28 February 2012

10 internet finds [2]

I always feel so inspired when scouting around the internet and finding new things - whether it's a new blog to read, a recipe I want to make or an idea for a crafty project, I love that idea of feeling really motivated to get creative.  I am definitely going to dedicate the next couple of months to making new things, doing lots of scribbling in my notebook, taking photographs on my various film cameras and working on my main project - transforming our garden into a place bursting with life (not to mention lots of fruit and veg).

Two websites I have been spending lots of time on recently are Pinterest and Hello Cotton.  I'm sure you all know about Pinterest (I am rosieoutlook on there if you want to add me) but you may not have heard of Hello Cotton - it's essentially a big directory of blogs but every day they pick out up and coming blogs and feature blog posts on their homepage.  They also feature posts by category so it's a really great way to find new blogs or interesting posts.  Several of my finds this week have been blogs that have popped up on there.

This week I've loved:
  • This Tumblr blog listing life's simple pleasures.  Great inspiration for my 'list of things that make me happy' notebook.
  • I must buy some prints from the Restyle Etsy Shop - his Scandinavian inspired prints of kettles, cups of tea and spice canisters will go perfectly in my kitchen and I can't resist this camera print for the craft room.
Camera print - £14
  • I found this blog post on Hello Cotton - the idea is you aim to hear 100 'No's' in a year by pushing the boundaries of what you would normally do and the opportunities you seek.  There's another blog post on the idea here that says 'Get comfortable asking big, scary, important and exciting questions' and there's even a downloadable printable that helps you check off the no's.  (Of course the idea is that you'll get a whole bunch of yes's too, for things you'd never have tried/asked for before).
  • I also found Kristina's lovely blog, Nook and Sea through Hello Cotton - it is a gorgeous site full of baking, cooking, interior design and DIYs and projects.
  • I came across the Two Peas and their Pod blog whilst pinning their recipes on Pinterest.  I must make the cookie dough dip and cinnamon streusel pancakes (when I'm not dieting, obviously!)
  • Another website I've bookmarked for when I come off the diet (for occasional treats!) is Two Tarts - two friends who share the most delicious sounding recipes! Eggs with a hash brown crust anyone?
  • These printables and downloadables by Mollie from Wild Olive - I love the recipe binder and blog planner printable pages!
  • I signed up to the Free to Be Supreme website this week - Free to be Supreme is a members-only website that offers stylist picks and promotions on fashion, homewares, gifts etc.  Their promotions section is great and currently has codes for money off at Urban Outfitters, Office and New Look.  They are also currently running a competition to win a £500 spending spree at My-Wardrobe.com and everyone who signs up using the invite code MY500 is entered! (Fingers crossed!)
... And three blogs to read this week; Park Bench Poet | Curiosity Kate | Sugar for my Honey


  1. I have found so many lovely blogs from Hello Cotton, and I always find new ones to follow from your links too! That camera print is perfect :) xxx

  2. Ooh, I have lots of lovely new material to sift through now, thanks Rosie! I've loved Just the Little Things on Tumblr for so long now, so great as a little reminder of the things that keep me sane and ticking over (:

  3. Thank you for the lovely blog mention :)
    Looking at just little things :) it's super cute!!
    Nook & Sea and Two Peas & Their Pod seem great too, anything food related goes down very well in my books!
    x x x

  4. Thanks for the tumblr blog link - I'm always looking new and interesting ones. :) X


  5. I am constantly looking for new and exciting things to look at! It's always at the worst time when ive got my most exciting finds up on the screen! Like now when my computer is ain't to die :)
    Cute pictures of the beach below also! X x x

  6. Rosie I absolutely adore posts like this - never mind the Internet being inspiring, YOU always inspire me! Absolutely love your Pinterest boards! Looking forward to the Blogger meet at the end of the month :) Keep up the good work! xxxx

  7. I love these kinds of posts, they're very inspiring :)

    Love your blog, it's one of my favourites!




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