23 February 2012

The gate don't creak for want of you

When I saw Rosie from The Londoner's post about these 'bermuda green' jeans from ASOS (£16 - what a bargain) I knew they were the perfect addition to my wardrobe to make me feel excited about Spring being on its way! I wore them with my new shirt from Princes Vintage (only around the house mind you) but when I asked Tom to take a photo of me he politely informed me after a few takes that 'the shirt doesn't go' so I swapped it for a different top.  Alas I didn't realise until I put the photos on my computer that the second photo was completely out of focus; general outfit photo fail really!

shirt: £10 Princes Vintage | trousers: £16 Pieces at ASOS | shoes: topshop

trousers and shoes, as before | top: h&m

Because I am clearly 27 going on 50, now the evenings have started getting lighter and it's beginning to warm up a bit, I've started thinking about what we can do with the garden this year, and what we can grow in our veggie patch.  Obviously it's too cold still to plant seeds out there yet so I've been starting seeds off in what I'm calling my 'germinarium' (yes I am a complete geek).  It's basically our old fishtank, but with no water in it, and seeds in propagators getting all ready to be planted outside.

We only planted them on Sunday and look at the rocket seeds growing away already! Cool, huh?

On a final note, I've been meaning to share with you this amazing cheesecake I made on Saturday night.  I am still doing Jenny Craig so I only allowed myself a little slither but it was absolutely delicious and so easy to make.  You can get the recipe from the BBC Good Food website here.

What are you doing to prepare for Spring? Am I the only one advance buying a new wardrobe?


  1. Oh these jeans (a great bargain btw!) look like the spring is just around the corner! Pretty! X


  2. I think we're a match made in heaven. For I am 23, yet I act like a 67 year old.
    Personally, if you wanna wear your shirt you wear it, but the stripey one looks cute too. AND THOSE TROUSERS.. AMAZING COLOUR!!
    I'll be over in 15 minutes for a slice of cheesecake, and we'll discuss cabbages for the garden.xx

  3. Loooooooooooove the jeans ;) Ooof, you'd make a right sexy OAP!

  4. I love the colour of those jeans, they look gorgeous and are perfect for Spring! :)

    Caroline x

  5. £16? bargain!
    I have been planning my new spring clothes. I just bought a biker jacket because my huge winter one is just too big and heavy and I've been buying lots of pastel colours. I want to grow herbs but they always die :( I think I over water them x

  6. I'm not sure about Spring, but I think I'm consistently buying a new wardrobe! The jeans really suit you, and the shirt is really unique.

    I'd like to grow some vegetables, I have a small balcony on my flat but unfortunately there's a nest of pigeons under a pot on the adjoining flat, and I'm terrified of birds so I don't like going out there too much. I like the fishtank germinarium though! x

  7. You look lovely, such great colours together! xx

  8. Woah!!! That cheesecake looks AMAZING!! Why are you making cheesecakes if you can't eat them? Crazy lady! :)
    A vegetable patch sounds so lovely - that's the worst thing about living in a flat - we tried to grow some stuff in pots on the balcony one year but it's just not the same
    And those jeans look fab on you :)

  9. I love the stripy jumper! I live in stripes but I just think they're easy to wear and give an outfit an edge xx

  10. LOVE these jeans, I still have the link open, I can pretty much guarantee they'll be in my basket before I finish typing this comment! I actually bought sweetpea seeds the other day! I LOVE them, but now I have to wait before I can plant them and wait for them to grow before I can have vases and vases of them around my room! I'm impatient, I want them in my room now!


  11. I totally do NOT have your self control, that cheesecake would have been all mine!! Looks amazing. And I really look forward to vegetable patch updates - does that make me old as well?!

  12. Oh my god you made that cheesecake?!!! I think I'm in love with you!

  13. Looks like both shirts match with the pants to me. I saw a commercial that said to start your seeds now. But I dunno. It's still snowing here in WI, USA. I think I'll give it another week. Our weather is really off from other years. Cheese Cake FTW!

  14. Great jeans- and what a bargain! Cannot wait for spring to finally show its face :)


  15. Send me that cheesecake please! I love the bright shirt and those jeans are a bargain xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  16. Love the jeans, love the shirt, just not quite sure about them together either (SORRY), but love both items.

    I'm on a complete downer about spring at the moment. I seem to find myself not caring if/when it comes along and what will happen. I think I'm just a bit stuck where I have no idea what's going to happen to my life with so many balls up in the air at the moment.

    On a more positive note, your cheesecake looks EPIC and the BBC Good Food site is always a great place for recipes and ideas- my parents have a magazine subscription for BBC Good Food- well worth a look.

  17. I love the first shirt you tried on. very cute!


  18. Oh wow those are very beautiful .Your excitement is clearly justified! I want to tell youtrue religion shorts is my favorite and hope you can come in and see.


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