I started jotting down some ideas some ideas last week of things I'd like to do in 2011, but quickly realised that what I was creating was a mish-mash of to do's, New Year's Resolutions and a 'wanderlist' of things I'd love to do.  But then I thought, 'what the hell' - and came up with my 2011....

I'm going to add it as a page on my blog so I can tick things off as I go along.  Here goes...

1. Make an item of clothing - and wear it.

2. Send off one of my short stories to at least one children's book publisher.
3. Read 25 books.
4. Buy or borrow a mountain bike and ride a trail in the woods.
5. Go back to karate.
6. Double the followers on my blog (hit 150).
7. Lose a stone.
8. Go for a weekend away in the van in Cornwall.
9. Try surfing again.
10. Go out sailing - and stop somewhere for lunch.
11. Go for another weekend in the Lake District.
12. Go for a weekend in Jersey.
13. Study for another qualification in either management or communications.
14. Send more unexpected cards and parcels.
15. If/when we move to Christchurch, make an effort to visit all the local pubs and restaurants, meet our neighbours and get to know the area.
16. Visit the bookshops in Hay-On-Wye.
17. Go swimming at least 10 times.
18. Go on a five mile walk.
19. Enter a photography competition.
20. Visit (and photograph) Tyneham Village (abandoned village).
21. Make £100 selling things on EBay.
22. Visit The Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall.
23. Make a plan for our trip to drive to Montenegro (29 hours of driving in total - through France, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia).
24. Have at least £1000 in Tom and I's joint fund for our trip to the US.
25. Get at least one 120 film processed (stop letting them go out of date in my camera).
26. Get at least three 35mm films processed.
27. Buy a disposable camera and take it for an adventure.
28. Go to a women's boxing class.
29. Buy something old from a car boot sale and paint/upholster/sew it new again.
30. At least once a month cook a two course meal of things I've never cooked before.
31. Start scrapbooking and using my notebook again.
32. Visit an art gallery.

I have been inspired by the wanderlist of Alex and Mina who quit their jobs to travel the world and cross things off their list.  They, in turn, were also inspired by the list of 127 goals written by John Goddard at 15 (so far, he has completed 109 - and broken several records in the process).  Very inspiring.

What do you think? Too ambitious? Not ambitious enough?
Would love to see yours if you have made one - send me links!


  1. Looks like a great list! My Mum absolutely loves Tyneham, I'd love to go back there one day. I need to make a list like this too! :) xoxo

  2. OOH wanderlist?! Intriguing... Must investigate more! Good luck with your list, they all sound so interesting, I might have to take a leaf out of your book and make one of these lists. The things on your list sound so nostalgic and "nice" haha, I want to get film developed again, I miss those days! :'( xx

  3. Thats a very big list! I haven't even made one resolution :S I went to the gym today but came home and scoffed a load of roses deeming it pointless

  4. This is a very good list! I cant wait to see how you get on with it all :) and keep us updated as you start ticking things off! I think if you stick at it, youd defo be able to complete this in a year. Ready, set, go! :p xx

  5. This is a fantastic post and you have inspired me to give it a go too. I will link you if I manage to get it done.
    Thank you Gem xx

  6. how great for setting so many goals for yourself, good luck!! lovely blog :)

    The Flower Girl



  7. thats you one more closer to the 150 follower mark :) x


  8. Hey, just discovered your blog! you have a very interesting To Do List! May i suggest that you visit Guernsey though instead of Jersey! Thats where i'm from and Guernsey born people will always tell you that its nicer! lol.xx


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