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27 November 2014

Gym motivation and new kicks

Keeping up motivation to go to the gym now the nights are drawing in is definitely proving challenging.  You know that feeling when you get home from work after a long day, get cosy on the sofa and then gaze reluctantly at your trainers? Or when you set your alarm for a morning run and the temptation is just far too strong to reset it and go back to sleep?

I'm definitely battling with that right now, but I feel more determined than ever to keep to a routine and make my goals happen.  At the moment my current routine is that I see my Personal Trainer once a week, on a Monday or a Tuesday, and then do the same session on my own twice more that week. Our weekends have been busy for the last couple of months with either being away or friends visiting which has meant a bit more pressure to fit in my workouts as I've had to do three mid-week sessions, which is three occasions in a week where I get home from work pretty exhausted and have to quickly put my trainers on before I change my mind!  I really miss my running as it would have been great to supplement my gym sessions with morning runs, but I just can't accomodate them into my routine at the moment.  I have to leave my house for work about 7.20 so in order to go for a half hour run and be home and showered in time I'd have to set my alarm for about 5.45 and I just don't think I can face that, especially in the pitch black! There's also no streetlights around where I live and I haven't quite mastered running with a head torch yet.  This is leading me to a bit of a complication at the moment as I've signed up for the Brighton Half Marathon at the end of February and I just don't know how I'm going to fit in training for it.

Nike Max 90 Cheetah

When we're not busy at the weekend I do try and fit in weekend runs, and  I've been going to a boxing class on a Saturday morning, which I absolutely love.  It's really good to get a workout in but feel like you're learning something new at the same time - time flies really quickly in the class so it's not like slugging your guts out on a treadmill.

One of my favourite ways to motivate myself however has to be new gym gear.  At the moment I'm favouring baggy vests, leggings and brightly coloured Nikes - all I need to do now is set up an instagram fitness account and put chia seeds on everything, right? On a serious note, it actually does make me feel loads better about going to the gym when I know I have a new pair of jazzy leggings in my gym bag (superficial as that sounds).  One thing that deeply excited me last week was that my personal trainer advised me to get some gloves for when I'm lifting weights at the gym as I always find it a bit slippy and uncomfortable lifting the weights bars without them - of course I opted for some Nike ones (£13, bargain!), and now I feel like a right badass in the gym (plus no worrying I'm going to drop weights on my face due to sweaty palms...)

One weird thing about getting into fitness is that I definitely spend more time eyeing up more sporty clothes than I ever used to.  My Nike trainer collection is now starting to get a bit out of control - as well as the Free Runs I wear to the gym I have a rather burgeoning Nike Air Max collection which recently had this beautiful pair added to it... Aren't they just a thing of wonder and beauty to behold?

Nike Max 90 Cheetah
Nike Max 90 Cheetah
// Nike Air Max 90 Cheetah, JD Sports*

I'll be wearing them with skinny jeans and a wool coat for optimum winter comfort! In fact, I don't really want to  take them off at the moment - they definitely beat cramming cold feet into a pair of heels.  I quite often wear heels to work and having to navigate the broken paving stones and wet leaves on my journey from the train to my office is downright perilous at this time of year; I'm usually found repeating in my head "Wish I was wearing my Nikes...."

And now I'd better sign off and go and put my gym gear on and get that bum out of the door! Summer bodies are made in winter, as they say - and April weddings may require some work to fit into that dress!

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25 November 2014

Honest to blog: On feeling inspired and wondering if it's too late

I've been doing a lot of reflecting recently.  I think the sudden introspection has, in part, been brought on by my new commute; spending 2-3 hours a day in your car leaves a lot of time for your brain to whirr around like a washing machine, churning thoughts around and generally mulling things over. I'd started to get frustrated with the 'wasted time' I spend getting to and from work - it makes me feel really powerless to be sitting in a tin box for so long every day, when every day my to-do list gets a bit longer.  They need to hurry up and invent robot cars with wifi so I can do my blogging and e-mailing and all my other life admin on the journey to work!

In an effort to maximise my commute, I decided to start listening to podcasts on the way to work to provide a bit of inspiration, and learn something new.  I love the TEDTalks podcasts in particular - they have so many speakers that really make you think and look at life differently.  This week I also downloaded some of the Gabrielle Bernstein podcasts - her keynote speeches and lectures really are so inspiring.  My only problem is that I get really excited and fired up listening to them - I think I need a little dictaphone to make audio notes of the bits I want to remember! (Plus I'd feel like Special Agent Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks then, which would be a huge bonus.)

img credit: bourbonandgoose

I've also been reading Gabrielle Bernstein's book 'Spirit Junkie' and a lot of what she says really resonates with me.  She talks about living authentically, listening to your 'inner guide' and finding your true purpose.  In the keynote speeches I've listened to she has some amazing advice for young women regarding leadership and entrepreneurship - I wonder, when listening to it, what I would have gone on to do if I'd been in those lecture halls upon graduating college or university and hearing her speak.  It'd be difficult not to want to walk out and make things happen.

Through the TEDTalks podcasts I found Brené Brown.  Brené Brown is a researcher and lecturer on the topic of vulnerability and shame, and the podcast I listened to (I then went on to listen to her TED talk - which has had 17 million views!) Brené teaches that to be creative and live wholeheartedly you have to allow yourself to be vulnerable - to take risks, be imperfect and let go of what people think.  I love the way she talks - she talks about 'getting in the arena' and 'getting your ass kicked'.  The one thing she said that really resonated with me was that most people wait until they've had the right training, prepared themselves, got the right weaponry etc, to 'go into the arena' - and if you wait, then you never will.  She encourages people to stop worrying about what others will think, or worrying about getting hurt or looking stupid, and to go out there and take risks.  (I've just bought her book Daring Greatly and I'm so excited to read it, it's definitely a philosophy I can get on board with!).

On Thursday I then moved on to listen to some Podcasts from the Good Life Project (could you get a cooler sounding podcast series?) I downloaded an interview with a lady called Erin Moon on 'Walking the path back to life' which was just so powerful and moving that I couldn't possibly do it justice by describing it, but I would definitely encourage people to give it a listen.

After all of these inspiring and thought-provoking podcasts it really got me thinking about living authentically and not missing out on opportunities because of fear.  Ten years ago I had big dreams of moving to London and working in Press and PR.  I also wanted to travel - to experience living in another country and explore the world as much as possible.  My final dissertation at University was a short novel and I had dreams of either getting it published or working on a full length novel.  I wrote a lot of poetry, learned to play guitar (badly) and tried to invest as much time as possible in creative ventures.  

Life is a journey and my journey has led, several years later, to me to working in HR and living in Dorset with my fiancé Tom and Bodhi dog.  HR may not be the career I've always dreamed of, but I care about the organisation I work for, I have good friends at work and I'm able to work on things I'm interested in.  Have I taken risks to get where I am? Probably not.  Do I regularly 'go into the arena'? Not if I can help it.

Which leads me to wonder what 'living authentically' would mean for me.  What is my true path? One of the thoughts that comes back to me again and again when I think about where I'd like to take my life is, "What if it's too late?" I read so many stories of people who achieve great things in their 20s and then sit back in their 30s knowing that they've ticked off some major life goals and are on the right path,  As well as this, I've probably fallen foul of 'leaning out' as Sheryl Sandberg calls it - as a woman of 30 who gets married in a few months I'm definitely thinking about my domestic life path - we're spending a month in Bali for our honeymoon (and I'm lucky enough to work somewhere that allows that) - and who knows whether we'll be lucky enough to start a family in the years following getting married - so it doesn't exactly feel like the right time to be making any major changes to my career. (Which is a trap that Sheryl Sandberg says many young women fall into - consciously or unconsciously withdrawing from the workplace because of the idea that you might need maternity leave at some point in the future).   These are all big questions marks and not decisions made, but you do sometimes feel like your life starts to get a little 'planned out' when you reach your late-20s and 30s, don't you?

I'm not sure where I'm really going with this post - I just don't know right now what to do with all of the creativity and inspiration I feel; even if I were ready to 'go into the arena', what should I be fighting for? What if you don't know what the 'big dream' is that you're supposed to fight for? And, are you supposed to have things a bit more figured out by the time you're 30?

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24 November 2014

Pandora Wishes

I've already made a sizeable dent in my Christmas shopping, with my 'to wrap' pile in my office growing by the second.  I've stocked up on brown paper and baker's twine, and already tried out a couple of DIYs on Pinterest to experiment with some homemade present ideas.  So whilst I polish my halo and write some big ticks on my Christmas shopping to do list, my thoughts inevitably turn to what might be on my own wishlist this Christmas.  Tom has declared an amnesty on clutter in our house, so I'm trying to avoid filling up my Christmas list with lots of little things we'll have to find homes for, and instead we'll be buying each other a few more signifcant gifts that are thoughtful and will be treasured for years to come.

Tom is usually really good at present buying, but I do tend to try and give him a bit of a helping hand by dropping a few hints or making a little online wishlist.  So when I heard about the Pandora Wishes campaign I just thought it was such a fab idea.  Pandora have been working with celebrity couples Jamie and Louise Redknapp and Marvin and Rochelle Humes, as well as Rick Edwards and Jameela Jamil to share their own wish lists and talk about their ultimate Christmas wishes.  The Pandora wishlist function on their website is great as you can set up your own list which you can share with friends and family - it then tells them their nearest store and even reminds them when your birthday is! (You basically couldn't make it any easier for them...)

If you're the nosy type, you can also go and see what the three couples picked as their wishlists on the Pandora Wishes page - there's some quite sweet videos on there too which had me drooling over all of their beautiful jewellery (and wishing I could pull off stacked rings like Jameela Jamil!)  I also spotted this image on the Pandora Twitter - I'm in love!

I thought I'd make my own little Pandora wishlist in the spirit of the campaign - how gorgeous is that laurel wreath ring?

Pandora wishlist

infinity symbol bracelet £45 // moments two-tone bangle £275 // bow ring £40 //
sparkling galaxy openwork charm £45 // 
shimmering leaves necklace £95 // laurel wreath ring £55 //
silver ball chain bracelet £49 //

As part of the campaign, Pandora are also holding a Pandora Wishes competition - all you have to do is share your wishlist and you could win a £500 voucher and one of the wishes chosen by the couples (a holiday, spa weekend or festival tickets!) What's not to like?

Are you a Pandora fan? Are you hoping that some of their jewellery might be hiding under your tree this Christmas?

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