20 November 2011

The forest, Hepwrights, burgers and street style

Another blog, another set of dog walk in the forest photos right? Wrong! Oh no, wait...yeah... right! But I have done more than just this this week.  Scroll on...

I also visited the absolutely awesome Catherine at Hepwrights in Bedford Place in Southampton to interview her for My Street Chic.  I will be posting up her interview and some more photos to the Southampton section next week.  Catherine is the first person I've interviewed for the 'local stylemakers' feature and I had such a fun time chatting to her about the stories behind the clothes, fashion in Southampton and independent businesses.  I feel like I've made a new friend and will definitely be popping back up to see Catherine for a cup of tea and a natter again soon.

Talking of My Street Chic, the lovely Gina who works for MSC visited me on Friday for a yummy Slug and Lettuce lunch, a scout around West Quay for some fashionable Southampton types and a radio interview.  We photographed some great street style, all of which is now up in the Members Gallery in the Southampton section.  Look out for a Street Style Heroes vote of six of the best early next week.

On Friday evening we went out for dinner with some friends and then invited them back to ours for ice cream and a game of Pointless.  We went to Sixty Million Postcards in Bournemouth, which is an amazing pub/venue/eaterie/generally awesome place and all had burgers (I had an avocada, bacon and dolcelatte burger and it was amazing).  Tom and I agreed we'd go back there again during the day so I could take a couple of snaps - until then here is one I nicked from bhbeat.com.  

img credit: bhbeat.com

Today has been a boring computer day of finishing my management assignment and editing photos, along with designing and ordering gift tags from Vistaprint.  I bought a deal from Groupon for £60 to spend on the website, added it all to my shopping cart and then discovered that, because they take off all the discounts they usually offer it would have been cheaper to order it without the voucher, meaning I totally wasted the £12 I paid for it.  Wrote a complaint to Groupon and they replied with a crap standard response.  Gah!


  1. It dose look like you have had a busy week, love the photos of the walk through the park.

  2. Why have I not seen this shop before?! Haha. xx

  3. Your pup is so cute!

    I've had a nightmare with groupon - booked a clean who has never arrived & they won't refund us, just trying to give us credit instead, grr. xx

  4. Those forest photos are amazing! Not been to 60 million in ages and ages! I've never eaten there though and have never heard anyone mention the food so I didn't even realise they served food! Your burger sounded awesome though so might have to check it out!
    Sorry to hear about your crap experience with Groupon. I tried to book a chocolate making class in Verwood a while back and they obviously got overwhelmed with people wanting to do it and I could never get hold of them so Groupon refunded me.
    The Mystreetchic thing sounds like such fun - I did sign up to do it for Bournemouth a few months ago but I'm just way too busy right now :(

  5. Beautiful photos, please continue posting pictures of your dog he's just so adorable!


  6. Aw those photo's are so lovely, making me feel all cosy :) Your dog is literally the cutest!

    All this mystreetchic talk has got me all excited for the 16th! Raaahhhh not long to go now lovely! Can't wait to see you and Laura again xxx

  7. Your photos are so lovely. And your puppy is absolutely gorgeous. I have been pestering Ben about getting a Schnoodle after seeing yours. And the fact that the breeder lives near my mum. I'll keep on nagging :) xx

  8. Wow what a busy week! Your walk looks beautiful, with the scenery and the leaves!
    I also think the photos of the shop look so cute and quaint! About to check out MyStreetChic right about now!
    Shame about groupon.. I've never used them, and don't think I will now!

  9. Hi Again Rosie - good to be connected via Catherine! Lovely post :)

    Sarah x

  10. This is totally off the subject but I just wanted to thank you for mentioning on one of Kate Louise's posts about 'Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway' I have just finished reading it and already it has changed my way of thinking!! :)

  11. Gorgeous pics. The light in the woods looks fantastic!

    I hope the Vista Print shizz gets sorted.

  12. Totally read your last blog post and didn't comment on it because I got distracted by ebay stamps and luggage tags :P Sounds like you've been busy doing lots of fun things :P Now next month needs to hurry up, I can't wait to see everyone again!!

    L x

  13. Sounds like a great week :) I love the forest/dog walk pictures! Beautiful!

  14. i could never get bored of seeing pics of your pup! that vintage place looks incredible too, right up my street! x

  15. im currently reading allllll of your posts but had to comment on this just because I LOVE 60mpc so so much! the food is just amazing isn't it? I miss it so much being away from Dorset :( xo


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