30 April 2012

Ode to my hair

Sorry if this post is looking a little bit 'Rosie's face overload' at the moment, but do not be fooled; this post is not about my face - it is about my hair.  A little story to begin with - as any girl who grew up in the 90s and for whom Gwen Stefani was an early fashion icon will understand, I longed for platinum blonde hair for a long time before actually taking the plunge.  Hairdresser upon hairdresser for many years told me not to do it; telling me my hair would fall out, break off, catch fire etc (okay not the last one, but the other two).  This led to years of highlights - always hoping to for that perfect blonde colour but sometimes looking more like a badger or a beige zebra crossing.  Then, one day, about a year ago, I just thought 'stuff it, you only live once' and did it, and guess what, my hair was fine! But I must admit, it does need a lot more care than it ever did before, and conditioning treatments and shampoos for coloured hair are a must.  But I digress - the reason for this post is that I am a long time Aussie advocate, and when I saw last week that they were looking for some more Aussie angels to join their group of lovely bloggers I knew it was something I wanted to have a go at.  All you have to do is write a blog post about why you deserve to be an Aussie angel, and this is mine.

But as the brief said you can be as creative as you like, I thought it would be fun to something a little bit different, and so I decided I would write a little poem about my hair. When looking for inspiration, I had to look no further than Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 - with his glossy, dark mane I reckon he was a man who knew a thing or two about haircare, and so it was easy to take his words and, um, completely butcher them. Here it is:

Ode to my hair
Shall I compare thee to a nest of hay?
Thou art as yellow and as dry.
Rough winds do shake you into disarray,
Not helped by years of straightening and dye.
Somewhat too hot the plates of GHDs,
Which means my blonde hair’s colour’s dimmed.
Their heating to such high degrees,
Means often split ends must be trimmed.
But luckily my platinum colour does not fade.
With help of Aussie Colour Mate.
Which nourishes and keeps it shade,
And ‘Feel the Heat’ means I wear it straight.
Thank God for Aussie’s what I say,
To help repair my head of hay.

Well, that was a first - can't say I've ever written a poem about my hair before, whatever next! I guess you can tell from this post that I'm a massive Aussie fan - I couldn't live without Three Minute Miracle or the Soft Feel Serum (which just smells a-mazing) - are you an Aussie lover? Which of their products are your favourites?


  1. Great poem Rosie! Best of luck with the competition! I love their 3 minute miracle mask :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  2. Ha ha! I really enjoyed reading this post. You deserve to be an Aussie angel! X

  3. hahahhaha, you are a genius rosie! you would make an amazing aussie angel, good luck! and i love love love your hair.


  4. this is hilarious, loved it! as an english student i salute you for such wonderful parody. good luck, rosie.

    p.s. do not blame you for wanting gwen's locks, such a babe.

  5. your haor looks so aaaaawesome :D I was such a big fan of gwen in the 90's as well ( wish I had to guts to dye my hair pink )

  6. You definitely deserve to be an Aussie Angel after that stellar poem! :) Best of luck.
    R xx

  7. Ahh love the poem! You definitely deserve to get your Aussie angel wings! <3 xoxo

  8. ha! I love this, hope you get to join the team. I am so boring with my hair. Never dye it or get a crazy cut x

  9. Good luck, Rosie! I, too, LOVED Gwen Stefani (and her amazing locks) when I was a kid- she's still an idol of mine! Loving your 'do too! xx

  10. Good luck, great poem! Gwen stefani made me go blonde too xo

  11. Love your rendition of the sonnet haha :D I love the colour of your hair :) I also loooooove Aussie, especially 3 minute miracle! No matter how dry my hair is it fixes it :) x

  12. Lol a poem should so grab attention! I use the three miracle mask and it is amazing stuff! Good luck!

    Morag x

  13. HAHAH loveee this Rosie!!!! You pull my inner Poet heart strings! You romantic you! I used to use Aussie all the time, although I found it actually made my hair a bit greasy. It was about 5 years ago tho, so maybe I should try it again. xxx

  14. This is the best blog post I've seen all year. FACT! Ha ha! If you don't get to be an Aussie Angel I'll be shocked. Awesome poem! xx

  15. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this, it's epic. You well and truly kicked my butt, but I do hope we both get the opportunity to work with Aussie- how awesome an excuse would it be to meet up.

  16. Hehe that was great, I love your hair in all of these photos!



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