10 April 2012

Jenny Craig: Day 60

You may remember a little over a month ago I told you about my progress on the Jenny Craig diet.  In my last post I told you that Jenny Craig's PR department very kindly offered to keep me on the programme until I reached my goal weight of losing a stone.  And the exciting news is, I'm nearly there! Having been on it for two months now (I had a gap in the middle where I came off it and then started again) you might think that I could have lost more weight than I have, but the key to Jenny Craig is that it's not just about helping you lose weight whilst on the programme, it's about re-educating you about all sorts of things like portion sizes and the make-up of food on your plate, so that when you come off the diet you maintain the weight rather than piling it all back on again.  Whilst being on Jenny Craig I've lost an average of around 1-2 lbs a week, which is a good, maintainable amount, and I'm so pleased with what I've done.

So far on Jenny Craig I have lost... 10 lbs! Meaning I'm only 4 lbs now from my goal weight.  I have decided to have two weeks left on the programme before I go onto 'maintenance' where they help you maintain your weight whilst eating your own food. So I really have to get my bum in gear to shift those last few pounds over the next 14 days.

The statistics I'm most pleased with are the inches I've lost since doing the programme.  I have lost:

3.5" from my chest
3" from my waist
4" from my abdomen
3" from my hips

... that's almost 14" of Rosie that have slipped away!

One of the things I've found with this diet is how easily it is to naturally go to reward yourself with food when you reach a goal.  When I saw a number on the scales I hadn't seen for a long, long time, it was so tempted to give myself a pat on the back with one hand, and with the other reach for a bar of Galaxy! Counterproductive, I think you'd agree! So I've decided not to buy myself the bits of makeup I have sat in my Boots basket (yes there are Revlon Lip Butters, yes I am a sucker for hype) and wait until I can tick off the next two pounds to treat myself.  Obviously I'll have to think of something a bit better than that for the final two! Any suggestions? :)


  1. I've heard a lot of positive things about the Jenny Craig plan, and the food does look pretty delicious for the most part!

  2. Ohh great results, the maintenance sounds great too. So easy to go mad when you go off plan. I treated myself to a silver ring in Manchester this weekend :) x

  3. wow those results are good!! and the food looks scrummy!!
    keep it up chick! i may try it too!
    esme x

  4. Wow congratulations. After putting on several pounds in the last few years I am going to seriously attempt to lose it and you will definitely be motivation. When you are down to your goal size a nice dress/outfit for your new svelte self is always a good option in my book.

  5. Congrats on your progress so far! That's fantastic!

  6. Well done on your progress so far! Good luck with reaching your target! Would love it if you could take a look at my blog - http://lucy-abigail.blogspot.co.uk/

  7. Wow! That's awesome, no wonder I thought you were looking much slimmer in pictures. I'm still trying to shift the kilo I somehow gained overnight a week ago, perhaps I should get on Jenny Craig.

  8. I think it makes perfect sense to treat yourself to a fabulous new frock. Something that perhaps you wouldn't have felt comfortable in pre-diet, but makes you feel gorgeous now.

    My friend keeps 'before' and 'after' head-to-toe photos on her fridge to keep her motivated during the maintenance period. Sounds like a good idea :)

    You're seriously looking good lady. I'm ashamed to be reading this while tucking into a Tesco Finest Belgian Chocolate Mousse :S

  9. Congratulations! I'm starting to measure myself instead of weighing myself as I think it's a slightly easier/better thing to aim for!

  10. Normally, less of Rosie would distress me greatly, in this instance though, I'm pleased that this has worked out for you in a way that is healthy and makes you happy. You're looking really rather stunning these days Miss Tapping!

    Treat for the final push... Something BIG! Maybe one of the Mac makeover thingies and some of the prettiful products? Or something similar?

  11. Massive well done Rosie!!!! Very healthy timing and losings. I wish I had the dollar to do it! I too need strength to resist chocolate reewards and do agree clothing etc is a much better reward! xxx

  12. Everytime I convince myself not to do the Jenny Craig diet (money savings kate!) you come along and make me want it soooo bad!! *ahem* I say that though and here I am eating a twix for breakfast. :/ *!need help quick!* Huge congrats on the loss though hun - AMAZING! xoxo

  13. wow 10lbs that brilliant! i'm starting my second hamper this week so hopefully that'll sort out my easter chocolate madness. oh god i always end up rewarding myself with food. i don't really know how losing 2lbs warrants a box of cupcakes haha. you've lost loads of weight so definitely get something special, maybe some jewellery? xx

  14. Jenny Craig is great as a support group, but their pre-packaged food products are more hype than anything else. Most of the JC meals are full of sodium and preservatives. Not healthy! I've actually had much more success with a diet meal delivery (The meals I get are prepared fresh and then frozen. No preservatives!).
    Over the past year I've lost over 70lbs by eating healthier and increasing my activity.

    I was so proud of myself I even made a website to share what worked for me (Ok and maybe to brag a little bit and show off the new me :-))

    Check out what I did on my site: http://sandygotsmaller.com

  15. congrats girl! that's so awesome to hear. i've been stuffing my face like crazy lately, and although i don't feel the need to start a diet regimen, this is certainly the inspiration i need to get back on track and eating healthy (instead of eating EVERYTHING). xo. jessica.


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