Cupcakes and houses

This week has mostly consisted of cupcakes and house hunting.  Well, okay, a few other things, but they featured quite heavily!  The first cupcake arrived on Wednesday because our department had a 100% response rate on our staff survey. (We clearly respond well to bribery).

Strawberry cupcake from Asda
On Thursday we went out for my Mum's birthday (my Mum, by the way, blogs here) to a lovely pub nearby.  As her birthday is not until next week I had not as yet had time to obtain her birthday present so I bought us a 12 box of cupcakes from Dream Cupcakes as a treat.  You can see how outrageously yummy they looked (and tasted) below...

Yesterday the other half and I spent a very exciting day house hunting in Bournemouth.  We saw about 12 properties of varying size, value and location and were lucky enough to find two that we really, really like.  My flat went on sale on Wednesday so we really have to wait until that sells to put an offer on another but I am getting very itchy feet as one of the properties was gorgeous - wet room, freestanding bath, huge, gorgeous, modern house, lovely garden, and I know it will get snapped up.  There is so much excitement, and yet also disappointment that goes hand in hand with house hunting that it's almost too much to bear at times! 

Not really news, but I downloaded an app on my iPhone called Instagram a couple of days ago and took a few photos of our trip to Bournemouth on it.  I love the way they come out and the way you get a choice of filters and styles to scroll through to get the look you want.  Does anyone else use it? (It's also free!)  Here are my four favourites...

Today will be filled with chores, maybe some cushion making and obviously, X Factor - who saw it last night? I loved Matt's rendition of Hit Me Baby One More Time - I want him to win!

My humble abode

Well, what a busy two days! I have been on call this weekend, which means that I work as a duty press officer answering calls from journalists and writing press releases.  I wrote six press releases yesterday and was up until 1 in the morning taking calls and making enquiries.  Today I decided to have a cleaning blitz, and as everything is now looking so nice I thought I would take a few snaps so you can see what my little flat looks like....


Bathroom - looking very clean!

Our tomato plants on the balcony

The view from the balcony


Monkey, and the mugs that the other half finds amusing as they are 'show mugs' and not to be used!

Stickered fridge.  I like skateboard stickers!

Wardrobe... even after removing my summer clothes!

My bedroom

My bedroom - with cheeky Doug saying hello!

I love frames and candles!

I also love my cuddly shark (Frank) and my framed Buck 65 and Kurt Halsey prints.

My front room, or could be page 27 in the Ikea catalogue, I can't tell anymore.  Haha.

I love books!

My Rebel 8 print and tree plushy - more on him later!

I have a bit of a DVD addiction....

There's Pancake's palace on the bottom right!

After all that tidying I am going to sit down with some scissors and glue and fill up my scrapbook and new recipe scrapbook...

In my final piece of news this weekend, yesterday I received an awesome package for winning a giveaway on Kaelah Bee's blog.  The package was from Bethany, whose blog is here and Etsy shop is here.  I received a super cute tree plushy that I have named Rudy, and two pairs of lovely Autumn themed earrings.  Can't wait to wear them!


Slacking off

I have been really naughty this week and left it an entire week without blogging.  I do find that the paradox of the blog is that the busier you are, the more things you have to write about but when do you find the time to do it? Having said that, trying to get into a routine of blogging has meant I am taking lots of pictures so I have some snaps to put up here, which is great as it improves my photography and also is nice to have a record of what I've been doing all week.

This week started off with a dinner with some friends and the other half - my friend cooked us a delicious roast dinner and it was my responsibility to bring dessert so I made an easy peasy Eton Mess - my favourite! 
Eton Mess

On Tuesday and Wednesday I spent a bit of time with the other half; we went for dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant where I ate an amazing pizza (goat's cheese and caramelised onions!) as well as having a mooch around the shops in West Quay.  I really wanted to get some things for myself but we ended up getting some things for Tom instead.  Tom's usual style is a surf brand t-shirt and some baggy-ish jeans but I'm currently trying to open him up to considering wearing some other styles and cuts.  I coerced him into buying some v-neck knitted jumpers, chinos and polo shirts.  I'm still working on the espadrilles and cardigans; I think I have some way to go with these!

On Thursday I travelled up to London to coordinate media for a maritime exercise.  After getting very lost and going to the wrong venue I managed to find the correct location and helped some TV crews and photographers get the right pictures and interviews.  It was a long night, and very cold, but it was such a beautiful, clear evening and at a rather picturesque location - as you can see below!

The rest of the week involved more eating out, a missed wedding reception due to an excruciating trapped nerve in my back, a haircut and a big congratulations to my other half's sister who gave birth to a beautiful little baby boy called Milo.  Milo was born a few weeks early so he is still in the Special Care Baby Unit at the moment but we're excited to meeting him when he comes home.

I began reading about successful blogging the other day and was reading some tips on how to get a higher readership and gain more followers.  The most recurrent recommendation was that you have a common theme for blogs so that readers with similar interests will follow.  I have a bit of trouble with this as, although I have a lot of hobbies and interests, I don't want to just focus on one.  I had hoped just to write a bit about cooking, baking, photography and fashion but should I just focus on one of these? Is it even interesting for people just to read about what I've been up to? This is what I'm not sure about.  I am enjoying the challenge of trying to get out and do more so that I have something worth writing about, and I bought three rolls of film yesterday so I can get my film cameras out and about and start putting up some snaps from these.  One thing I have seen around the blogosphere a lot is outfit posts so I thought I would try one of these too;

This is me all ready for work in a dress from Primark and Zara cardigan.  My hair has all been chopped now and is very short... I will save that for another post!

How about you - what do you like writing and reading about? Do you think it's better just to stick to one theme?