2 May 2012

Lunchtime shopping spree

At the moment I am saving for various different things including two holidays, a hen do, a busy August and a potentially expensive MOT so I am having to rather curb my spending habits.  Knowing that a spending ban would probably be unsuccessful I decided instead to pick a few things I knew I wanted this month and not allow myself to buy anything else.  I did a lot of overtime over the bank holiday in April so I wanted to treat myself but without the obligatory 'walk round Primark/H&M etc grabbing at random garments' shopping experience that leaves me full of things with tags on in my drawers I forget about until the next time I spring clean.

After making a mental list I trotted up to town on my lunchbreak today and managed to tick everything off my list:

L-R Primark £4 | Primark £3 | H&M £7.99
Collar necklaces

Although I own a fair few necklaces, the ones I do own are name necklaces in acrylic, big ol' anchor necklaces, and Tatty Devine-esque pieces that are lovely but wholly unsuitable for work.  I love the collar necklaces that seem to be everywhere at the moment and I think these will be perfect for the office over a shirt with a high waisted skirt and heels.

H&M £14.99

I've been desperate for a Cambridge Satchel for quite some time but don't feel able to justify the pennies so when I saw this H&M satchel for £14.99 I knew it had to come home with me.  It will be perfect for taking to work and stashing my iPod and Kindle in for the train journeys.  Unfortunately, as you can quite plainly see from the photo (but I didn't notice at the time) it is missing a buckle so it will need to be taken back tomorrow - annoying!

Both Primark: £6

Boaty pumps

Obviously you all know by now I am a lover of all things nautical and I have been on the hunt for a while for some new pumps to wear with jeans and shorts (when the sun comes back) since my Sperry Topsiders are becoming a little worse for wear.  I couldn't resist these two pairs in Primark.

Nail Polish, H&M £2.99 | Matte Top Coat, H&M 1.99

Matte nail varnish

Actually it appears I've failed already as the blue polish on the left was a bit of an impulse purchase, but the matte top coat has been on the list for a while so I went and grabbed this one from H&M - 1.99, bargain!

What's on your list of must-haves this month?


  1. I am doing the same [or trying to!] as you this month, just treating myself to a few little things. I have already bought a top off Lavish Alice, but am going shopping this weekend for holiday bits as I go away next month. A visit to primark is a must for this, am after lots of cheap holiday bits as well as a mint green blazer! Bet I end up with more stuff than I intend though!
    I love your purchases, especially the last collar necklace. I think I need it! That's the thing about blogging - forever seeing things on people's blogs and thinking 'errr need that!' when I don't really...
    Sorry for my essay of a comment! :) xx

  2. You've picked some lovely things! I especially love the satchel and all those necklaces :)

    I have a wish list in mind but have to hold off from spending as it's my birthday in a few days time! x x

  3. You picked out some super cute things, I adore those shoes; especially the first pair! The H&M satchel is lovely too! xo

  4. The h&m silver collar is beautiful! Love the h&m nail polishes especially the blue one you picked :) I'm dying to try that matte top coat. x


  5. I love the coloured collar necklace you got at h&m! :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  6. Lovely bits! I love all the necklaces, especially the one with the coral! Both the pairs of shoes are so sweet too - I need some summer flats!


  7. These look like some lovely items, Your blog is really nice :) xx

  8. Someone's been naughty! Haha. Love that H&M collar, ahhh it's beautiful xx

  9. Ooooh, loving the H&M necklace and satchel. Think the shoes will suit your style epicly (I'm not big on them myself, but they always seem to look great on other people...) and the satchel is brill (except the missing buckle). I really want a Zatchels satchel, I love the graphite coloured one or the green elephant skin style one, they're just gorgeous. Sadly, nowhere near enough pennies.

    In other news, WELL DONE YOU for this evening's news. So pleased that you got your wings, you'll be brilliant!

  10. Gorgeous necklaces!!! Lovely lovely items, those shoes will suit you so much!! x

  11. Such pretty things! If you don't mind me asking, where is the bedding from that is underneath your purchases? I love it!

  12. I love the boat shoes, the blue ones especially :) My must-have this month is a new pair of decent jeans. I've worn my other pair to death, so the time has come to invest in some new ones.
    R xx

  13. Love the collar necklaces, they're gorgeous :) xx

  14. Love the necklaces and pumps. Great finds!


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