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4 June 2012

Down dust and pine cone tracks

I have always felt quite influenced by the weather - is anyone else like this? Last weekend I was full of the joy of summer; bare feet on the beach, shorts and little brown legs, windows down in the van and summer-y music blasting out, barbecues, cold cider, floaty dresses.  The weekend felt like it lasted forever! This weekend has just  been the antithesis of that.  We excitedly loaded up the campervan on Saturday morning for a little camping trip into the forest; blankets, barbecue food, cards, candles, local ciders and iPod and speakers.  When we, and our friends, arrived, all was well - the sun was out and Bodhi was happily running around in the sunshine.  Then the rain came.  Really heavy rain that seeped into the awning and made the burgers soggy.  We had to don raincoats for sprints to the toilet blocks.  My shoes and my jeans were wet. The dog was wet! Even though we were booked in for two nights, we came home.

Because we'd sort of 'won back' a day at home at the weekend, yesterday I tried to tackle a job that I'd been meaning to do for ages and launched myself into a 'big wardrobe sortout'.  Unfortunately my clothes stretch further than just the wardrobe - stacked up in huge Ikea bags in the conservatory, under our bed, in a huge wicker chest, in a chest of drawers, and lots of other hideaways.  So I yanked it all out and then instantly regretted doing it, and now we have a house full of piles of clothes! The wardrobe looks all neat and tidy now so I'm determined not to have to pile loads back into it but I find it really difficult to part with clothes I like, even when I haven't worn them for yonks.  Plus I end up doing that thing where you excitedly find something you'd forgotten about, and then more and more things end up sneaking their way back into the wardrobe!

Taking that last photo was quite a trial as my pride and joy, my Panasonic bridge camera, got wet yesterday and now the screen flickers on and off and it won't focus properly.  I've notified our insurance company but this is going to mean I spend the next few weeks getting to grips with my Canon 350D SLR again, which had long been cast into the back of the cupboard due to how heavy and clunky it is; plus it's so much easier having a camera that means you don't have to lug around a load of lenses! I was so upset when my camera stopped working - it made me feel terrible that I'm so dependent on a material object but I get so much happiness from photography and it's quite an integral part of my blogging, which, sadly (?!) has become a massive part of my life! I've been thinking a lot about my blog over the last few days (see, the rain and grotty weather is getting to me!) I hope you guys still enjoy all the bits I post up here.  I know there are more outfit posts than there ever used to be but I really am enjoying putting together and snapping outfits alongside all the other lifestyle-y posts and I've always felt that a blog should just be an extension of the person you are and the things you want to write about.  I just hope that that's also what you want to read!

Talking of blog reading, I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite reads at the moment.  Longest Acres is becoming one of my absolute favourites - the blog of a lady who used to work at Facebook and live in San Francisco, and then sold everything with her partner and bought a farm on top of a mountain in Vermont.  Her blog is full of beautiful photography and tales of (for me) a very envy inducing life! Other loves at the moment are Mel at Marmalade for her impeccable style and gorgeous outfits, Lily Bee - more lovely outfits and beautiful photography and Life in the Wendy House for adventures, clothes and more lovely photos (right up my street!).  I love finding new blogs to read so please do leave yours, and your favourites, in the comment box.

Have you had rain where you are this weekend? Does it dampen your mood or do you take the opportunity to have a lazy day indoors?

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  1. Eee thank you so much for the mention Rosie! I absolutely love your blog, it's one of my favourite reads so it means a lot for you to recommend me! (: Such a shame about your camping weekend but I'm exactly the same when it comes to the weather, when it was sunny I was so happy and motivated, now it's grey again I just want to hibernate! xxx

  2. LOVE the first photograph, Rosie, one of the rare times that I'll start to like the summer :P I always feel quite influenced by the weather too, although I hardly ever see it as the summer = good, and rain = bad. I've enjoyed both sides of the weather coin this week (: Also, lovin' the wardrobe organisation! Mine is colour coordinated and arranged in types of clothing... #thingsishouldnotadmitto! I do, however, need to go through and at least halve my clothes collection! Hope you're well Rosie! xxxx

  3. Oh no. Hope your camera gets repaired or replaced soon. I think when you blog what you love it will attract people (maybe not everybody but the right bodies). Thanks for sharing the new blogs - I always enjoy finding new bloggers.

  4. such a beautiful sunny photograph at the top! i'm just like you, sunshine and summer make me so happy but the rain tends to get me down; such a shame that your trip had to end early and about your camera - don't know what i'd do without mine (bit sad, perhaps? haha) x

  5. ahh thanks for the mention hun :D xx

    Mel x

  6. Oh I done the exact same thing with my clothes a few days ago, there's still piles of them all over the place! Your wardrobe does look nice and organised though. Definitely feeling you on the weather thing too! x

  7. we went to a family BBQ in parkstone and got soaked! Then looked around mums house for things we can makeover when she goes travelling in October, so exciting to be moving back out to the forest! x

  8. I'm so influenced by the weather as well, I don't think I was made for northern Europe. I feel so inspired by nice weather and well, the other way around. But I guess you get a lot done at home when it's raining! I had a big organizing day yesterday too! :)

  9. I really need to sort out my wardrobe, I meant to do it this weekend but keep being tempted out! I always mean to get chores done when it's rainy but often end up sat in front of the tv/laptop!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  10. It's weird how the weather has so much of a pull on me too - although I'm the reverse of most people - grey days and rain, thundery showers and high winds make me feel so energised somehow! Moody weather motivates me to whip out a notebook and get scribbling or play around with the camera (makes no sense really since the light is usually dull!).

    Sorry to hear your camera being worse for wear - really hope it is either fixable/replaceable really soon as I know how lost I'd feel without mine!

    Your wardrobe looks brilliant all organised/co-ordinated!

    Jem xXx

  11. My mood is practically directly linked to the weather - haha! Rainy grey days sap all of my energy, but give me sun and I'm planning all sorts of crazy things! I definitely agree that blogging should just be what you want to write about - one of the reasons I love your blog is the fact that you come across as so genuine (: x

  12. I love finding new blogs - thanks for the links!

  13. oh lord, I can't bare to tackle my clothes, waaay too many. Need a week to sort it out! loving the blog recommendations although I should be doing work and not reading blogs :( xx

  14. I'm definitely with you on the weather thing, rainy weather just makes me want to hibernate in my bed and avoid doing anything!
    I'm exactly the same with clothes, I never want to throw anything out just in case I might want to wear it one day! I've been trying to be ruthless and get rid of lots of things, and I've sold quite a few things on Ebay recently. It definitely makes getting dressed easier if you don't have to sort through mountains of clothes just to find what you're looking for!
    Aw that's a shame about your camera, hope you're insurance will manage to cover it. I have a Panasonic bridge camera too and I'd be lost without it, I love taking photos for the blog!

    Gillian x

  15. I know what you mean about the weather! It's so hard to dress for recently! Thanks so much for the mention, love your blog so much :)


  16. I am always very influenced by the weather. I'm so miserable when the weather is like this :(
    A great tip for organising clothes is to put all the hangers facing one way, when you wear something put it back in the other way. In 6 months get rid of all the clothes that are still facing the original way, if you haven't worn them in 6 months you probably never will.

  17. oh gosh, if only my wardrobe actually looked like this! need to get myself organized ;)
    xo TJ

  18. I know what you mean about the influence of the weather, I feel so different when the sun is out compared to when the rain comes down. It's not always the switch between positive and negative feelings between sun and rain, but I just feel different in different weather conditions- and whether I am out and about in them!

    Good luck on the wardrobe clearence, and with your blog- it's your blog to do as you please with. I hate that blogs like yours, which cover all sorts of things and are great for that, don't seem to be adequately catered in the adjective field. But ultimately, your blog is whatever you want it to be, and if it's heavy on outfits, but you want and do write about life, photography, beauty... or anything else you so choose, then so be it. I will definitely still be reading.


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