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20 October 2011

The city's sweet as cider

The weeks just seem to be flying by at the moment - I meant to blog these photos of our day out on Sunday and then all of a sudden it's Thursday! How did that happen?

On Sunday we invited some friends over to come and meet Bodhi puppy and have a good old Dorset day out! We went to my favourite little town (Burley) and went for a pub lunch (I had chicken, ham and leek pie and it was very yum!) and a visit to the fudge shop.  We then came across a tractor that was giving free rides to a cider festival so we hopped on board and went along to a farm where they were doing cider pressing demonstrations, selling hot and spicy cider and there were vintage tractors and vans on show.  All this in glorious Autumn sunshine!

Me doing a strange pose in front of lots of apples

Tractor rides
Cider pressing demonstration
By the time we got home we were peckish again so I whipped up some Mars cupcakes.  I saw this recipe for Mars Bar Melts on The Londoner blog and thought they might be yummy as cupcakes - and they were! You can't tell from the photos but the chunk of Mars bar inside the cake goes all gooey in the oven - they're pretty special if you eat them when they're still warm! We then watched Shutter Island with a few cans of strawberry Brothers cider - talk about perfect day eh?

No piping bag this time - I just wanted to eat them!

This week has been very busy again -it's pretty intensive looking after Bodhi as we have to watch him all the time.  We've been taking him for walks around the neighbourhood but just carrying him as he has to have his final set of jabs before he can be walked.  He's a pretty big hit with the locals already and everyone wants a stroke when they meet him!

Lots of friends have been wanting to come and meet Bodhi too, which is lovely - I had a friend over last night and cooked the classic 'chicken stuffed with philadelphia wrapped in parma ham', and sweet potato chips! Delish.  This weekend I'm on call so can't really leave the house - I predict lots of takeaway, pajamas, X Factor, Winter Warmer Copella juice (my new obsession) and duvets on the sofa!

By the way, what do you think of my new layout? I fancied a change and wanted the blog to reflect my excitement that it's Autumn!

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  1. Your Sunday sounds perfect! Ah I love Burley, and you got pie, fudge and cider as well! Haha thats awesome :) I love chicken and asparagus pie; pie is definitely one of my top dishes. Your cupcakes look delicious too! Have a good week, it sounds lovely with the duvets and takeaways :) Shame about being on call though! xxx

  2. Love the new blog look, it's gorgeous! Your weekend sounds perfect too, hope you have a lovely one this time round as well! x

  3. Also, your cupcakes always look so good! x

  4. It sounds like a lovely day, cider and a trip to a fudge shop, amazing! Those cupcakes look really tasty too! x

  5. Rosie, genuinly do enjoy your blog. When it's this late at night (ok only 11pm!) I literally just look at the pictures,because I'm a child like that! But I sit and actually read your posts.
    Love your pictures. Hello cider is the best thing ever! I must also try the mars cupcakes.. they sound like a total winner!
    Your new layout looks awesome, how are you amazing at this? Mine is like looroll. Simple yet comfortable LOL! (don't know why I just said that!)
    Enjoy your weekend.. it sounds perfect x

  6. Like the new header - very autumnal. Bodhi looks so white and fluffy like a little cloud. Enjoy the quiet weekend and hopefully nobody calls.

  7. Sounds like you had a nice Sunday, and to stumble on apple pressing what fun. Yummy cup cakes.

  8. My other half cooked me that chicken stuffed with philly wrapped in parma ham the other weekend! Was so yummy.
    Sounds like a lovely Sunday and I know the feeling about Dogs being full time, mine is nearly one but she's so lovey and wants attention ALL the time and apparantly Labs can be like that all their life soo eeeeeek :|
    Love your outfit btw

  9. ah the new header looks lovely and perfect for autumn!
    and i love the look of those cupcakes.
    looks like a grand weekend :)

  10. I love the new layout, looks lovely.x

  11. I'm loving your new header!

    Ah, I'm jealous. My nan and grandad used to live in Bridport and I loved going down to visit. You don't get tractors giving you a lift to a cider fair here in Berkshire! Sounds like you live in the most perfect place for Autumn.

    T x

  12. "We came across a tractor giving free rides to a cider festival.." Wow, just wow!! What an amazing country day out,made even more perfect with pie, fudge and cupcakes (which look yum!) :D
    Shutter Island is a brilliant film :) Loved the twist at the end.....;)
    It used to take me ages to get anywhere when Flossie was at the "carrying" stage, everyone wanted to say hello, but this is good for their socialisation and you feel like a proud puppy mama too when everyone is making a fuss, which is nice :D xx

  13. I want to go to a cider pressing demonstration! Only if there's free samples, of course ;)

  14. The colours are lovely :)
    Your puppy is so so cute, will it be a big dog when he's grown up?

  15. I love the new layout, makes me want tor each for my scarf and woolly hat :) the sunday sounds amazing, so does your weekend. I think sitting in and chilling out under a duvet sounds like a grand idea :) bodhi si too cute as well, I want to hug him too :( xxx

  16. Oh I am so gutted I missed the cider festival :( I want to go on a tractor :P It sounds like puppy is getting lots of attention, just as it should be!

    L x

  17. see i thought hereford was the cider town around here (bulmers) hahah! what a lush day, i also loooove your new blog layout rosie!

    oh and your cupcakes look amazing!

    beth xo
    ramz and the flock

  18. Now I'm craving apple cyder :)

    By the way, I love your hair colour! I just realised I need to dye my hair...


  19. I think today it's apple day so this first photo is perfect!

  20. P.S. Really like new layout and colours! X

  21. Sounds like a pretty great day :) I love your new layout too! xxx

  22. I love your scarf in the first picture, so pretty! xx

  23. Look at all those apples! Aha, love it :D P.s I am IN LOVE with your new blog look missy! x


    P.S Y U SO SEXAAAAAAY (I will not stop!)

  25. Oooh loving the autumnal new look, very nice.

    Your day out sounds rather nice too. It's glorious sunshine here in London today so managed to get out for a walk and a take in some "fresh" air!

    that dog is getting cuter I swear and please... pretty please... I think you should do cupcakes on delivery- those ones look YUMM!

  26. Sounds as if you've been having fun :)
    I love the new layout, the header is fab.
    I'm now craving Mars cupcakes & sweet potato chips...yummm xx


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