100% comfortable with having bigger boobs. When I was in senior school the boys used to call me flat chested, and then even when they started growing they wouldn't believe I wasn't 'stuffing my bra' (did anyone actually do that?!) Then, they didn't stop growing. I remember being an awkward 15-year-old, cringing as I was measured in Marks and Spencers, with my Mum desperate to make things better by finding me a bra that was befitting of a teenager and didn't have a wide strap at the back and three big ol' rows of hooks.  I was so jealous of friends that could get away with not wearing bras; who didn't have to worry about huge, uncomfortable strapless bras at proms and parties and who could wear 'strappy tops' and not feel exposed or uncomfortable.  I've never grown out of being that person envious of friends who can buy bikinis for £3 from Primark or H&M or wear lighter fabrics or tops with pretty detailing that skim over smaller chests.  Despite being measured all those years ago, for a long time I fought the fact that I was bigger than the sizing stocked in high street shops and used to buy bigger back sizes than I was to make the cup bigger, or buy bikinis in plus sizes (bikini tops in size 20s and then the bottoms in size 12, ridiculous!).  I had bras that were anything from 32DD to 36C and everything in between.  Then, a few years ago, I was in Brighton with my Mum and decided to get measured in Bravissimo.  They told me I was actually a 30F, and it really was life-changing seeing the difference in the way bras looked and felt now I'd found my real size.  That's also when I first noticed Panache, who, along with Bravissimo, are also stocked at Very.co.uk, ASOSAmazon and a whole host of other retailers.  Most of their bras are around the £25 mark (though I must admit I've snapped up several of mine in the ASOS sale) and for me, the fit is absolutely amazing.  Best British Bloggers got in touch with me a while back to ask if I wanted to review one of their bras or bikinis and kindly sent me the Tango Plunge bra in raspberry and matching briefs.

I was a bit embarrassed to show my face in an underwear photo so what I've done is Photoshop another model's face onto this photo of me wearing the bra.  Lols, or not....

I actually would have loved to have been able to show you a photo of me wearing this bra, but, I've never kept my blog a secret from friends, family, people at work and other people who know me and some of them I'm just not completely comfortable with seeing me in my smalls.  You'll just have to trust me I'm afraid that it fits like an absolute dream and is now one of the best bras I own - the colour is gorgeous too (and the best bit? Only two rows of hooks!)  

Of all the fashion tips I've picked up in life, one that has definitely stayed with me is that good underwear makes a huge difference.  Although I've spent my life resenting my bigger bust I know just as many girls who would like smaller boobs as would love to have F cup boobs (and one friend who has recently paid a significant amount of money to have exactly that!) and I've learnt over time that it's not about wishing you had something different but about making the most of, maximising, and being comfortable with what you've got. 


My three new life rules

This feels like an important post to me - it's one I've been thinking about for a few days and planning out in my head. I hope I do it justice. And, if it's a bit more wordy than my usual posts then I hope you'll bear with me.

You probably will have seen from my last two posts that I spent several days in Cornwall last week, and that they were mostly spent sat indoors with my lovely friend Lindsey whilst the boys went surfing. Being stuck in and watching the rain fall from a gloomy looking sky outside we did what any two ladies would do; we read magazines, we drank tea and we spent quite some time putting the world to rights. I guess before I start on explaining what I decided as a result of this I should also mention that I realised that allocating time to do this is really important. Before now I've always taken leave from work for holidays, events or activities, but never just to spend time mulling things over and taking stock of life. I think it's easy to get swept up in the busy-ness and chaos of life that you never give yourself time to stop the proverbial 'Bernard's Watch' and take a look around you and work out what's working and what's not working. Being able to chat things over with a wise friend over a pot of peppermint tea was also hugely enlightening. I hope she won't mind me saying here that Lindsey has gone through several operations lately and quite a lot of discomfort and so we spent a lot of time chatting about how things like that change things, and also about relationships, material possessions and health and wellbeing (yeah... stuff got deep!) Out of this I decided on three things I want to focus on over the next few months and I want to share them with you. I'd also love it if you shared with me your own wise words (more on the later).

The first thing is something that I've been thinking for a while.  A rhetorical question - think back to relationships you've had that have broken up or people in your life who you have loved and lost. Of the arguments you had with them, or the times when things have not been so good because you've been clinging onto bad feelings or holding grudges, how much of that really mattered? How many of them would you go back and have over again and how many would you drop because you just wanted to enjoy your time together? I'll bet a lot. The people who you have around you now, will not be there forever. I think we all spend too much time having petty arguments or getting worked up about little things that don't matter, and so my pledge is to give people a break more.  People are (usually) not wilfully annoying, frustrating, stupid or mean, and everyone makes mistakes. The best thing we can do for ourselves (and for other people) is to know when to give people a break. This counts for me too - I fully intend to not be so hard on myself and give myself a break every now and then. In every situation where I find myself getting worked up about something I'm going to ask myself 'will this really matter tomorrow, or in a week, or a month?' I am in control of what I let get to me and what I just smile and let go. And I intend to do the latter a lot more.

I am well known for being a bit of a clothes shopping addict. Come payday you can usually find me gleefully ordering new clothes, and it's almost become shameful when the post trolley comes round the corner at work a few days later weighed down by packages with my name on it, with the postman making a beeline for me and shaking his head. When I was 16 I worked in Budgens and earned a tenth of what I earn now. I used to save up my wages and go to the 'Moist' clothes shop in Southampton and buy myself a pair of baggy jeans or a zip up hoodie every month. And I wore them to death, every day having the excitement of putting on my new favourite item of clothing and knowing it was hanging in my wardrobe, nestling amongst other things I loved. I used to buy £50 jeans and £40 hoodies and feel really special in them. Now, I'll blow that in Primark on ten things that sit in my drawer and never get worn. They fall apart after the fourth or fifth wear or hang forgotten in my wardrobe. They don't make me happy or fill me with excitement. I own lots of lovely things but they're at the bottom of drawers because I can never find them.

In addition, I recently read this article on a blog - 'Happiness is simple, why too many choices makes us miserable.' It was such an interesting article and basically explains that having too much choice in our life makes us feel anxious that we'll make the wrong one and causes angst and stress. It explains that the happiest people in life are those who make choices and are content with things that are 'good enough' whereas people striving for 'the best' suffer stress from constant regret and disappointment. Lately I've realised that the amount of clothes and shoes I own often makes me feel stressed. The ironing pile is so huge that the things I want are never cleaned and ironed, new things I buy are swallowed in my enormous wardrobes and I'm constantly searching for that new thing that will bring an outfit together, neglecting the hundreds of clothes I already own. This pledge is to get rid of a lot of old, unworn clothes, and also to buy for quantity not quality. I want to rekindle that love I had for that special item of clothing when I was 15 by buying one or two really special things each month rather than 20 things that I'll have forgotten about in a few days.

Do you remember those cringe-y phrases your parents used to say over and over again when you younger until every time they'd go to say it you'd repeat it back to them in their voice? Well this was my Dad's. "Your body is like a car Rosie, what you put in is what you get out. If you put rubbish in, you'll feel rubbish." I've been getting tummy aches and headaches recently, and being on holiday with my friend, who has wheatgrass shots, eats tons of fruit and veg and buries herself in books about nutrition, made me realise I don't care enough about what I put in my body. Along with this, now we live more in the countryside I want to make better use of all the resources around us and eat more organic food from local farmers. I ordered an Abel and Cole box on Sunday and I'm so excited about eating loads more veggies, trying to introduce more fruit into my diet and eating more home cooked hearty meals.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my three aims for the coming months. I feel like a bit of a hippy sometimes but I think it's important to constantly strive to make yourself better and keep yourself happy and healthy.  But this isn't all about me - now it's...

I'd really like to get you guys involved and find out what advice you live by or any pledges you've made to make you happier. I'm going to do another post in two weeks time and publish your words of wisdom with your blog/Twitter links so please do comment or tweet me (I might even get a hashtag going!) and let me know. Let me know what you think of mine too, I'd love to know!


Easy like Sunday morning

First of all, I'm sorry for being a bit whinge-y in my last post.  I really dislike anything negative being on this blog but at the same time I feel that this blog is a place for me to be myself and I don't see the point in pretending that life is rosy all the time (excuse the pun) - sometimes you go on holiday and it rains all the time and you don't end up getting out and about as much as you'd like.  C'est la vie.  I think you all know by now that I am a great advocate of making time to loll on the sofa with a good book and a mug of hot chocolate but I am also a lover of adventures and really making the most of your free time.  It pains me that I have to cram all the fun stuff into the weekends (and evenings) so I actually rarely spend time doing nothing.  With this in mind, and the fact that most of last week was spent with my head in gossip magazines or enduring daytime TV, I decided to try and make the most of my final day off before going back to work (and enjoy the sunshine!)

We started the day bright and early by going along to a car boot sale in New Milton. Unfortunately it was 90% total rubbish and we left with only a handful of DVDs.  I am convinced that eBay has ruined car boot sales; honestly most of what was there I would have put straight in the bin.  Car boot sales are what Primark is to a lot of people I think; you see bloggers and friends finding absolute gems there but when you look it's nothing but old rubbish.

We then decided to go on to Highcliffe to walk the dog along the beach.  I should probably say now that my outfit was an outfit for a car boot sale, not for being photographed in so I apologise for my clashing upper half (actually, I don't, it's my blog, so yaboo shucks clashing colours haters).  This is our nearest beach and is only a couple of miles down the road, I think we're so lucky to live so near the sea.

We then decided to get breakfast at the cafe on the beach but sadly Bodhi had other ideas about staying in the boot of my car (my boot has a special dog friendly clip cover that means you can section it off from the car) and escaped through the cover and into the main bit of the car, jumping all over the leather seats and setting the alarm off.  So we dropped our naughty puppy off back home and headed to Cheese and Alfie's in Christchurch which was a better plan anyway as they do the best breakfasts evurrrrr.

I had eggs florentine with a hot chocolate with a flake and maltesers.  Double yum.

The project for this afternoon was to paint the living room.  I'd seen a feature on a lady's house in Mollie Makes magazine and fell in love with her green living room, which seemed to go with every colour.  As we have lots of colourful cushions and accessories I've been pondering which colour would bring the room together for ages and after a lot of tester pots we chose this sea green.  It's only had one coat so far but I love it already.

I am not, however, a lover of paint fumes so I had a few candles burning away whilst we painted.  I was recently sent two candles to try by the lovely Maryann at One Stop Pamper Shop and I just adore both.  The peony container candle (£3.50) is so relaxing, fresh and floral and the Rockin With the Stars candle smells like bubblegum and candy floss - I haven't even lit it yet and it's already made the craft room smell amazing (it smells a lot like Lush's Snow Fairy scent - divine!)  The best thing about these candles is that they are really highly scented and give off such a strong smell when burning (and not burning!) which I love as there's nothing worse than buying a candle which loses its scent after the first few minutes of being lit.  I've ordered from One Stop Pamper Shop before and loved all their bits and I already have a growing wishlist for my next order; chocolate fluff candle anyone?

This evening will be spent watching our new car boot sale DVDs; I also had a craving for pancakes earlier so picked up some pancake mix - I then noticed we have strawberries and raspberries in the fridge so I'm currently dreaming of pancakes stuffed with berries, with raspberry coulis on top and dusted with icing sugar... *dribbles*.  How did you spend your Sunday?