14 February 2012

One Stop Pamper Shop review

I found One Stop Pamper Shop through the Big Fashionista blog when she was showcasing small businesses. As soon as I came across her site, full of yummy sounding candles, bath bombs, soap and gifts I knew I had to order something.  With some Christmas money I treated myself to the four products in the photo below and I wasn't disappointed.

Ginger bath bomb £1.80  |   Robin's Nest Bath Brulee £2 
Snowdrift creamer £1  |  Bain Le Bombe £2.25

Her Christmas items (the ones I bought are linked in the caption) are all on sale now and I'm already making a mental wishlist of some of her amazing sounding new products like the Very Vanilla Bath Bomb and the In the Mood bath bomb, which look good enough to eat (I won't though, promise).  I was really impressed with all of the products I ordered, and when I got mixed up about where they'd been delivered (my fault!) Maryann who owns OSPS was quick to tweet me and help out.  In particular the Robin's Nest Bath Brulee smelt like heaven and made my skin feel so soft! Overall a big thumbs up from me!

Matte it Primer £11 | Cucumber and Mint Shower Gel £5
Spiced Pumpkin Shower Gel £4  | Wild Cherry Body Scrub

I had heard a few people recommend the Body Shop Matte It Primer, so when they had a 40% off code recently I snapped it up (making it £6.60 instead of £11) along with a couple of shower gels and a body scrub.  The primer is really good and does what it says on the tin; makes my skin feel very matte and blemish free for application of foundation.  The only other primer I've used before is the ELF primer which is £6 - I'd say this is better than that but I'm not sure I could justify purchasing it full price.  The spiced pumpkin shower gel looks to have sold out now but I'd recommend picking one up if you spot one in store, it smells absolutely gorgeous.  The Wild Cherry Body Scrub smells lovely and is a great product but I also tried Soap and Glory Flake Away this week which blasts this one out of the water and is a much better buy.

You can use the code LOVE35 this week to get 35% off Body Shop orders online.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?

* Nb. I bought all of these products with my own money; this is not a sponsored post.


  1. Oh you are such an enabler! I just used the code on body shop and bought lots of things. My bank balance hates you! (Don't worry though, my skin will love you!)

    L x

  2. Oohh they all sound gorgeous! Which was your favorite?x

  3. I'm such a big fan of The Body Shop. I love their tea tree face wash. It's so delicate and doesn't dry your skin. I loved reading the reviews.I would love it if you liked to follow each other. I just started following your cute blog :)

  4. I love The Body Shop, was just browsing the site and now I'm gonna have to make an order! Thanks for the code :) x

  5. funnily enough i nearly ordered the ELF primer today...i may use this code now though and buy the bodyshop one. all those bathbombs look gorgeous btw! x

  6. The products look great, maybe an alternative to Lush ? :) x

  7. Oooh I love a bath bomb! going to check these out.
    I had that huge Soap and Glory kit for Christmas, barely made a dent on any of the things in it yet x

  8. Must check out OSPS, sounds great!

    I have an on/off love affair with The Body Shop! I think I just get bored of it after a while and then get all excited about it again?! At the moment I'm a bit "off" it, but the discount code may help rekindle my feelings for it?!!! ;D xx

  9. My friend used to sell products for the Body Shop (as a party planner) and I was always surprised by their range - some of it is really nice! I'm tempted to try the primer actually, sounds good! x

  10. I 'know' Maryann, she also sold on folksy when I was on there! I love her shop. She does wonderful candles too. :) xx


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