My week in pictures

Sorry for the photo overload, but it's been a very busy week! 

[1] This was on our first night in the new house, we sat in Ikea Poang chairs and ate pizza on our laps watching Spaced on Tom's Mac. At this point our plans for the next day were to pull up the carpet and lay the laminate floor, little did we know that lovely wood flooring lay beneath!

[2] This is us halfway through varnishing the floor so you can see the difference in colour. We had to make a little walkway so we could still get to the kitchen whilst the rest was drying!

[3] I have been making little purchases for the house here and there to jazz up some of the rooms that need less doing to them. This enamel jug was a buy from EBay.

[4] My Mum came over on Saturday and helped me unpack what will be the 'craft room'.  I'm also using it for all my bookshelves and here it is so far with some of my books unpacked.

[5] The craft room has a window box on the outside so I planted some tulips as I like the idea of being able to see them through the window as they flower (wow, I actually sound about 50!)

[6] Another enamel jug, this time a present from my Mum after I spotted it on her website.

[7] A lovely bunch of flowers from my first visitor - my friend Nicole, who came on Wednesday evening for more pizza!

[8] Another present - this lovely little birdie arrived in a card from my parents' neighbours.

[9] Last year Tom and I went to End of the Road festival and had an amazing time - would recommend it to anyone! One of our highlights was the Pie Minister food stand so we were over the moon to discover these in our local Sainsbury's.

[10] This is me wondering whether to stop straightening my hair; this is what it looks like unstraightened, like a big wavy mess! I do like the idea of not damaging it with 100 degree heat every day though!

[11] On Sunday my parents and Tom's parents met for the first time and we had a late lunch in our new local pub. I wolfed down my main course (fish and chips) too fast for photos but paused momentarily to take a snap of my yummy pecan pie for dessert.

[12] One of my serious weaknesses is for Nando's. Tom and I took a trip into Bournemouth today and went for lunch here - I don't eat much meat so I have a huge pile of peri peri chips, perinaise sauce and halloumi cheese. Just looking at that photo I could eat that again now!

[13] One of our stops on our shopping trip was Home Sense - does anyone else have one of these near them? It's the home store of TK Maxx but it one huge shop, and oh my, I wanted to buy everything in there! They had so many lovely things, especially lots of lovely summery things for the garden. I can't wait till we've finished our garden and I can invest in garden furniture, plastic cups and plates, bunting and paper lanterns. I was very good on this occasion and only succumbed to this United Colours of Benetton pitcher (perfect for Pimms!) and a book of cupcake recipes.

[14] It was a long journey home due to a traffic accident so this is me with my feet up on the dash playing with my new Picture Show iPhone app.

[15] Tomorrow is my last day at home before I go back to work and I've planned to make some cakes to take into work to thank my team for their moving card and Ikea voucher.  This is my fully stocked baking cupboard, ready for making the Good Food Ultimate Chocolate Cake and Mint Chocolate Cupcakes.  I will post some snaps when they're all made!

[16] This is a sort of 'after' photo from the first one - the wood floor is now all varnished and we've even moved some furniture in. Phew - we have been busy!


  1. It must be so exciting seeing everything in your house start coming together, it looks amazing so far! You definitely have been busy!

    You look gorgeous in that picture, your natural hair is super lovely <3


  2. I may be a little bit in love with your new home, the fact that it has a craft room amazes me, that is my dream home! (:

  3. I'm obsessed with homesense. I ask my whole family to buy me their tokens for birthdays! I love everything. The new house looks great, we have the same ikea chairs in the conservatory. Do you find you sit there rocking slightly?!

  4. Congrats on your lovely new home! It looks wonderful. What a surprise to find that floor!

    Narrowboat Lucky Duck

  5. how excited it is moving! that pecan pie looks absolutely incredible x

  6. my god those chips look amazing!

  7. Aw im so excited for you! and oh my goodness, im drooling over that pecan pie right now.

  8. I love this post! It's so fun peeking into blogger's lives. Your hair in #10 looks cute like that. My hair gets sooo limp if I do nothing with it :(

  9. Your wooden floor is lovely! I've never had perinaise from Nando's and have never noticed it on the menu. I did ask for mayonaise once but I got a little cup of normal mayonaise. Is this some sort of secret sauce you can ask for?! You hair looks lovely too - it has so much volume!xx

  10. I think your hair looks adorable in that photo :]
    Your abode looks lovely!


  11. I love looking at these photos, i'm probably a bit nosey but love home decorating :) think i'm just longing for a place of my actual own to decorate!
    Looking forward to more updates on your house

    I have tagged you in an 8 things questionaire if you'd like to take part


  12. Ahhh everything looking great so far girlie :) especially that floor, gorgeous! Yum for nandos, and high five for your unstraightened hair - its lovely :) If you saw my unstraightened hair... you'd run a mile haha xx

  13. thanks for sharing the photos and a glimpse into your life! the floor looks fantastic and the flowers are pretty, as are the decorations that you're buying for your house.

    but what i really want to say is that your hair looks great unstraightened, are you crazy?! not a mess at all it's fabulous :D
    rethink thinking it doesn't look good for me, yeah?


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