18 September 2010

Saturday for two weeks

Today is an exciting day for me because my other half, who normally lives an hour and a half away, is coming to stay for two weeks as he's on a training course up here. Normally we only get to spend two or three days in a row together due to both of our working patterns, so we are both looking forward to living together for a little while like a proper couple. In fact, I am looking forward to it so that I have prepared a list of fun things to do whilst he is up here, and even a shopping list so we can make sure we have yummy meals to eat.

Luckily, prior to him coming to stay this time we have spent a week on a yacht and two weeks in a camper van in France together so I know that we won't kill each other by the end of it!

As well as (one of the things on the list!) a visit to Marwell Zoo tomorrow I have had a lovely chilled Friday night and Saturday morning in the flat, which was just what I needed after the last few weekends of festivals, weddings, and a week of being on call. Last night my friend Becki came round for a girly night and we had a bottle of rosé wine and she painted my nails. We decided to go for a nautical theme and this was the result;

And Becki tried a lighthouse on her thumbnail:

What do you think?

This morning I am just going to potter around and watch some trashy TV and read my book - I cannot wait! It is a lovely day in Southampton today so the balcony door is open and I am enjoying the sunshine.

That is the view from my balcony, through my carrots, that are still growing away, and probably need repotting!


  1. So carrot & coriander soup must be on the menu then.

  2. Haha. There isn't carrots or coriander! Tartiflette, garlic naan pizzas, quorn enchiladas, prawn linguine and mediterranean veg gnocchi. Yum!

  3. Youre so organised! :) hope yous have a lovely wee time together. those nails are AMAZING btw! :) xx

  4. It's so great you're getting to spend time with your hunny! I love your lists! I make them all the time! Otherwise I would never remember anything or stay on track!


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